Playing House’s Jessica St. Clair & Lennon Parham Go All Out in Season 2

Playing House - Season 2
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The time has come Jammers! The wait for Season 2 of Playing House is finally over as two new episodes air Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on USA Network. After a critically acclaimed, but low-rated first season, a second season is something fans and stars Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham thought may never happen. With a renewal coming several months after the first season ended, and nothing guaranteed, St. Clair and Parham are back and promise that Season 2 is bigger and better than ever.

The premiere picks up six months after Parham’s Maggie gave birth to baby Charlotte in the Season 1 finale. She and platonic best friend Emma (St. Clair) are living together and trying to raise the baby while starting to navigate the waters as single women. There are many reasons to get excited about Playing House‘s return, including lots and lots of guest stars from Kenny Loggins and Darius Rucker to The Property Brothers, but nothing excites us more than the chance to go on adventures once again with these childhood BFFs.

We recently talked with St. Clair and Parham about all things Season 2, including treats that may be in store for listeners of the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) alums’ podcast Womp It Up! Read on for the details!


The TV Junkies: The renewal news for Season 2 took awhile to come through. With nothing being guaranteed, are you guys just going all out in Season 2?

Jessica St. Clair: It was such a surprise to us when we got the call about Season 2 that our mantra this season is ‘If it’s not fun we’re not doing it.’ So we put up on a board all of our dreams, who we dreamed of meeting–one of them was Mr. Kenny Loggins–and then we wrote these insane letters to people that read like we had been living outside their homes and stalking their every move for the past 37 years. Amazingly, every single person we asked to do something said ‘Yes.’

We have a sex dream that Maggie has that we filmed with The Property Brothers. They both licked her neck.

Lennon Parham: Drew licked my neck, Jonathan just … 

JSC: Hoovered it! He hoovered it. We get to have several very intense interactions with Kenny Loggins in the finale. Darius Rucker–he’s a huge fan and loves Playing House–we thought his wife turned him on to it but apparently he turned her onto it.

LP: But it’s also the way UCB does comedy which is just a ‘go for it no holds bar,’ because you want it to be as funny as it can humanly possibly be. We really just went for it this season and if we get a third season we’ll just figure out how to top it.

JSC: Well Oprah will be on it! Season 3 Oprah will play my aunt.

But the other thing we did besides these celebrity crushes we had, which are very specific, we wrote parts for all our friends that we’ve been obsessed with forever–Rob Riggle, Jack McBrayer, all of the founders of the UCB except Amy Poehler, and we’re coming for her next season, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, Keegan Michael Key and Zach Woods are back. 

Jane Kaczmarek is transcendent in this episode in which she writes her own one-act play called Cashmere Burka in which I star as a young version of my own mother. Lennon directs it. Pamela Adlon from Louie who we have been obsessed with forever, and wrote a stalker letter and she was flattered. Going for it 100%.

TTVJ: My mother is a huge letter writer so she will be glad to hear there’s still so much power in the written word.

JSC: There is power in the thank you note! That’s my favorite thing in life is a thank you note. 

Michael Yarish/USA Network
Michael Yarish/USA Network

TTVJ: Emma and baby Charlotte had a rough time getting along at the end of Season 1. Will we see her more comfortable taking care of Charlotte in Season 2?

JSC: Oh yea! By the time we get to Season 2 they are 6 months into the process. They are really emerging from that fog of new motherhood and everyone is getting their groove on. I think one of the first times you see me and baby Charlotte I’m asking her if I can pull off a bandeau top. Charlotte is “yes and-ing” all of my ideas just like another mom. It’s kind of like a non-stop sleepover when you raise your baby with your best friend is how we’re portraying it. 

TTVJ: Then you sprinkle Bruce (Brad Morris) into the mix and it makes a very unique family situation. Why do you think it works so well?

JSC: We have an episode where we go to a girls’ weekend at the lake and Bruce is excited to take her. Then in one of the first episodes back Zach and Bruce having something they like to call ‘Duncle’ time, dad plus uncle. They give her a night of sophistication and elegance which ends with Charlotte pooping on them in the tub.

LP: It is sort of a ‘it takes a village’ situation. Jess and I live away from our biological families so a lot of times our friends are the people that become like family. When Jess just had her baby, I went over two days later and talked her out of a bra and into a nursing bra.

JSC: Well I was wearing a jogging bra and she goes ‘What is this?’

LP: I said ‘What are you wearing? Why didn’t you purchase a nursing bra?’

JSC: Also for no reason I put on a full face of makeup and hoop earrings trying to pretend I wasn’t falling apart. Or the other day in the hotel my baby had stolen my cutlets, you know the fake boobs you put into a dress to build you up, and was running around screaming ‘Boobies! Boobies! I’ve got the boobies!’ I asked politely several times for her to give them back to which she said ‘No.’ Then I watched Aunt La-La (Lennon) say ‘Hey can I have those boobs back?’ and she immediately handed them over. So it does, it takes a village.

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TTVJ: Another person we were glad to see returning is Lindsay Sloane as Bird Bones. What’s going on with her and Mark and will she be able to move past her issues with Emma?

LP: Dream of dreams to have Sloane in our show. She’s such a professional and just so funny. When we originally wrote Bird Bones we were not thinking she would be such a fan favourite but Lindsay brings such a truth to her.

JSC: And a charm! As crazy as she is she is very charming.

LP: You can’t help but fall in love with her and I think we all know a Bird Bones in our life. In the first episode you’ll see Emma and Mark and Bird Bones trying to navigate how they are going to get along. They have some hurdles to overcome. We deal with that in the first episode in a pretty epic way. Then we move on to just being girlfriends with Bird Bones which brings its own challenges. 

JSC: I think both Mark and Bird Bones are going through some real personal transformations. Mark spends one episode in a garbage bag, Silver Linings Playbook style, and then another episode in a stone-cold tux. So we see a lot of different sides of him. We also bring Bird Bones to a TJ Maxx for the first time in her life. She thinks they are used clothes. She doesn’t know. We purchase a dress for her that makes her body look even more bangin’ than it’s ever looked and it brings with it a lot of complications. 

TTVJ: I’ve heard that a lot of pieces of your podcast, Womp It Up are sprinkled throughout Season 2. Is it true that listeners maybe get something extra out of watching?

JSC: We’ve planted all these easter eggs of Marissa and Listler. They are literally in every episode. We didn’t do it consciously but now they’ve become such a part of us. I say ‘’ and there’s a reference to a DiGiorno pizza. There could be a drinking game, and I wish there would be. We’re in New York now but I can feel Listler tracking our every move. She’s got the sniper trained on us just in case she has to protect us from the paparazzi.

Are you excited for Season 2 of Playing House? What are you most looking forward to seeing? Sound off in the comments below!

Playing House airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.