Outlander: the magic touch


If Claire’s parting words from Sunday’s episode of Outlander are any indication for what’s to come, you’d better hold on to your kilts. Not only did Mistress Beecham officially cross the line and become too valuable for the MacKenzie clan to give up, but she’s now all but ready to take the 50 Cent approach to getting anything done: escape the castle without help or die trying.

I’d like to blame it on one thing that royally screwed Claire–becoming the castle healer that they’d eventually grow to trust enough to offer a favour, but since she’s arrived at Castle Leoch, Claire has continued sticking her neck a little too far out. For all we know it could’ve been when Claire gave Colum the borderline butt massage that sealed her destiny as an asset (pardon the pun), but by the episode’s end it really seemed like Claire’s intervention into the exorcism of a young castle boy ended up being the nail in her coffin.

Understandably it’s been difficult for Claire to accept the 18th century style of living as is, but after Geillis’ warning into meddling with the affairs of the oh-so-shifty Father Bain, she still couldn’t let the boy’s death go. Instead, Claire jumped in to save him from his Lily of the Valley poisoning, earning a target on her back from the misogynistic Father and winning over the title of miracle worker by the castle’s inhabitants–two things that hinder her chances of keeping a low profile. I’m getting rather frustrated, seeing Claire do things her way without looking at how it’ll shape her future. But if she is able to escape the castle as she hopes I suppose we won’t have to worry about it for much longer.

On a more positive note, I was very glad to see Jamie and Claire hadn’t let their inebriation cloud their judgment about hooking up. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing more I want out of this show than to see these two ignite their burning passion into something more than longing looks and witty banter. That being said, the slow burn is something I’ve grown to appreciate, so seeing the two flirt but never go in for the kill is enough to keep me tuning in every week. Besides, we shouldn’t be greedy. Seeing the way Jamie looked at Claire while the two got up to their fun hijinks at the ruins is all we really need for now.

Claire’s going to need to keep her head in the game, anyways. It seems dear Geillis may not be the ally we’d hoped, or at least she certainly knows a lot more than she’s letting on. Between those not-so-subtle hints at Claire experiencing something unexplainable to her pushing Claire for information on her past, there’s something about Geillis I simply don’t trust.

It would be nice to see someone else know Claire’s secret, though. The coincidental folktale highlighting Claire’s exact experience and Claire’s rash decision to make a break out of the castle means our heroine is more desperate than we imagined to get home. I just hope she doesn’t completely burn her bridges at Castle Leoch when she realizes getting back to the stones without hope is going to be a lot harder than Claire makes it seem.

In n’ Outlander:

  • How fashion forward was Claire’s knit cable scarf?
  • As much as I want someone else to know Claire’s secret, I’m just glad it wasn’t Mrs. Fitz she told like in her dream.
  • Will Mrs. Fitz ever stop washing Claire and helping her dress?! Still so weird.

Outlander airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase and continues Saturdays on Starz.

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