Pretty Hard Cases Stars Discuss Kelly’s Next Steps


We may only be at the beginning of Season 2 of CBC’s Pretty Hard Cases, but things have quickly gotten very serious, especially for Detective Kelly Duff (Adrienne C. Moore). At the end of the Season 2 premiere, Kelly saw fellow officer Gabrielle (Sera-Lys McArthur) shot right in front of her, and in last week’s episode, she started processing all of the big emotions that come with that. Everything culminated in a powerful scene from Moore in the hospital at Gabrielle’s bedside.

The situation was made even more complicated for Duff due to some personal issues. As Moore recently explained to The TV Junkies, “It was hard for Kelly because right before that moment happened she and Nathan (Daren A. Herbert) had come to an understanding about how they wanted to move forward in their relationship. To then be hit with that, she has to make a choice between ‘Do I continue to seek my happiness?’ or ‘Do I do what I think is right at the moment?’” Those feelings of guilt are something she’s sure to continue to wrestle with moving forward.

While Moore regularly keeps viewers laughing, thanks to her antics with partner Samantha Wazowski (Meredith MacNeill), the scene in the hospital really showcased her dramatic skills as well. It wasn’t an easy scene for Moore to shoot, and she said that she “went back and forth with the writers a lot about it.” As Moore explains, Kelly is someone who is “always keeping her feelings close to her chest. She doesn’t really talk to Sam about it. She doesn’t talk to her sisters about her feelings about things. She definitely doesn’t talk to the guys in her relationships.” 

That’s why that scene, with Gabrielle lying unconscious in the hospital bed, was the perfect chance to reflect what’s also happening for Kelly. As Moore said, “What better moment is there than to have someone that’s lying there literally fighting for their life while she is also fighting for her life and happiness? That can be the moment where she can really reveal the things that she does keep close to her heart and that she’s afraid, or unwilling, to be vulnerable about. That’s what that moment was for me and what I offered to Kelly.”


While Kelly was certainly able to unburden some of what she’s feeling through that end scene, she still will likely need some help moving forward. Could that be where her new partner Sam steps up? “To see Kelly vulnerable, Sam immediately wants to be there,” MacNeill told us. “She wants to help and be the friend she thinks she can be, but at the same time, she helps in ways that aren’t helpful.” The good news for viewers is that MacNeill previews “this is where the comedy comes from, also the relatability of the show, in that you have so many good intentions of showing up for someone in the way you think that you should show up.” As often is the case on Pretty Hard Cases, Sam and Kelly’s opposing personalities when it comes to this issue means “there’s going to be some fireworks that go off,” said MacNeill. She added that “a good attempt is made, but also, it explores another level of their relationship and it’s not always good.”

Pretty Hard Cases airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC and CBC Gem.