Pride Month: 10 Shows That Prove Canadian TV Does Representation Right

There’s two things we hold near and dear to our hearts here at The TV Junkies: positive representation and Canadian television. When you put those two things together it makes all of our TV-loving hearts flutter just a little bit extra! Earlier, in honor of this being Pride Month, we listed our favorite LGBTQ storylines from this past television season and in doing so realized no one does groundbreaking, heartwarming, and inclusive work better than some of our favorite Canadian TV shows! The Canadian TV industry boasts shows that not only featured an LGBTQ character, but also provide them with a stellar platform to evoke change, make waves, and serve as a beacon of hope, and for that, we are extremely grateful!

While often working without the enormous budgets afforded a lot of U.S. shows, Canadian shows make up for things with heart. The writing they provide for these fleshed out characters is unbelievable and something that is by no means easy. They pull off the impossible on a daily basis and they do it all while having some of the best representation in television featured on their shows! With Canada Day coming up soon we figured now is the perfect time to celebrate the Canadian TV industry and how they never fail us in the representation department!


Did we leave any shows off our list? Let us know which Canadian shows produced your favorite LGBTQ moments this season!