Parks and Recreation Goes Back to the Future

Parks and Recreation - Season 6

It looks as though Ben Wyatt may have had a hand in putting together the Star Wars themed trailer of the farewell season of Parks and Recreation. The NBC comedy returns on Jan. 13 and seems to pick up right where the Season 6 cliffhanger left off … in the future! Well actually the year 2017 to be exact, and from what we can see in this first sneak peek it looks like some things have changed in good ol’ Pawnee.

Andy is now starring in a Johnny Karate TV show, drones are a real thing, Tom is a business mogul (at what? we’ll have to wait and see) and poor Jerry now goes by “Terry.” But enough talk, take a look at the final season here:

Parks and Recreation returns Jan. 13 at 8 p.m. on NBC.