Playing House: Girlfriends Take on Woodworking

Nicole Wilder/USA Network
Nicole Wilder/USA Network

Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham said there would be fun guest stars for Season 2 of Playing House and this week they are once again delivering on that promise. In “Knotty Pine,” the girls accompanied “Bird Bones,” aka Tina (Lindsay Sloane), to her woodworking class taught by funny man Rob Riggle and Maggie gets her gossip on with delivery man Rod Rockemoore played by 30 Rock alum Jack Mcbrayer. Riggle’s turn as a sexy teacher also caused Tina and Mark to face some uncomfortable truths as the season’s theme that has seen them working on their marriage continued.

As we are doing with every episode this season, we have picked out a few of our favorite moments from this week and highlighted them below. Let us know if you agree or if any of your favorite moments were left out.

“Girlfriend time” with Bird Bones

Can Maggie and Emma please come to the dressing room with me the next time I have to go shopping? Sure, they are right and Bird Bones does indeed have a “bangin’ body,” but I think all us ladies could use support like they were offering Tina in that dressing room. They were right too Tina, that dress is complimentary … “to your butt!” How fun was it to see these 3 ladies getting along during “girlfriend time?”

Buck Finch’s Introduction

The “girlfriend time” continued with an all ladies woodworking class that was taught by Rob Riggle’s Buck Finch. Mr. Finch, well he had quite the introduction sequence as he explained to the women how he was going to “crack you all wide open.” His innuendo-laiden speech continued as he told the women to “get comfortable with the wood in their hands,” and told us that “in the right hands hard wood can be made soft.”

Nicole Wilder/USA Network
Nicole Wilder/USA Network


Inappropriate Relationships, “Say it again!”

After observing Bird Bones getting a little too close for comfort with Buck the girls decide that it’s their duty as her newly minted “girlfriends” to talk to Tina about the relationship with Buck. Despite some objections, Emma cites Maggie’s relationship with delivery man Rod as an example and Tina quickly compares that to Emma’s relationship with Mark. Finally Maggie just gives it to her straight and tells Tina, “Buck Finch is trying to sex you.” Things really get hilarious though when Tina dares to call Maggie’s bird house “basic.”

Mark and Tina’s fight

I know it’s a bit odd to highlight a fight between Mark and Bird Bones as one of the top moments but I enjoy that Playing House is giving us some serious depth this season. As Maggie said, “it’s Mark and Bird Bones, they are never OK,” and the show has been dealing with their marital issues head on this season and we’ve known that it’s been in trouble since Season 1. Sure, I love the silliness and laughs as much as the next person, but adding in this serious element only deepens the show’s heart for me and elevates Playing House above so many other comedies. Not only that, Keegan-Michael Key and Lindsay Sloane also deserve all the praise for how wonderful they were in this scene as they both admitted that they’ve stopped trying. They may not hate each other, and there’s no one reason they are splitting up, but divorce is now eminent nonetheless.

Memorable Quotes
  • “Girlfriends!”
  • “Why do we have to build houses for birds? Birds are doing it for themselves.” – Emma
  • “Hey Buck do you want to check my bird entry?” – Emma
    “I don’t have to. You have a very rough hole. Very unwelcoming.” – Buck with the burn! That one hurt Emma.
  • After the above exchange I decided to stop taking notes and instead am just putting here: ALL THE WOOD INNUENDO JOKES!  There were many and they were all hilarious. I kept waiting to tire of them, but never did.
  • “I don’t have a model for you yet so I’m using Grimace from a Happy Meal.” – Mark making the Grimace joke which Womp It Up! podcast fans no doubt caught as an easter egg nod as well as Emma using “”
  • “Good thing I packed my body rolls.” – Maggie. Yes it’s ALWAYS a good thing when we see Lennon Parham bust out the body rolls! But how good were Parham, Riggle and Sloane in that dance scene?
  • “I absolutely have no idea what to do next.” – Mark
    “If you happen to have a best friend that could just move in with you and get you into all sorts of scrapes that really helped me out.” – Maggie. An honorable mention to Key and Parham in this scene where Maggie comforts Mark. I’m really enjoying the depth we are getting to see from their friendship with little one on one moments this season.


What were your favorite Playing House moments this week? Add them in the comments below!

Playing House airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.