Playing House Finale: Bosephus is Back!


Go big or go home was Playing House’s motto for Season 2, something that was never more evident than in the season’s final two episodes that saw Emma and Mark finally admit their feelings to one another and more importantly saw the return of Lennon Parham’s fan favorite character Bosephus. Oh Kenny Loggins and Louie’s Pamela Adlon were there as well!

But really, how can we be at the end already? It feels like the season just started and now we’re already done. I guess that’s what happens when we only get 8 episodes and USA chooses to double them up as they did this week. Regardless, I’m just thankful that we got a Season 2 as we all know how up in the air that decision was and every one of these eight episodes has felt like a gift from stars Jessica St. Clair and Parham. That being said, when do we get Season 3?

So join me for the final time this season at reviewing my favorite moments and the memorable quotes that had me laughing most. If I missed your favorite moment or quote be sure to sound off and add them in the comments!

Mark and Maggie’s Friendship

There’s no denying the chemistry between Emma and her ex-boyfriend Mark, but what I’ve really come to appreciate this season is the friendship between Mark and Maggie. It’s no surprise that after sharing a spark again with Emma on “ankle night” that Mark was grilling Maggie about how Emma’s relationship with Dan was going. These two have a nice banter and I loved that Maggie quickly called him out about his real motives. Because as much as I love the idea of Mark and Emma in the long run, I’m thinking Maggie’s right for the time being when she wisely told him, “you just signed your divorce papers and stopped wearing a garbage bag as a suit so maybe you want to cool your jets.” Plus anyone you feel comfortable enough with to do the ‘Thriller’ dance moves in front of is clearly a good friend, am I right?

Michael Yarish/USA Network
Michael Yarish/USA Network

All the dancing!

This time it wasn’t only Parham and her amazing body rolls that got to work it out on the dance floor. Oh, make no mistake, Maggie still owned the floor and was a sight to see, but I loved that Key’s Mark got into the mix as well as Brad Morris’ Bruce. Emma’s right, Bruce and Maggie do their best work out on the dance floor and it was just pure fun to see everyone breaking it on down. While we’re at it let’s also mention how stunning the cast looked all dressed up in their black tie best!

Michael Yarish/USA Network
Michael Yarish/USA Network

Emma and Mark’s near kiss

Emma may never correctly describe the plot of a movie, but clearly the Playing House writers have watched their share of romantic movies. The end scene between Mark and Emma goes right up there with the best romantic moments I’ve seen in a long while, with the chemistry between St. Clair and Key being off the charts. So many times this season Playing House has gone from making my belly hurt from laughing to straight up punching me in the gut with emotional moments such as this one. It’s really elevated its game and makes each week so enjoyable as it warms my heart. Here’s hoping now that Emma’s broken up with Rabbi Dan she no longer has to worry about being “that kind of girl” and is free to move forward into a relationship with Mark.

The Footloose Home Video

It was great to see a flashback of the ladies’ younger selves who were dancing it out to Footloose and their main man Kenny Loggins even back in 1984. It was hilarious to see the girls watch their younger selves dance and of course Zach remembers that they both wanted to be “the Kevin Bacon” because he was there as well! Emma is right Zach, he was “a beautiful woman” and it was great seeing video evidence that Maggie has been busting out those infamous “body rolls” for years.

Michael Yarish/USA Network
Michael Yarish/USA Network

Bosephus Lives!

It’s a good thing Maggie didn’t listen to Emma and kept her Bosephus costume around because as she said, “you never know when you’re going to need ol’ Bosephus to save the day!” After Zach’s failed attempt at getting tickets Parham’s alter ego needed to come to the party and get them into the concert. Not only did Bosephus get them into the concert but he also got them into Kenny Loggin’s dressing room where the ladies appropriately fangirled at every opportunity. It’s easy to imagine that Parham and St. Clair probably acted the exact same way when they met Loggins for this episode, and even ol’ Bosephus can’t resist his charms as Maggie ended up revealing her true identity when she couldn’t keep it together in front of her idol. It’s OK girl, we’d be right there with you.

Please Celebrate Me Home

Zach finally came through for Maggie and Emma by getting them on Kenny Loggins’ tour bus where he proceeded to serenade the ladies in honour of Maggie’s letter about Emma. It was only fitting given the pilot episode saw the pair sitting in Maggie’s car singing the very same song when Emma decided to move back to Pinebrook to help Maggie raise her baby. The moment was made even sweeter knowing that Parham and St. Clair wrote a letter in real life to get Loggins to appear on the show. Thank goodness he reads his fan mail!

Memorable Quotes

  • “That is a Mandarin collar and you neither an Asian gentleman or Steven Seagal so go back from whence you came sir.” – Maggie. Sorry Mark, we’re in total agreement with Maggie but we have to also say how we love that the show is continuing the sight gag of putting Keegan-Michael Key in varying necklines.
  • “My Jets are so freakin’ cold they don’t even have beef with the Sharks anymore. Bam! West Side Story!” – Mark. Maggie’s right, not many men can quote West Side Story.
  • “Don’t mess around with Thomas he’s up to no good!” – Maggie’s top notch role play as Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey.
  • “Mark asked me to go with him–just as like a friend, as a wingman, you know with body rolls.” – Maggie. Because of course if Maggie’s going to a ball she’s bringing her body rolls!
  • “What happens in a ladies’ bathroom stays in a ladies’ bathroom.” – Maggie. Amen!
  • All the Andie MacDowell jokes and quotes all night long! There were too many to name but I loved the running gag throughout the episode of Emma’s ire pointed at the girl after Mark who just so happened to look like actress Andie MacDowell. She did bear a striking resemblance and sorry, but Emma’s right, I never felt MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral either!
  • “Come on you woke up like that! #Flawless!” – Bosephus. Don’t be silly Zach, of course Bosephus is on Twitter and this is just one of the many reasons we love him.
  • All the pun-based snacks that Kenny Loggins likes to have pre-show. Let’s see there were Ants on a Loggins, Celebrate me Scones, Foot Juice, Caddy Snacks, I’m All Rice and Meats Me Halfway.
  • “This has been the best year of my life. Thank you for letting me come and move in with you.” – Emma. The jail cell confession by both ladies was pretty sweet. It’s no wonder Janine Willcall was brought to tears!

What were your favorite Playing House moments from the finale? Add them in the comments below! And join us in asking when do we get Season 3?