Playing House: Tensions Boil Over on Girls’ Weekend

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It was time for a girls’ weekend at the lake for Maggie and Emma in this week’s episode of Playing House. In “Kimmewah Kup,” the ladies headed up to Emma’s family cabin they used to go to all the time when they were younger and prepared to face off with their rivals, the Custerman Twins (played by guest stars Randy and Jason Sklar). However the unexpected arrival of Emma’s boyfriend, Rabbi Dan, threw a wrench into the girls’ plans and caused some unexpected tension between Maggie and Emma.

In keeping with tradition, we’ve handpicked our favorite moments from this week, along with some memorable quotes, and highlighted them below. Did we miss yours? Then make sure to sound off in the comments below!

Maggie & Emma’s Plans for the Weekend

On the way up to the cabin the girls make a stop at a gas station and discuss their plans for the weekend. Maggie hasn’t been seeing much of Emma as of late due to “Rabbi D” (aka boyfriend Dan) and the girls are both looking forward to some quality time together. The following exchange between the women where they discuss their weekend plans had us all wishing we were joining in the fun!

Maggie: “It’s going to be epic OK because I brought some weird twisty curlers and I also got a Caboodles full of eye makeup with Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers.”
Emma: “Can I give you a party perm?”
Maggie: “Yes, you absolutely can.”
Emma: “Oh and for our viewing pleasure I packed Terms of E, then we’re going to bring it up with a little Fried Green to the T and then Hope Floats with Sandy B. Does somebody die in that one?”
Maggie: “They die in all of them.”
Emma: “Good!”

Maggie’s Present to Emma

It’s safe to say the girls were a little excited when they finally arrived at the lake cabin. From the familiar smells to the half done jigsaw puzzle Maggie’s been working on for years, the lake cabin really did seem like a magical place. However when Maggie busted out their old captain hats from the Kimmewah Club and informed Emma that she entered them in a boat race against their rivals and “dirty little cheats,” the Custerman twins, that’s when we knew this weekend would get really interesting. I mean when Maggie said “what else do they have to do? Nothing, except eat their own asses as we feed it to them,” we knew it was on!

Tension between Maggie/Emma

First things first, guys never, ever, under any circumstance, interrupt your girlfriend’s girls’ weekend. No matter how much you may miss each other this is NOT a cool move. As soon as Dan showed up at the cabin we knew it was going to be trouble and we couldn’t help but feel for Maggie who just desperately wanted some time alone with her BFF away from the baby–after all, “it was just supposed to be us.” It also didn’t help that Emma was acting like a completely different person, getting up early, hiking and listening to “jam bands.” Things finally boiled over in the jacuzzi but the tension over Emma’s new relationship was actually nice to see. The friendship between these ladies is the heart of the show and sometimes you fight, even in the strongest and best of friendships. Moments such as this really ground the show and make the girls’ friendship all the more real. It also helps that while Parham and St. Clair are known for making us laugh, they really prove their acting chops when things take a turn for the serious.

USA Network
USA Network

Jacuzzi Time with the Custermans

After Emma and Dan forgot to tie up the boat the ladies were forced to go to the Custermans for help, basically the last thing they ever wanted to do. The Custermans forced Maggie and Emma to spend some quality time with them in their jacuzzi, no doubt profits from their awesome “ade” business. While we expected the boys to make things awkward it was actually the fact that things between Maggie and Emma finally boiled over and the boys had to witness Maggie’s odd humping of Emma as she reenacted Emma’s actions with Mark. Overall though the Sklar brothers proved time and again this episode that they were worthy foes and adversaries for the ladies and I wouldn’t be mad if we revisited the lake and the Custermans again in Season 3 (please let there be a Season 3!).

Memorable Quotes

  • “You’re doing it to jam bands? Is that what you’re telling me?” – Maggie
    “No weirdly enough at night he prefers ‘Two Princes’ by the Spin Doctors.” – Emma. It’s always good to know I can count on these ladies for references to 90s music.
  • “I can’t wait to slowly peddle my paddleboat right up their asses.” – Maggie. Well I think we saw some shades of Womp It Up’s Charlotte Listler coming through in Parham!
  • “What was that? That was like the worst choreography I’ve ever seen. Do you even know how to body roll?” – Maggie. No, the twins clearly don’t but we know you do Lennon!
  • “I promise the rest of the night is about you, me and these 13 year olds on YouTube teaching us how to do a smokey eye. God Bless their absentee mothers.” – Emma. Thanks to the ladies for letting me know I’m not the only one getting hair/makeup tips off tweens on YouTube.
  • “My boyfriend doesn’t know where we are so…” – Emma
    “Maybe check up his butt because that’s where you’ve been all weekend.” – Maggie. Ouch! OK, sure it’s not the most mature comeback but we can’t really blame Maggie for feeling hurt.

What were your favorite Playing House moments this week? Add them in the comments below! 

Playing House airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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