11 reasons we can’t get enough Outlander


There’s some excellent news for our European and Latin American Outlander friends. Just as Canadians are about to say goodbye to the series until April–and Americans are already bereft of its weekly presence–Sony has sold the show to a number of new markets. That brings the total to 87 and promises plenty of kilted delight to Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Uruguay, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Belgium. You lucky Sassenachs, you.

To get everyone in those countries appropriately excited for the joy they are about to receive–and to give those of us in North America some fond memories to cling to as we wait for spring to come and bring our Jamie back–here are our favourite Outlander moments so far.

When Claire was the one to go off to war while Frank stayed home

This is just one example of all the ways Claire Randall (Fraser) became our new go-to heroine. As she welcomed hubby into the 20th century, she waved to him from a departing train carriage and went off to the front lines to become a nurse during the war (picking up skills that would later become hella useful in the 18th century). And props to Frank for taking it in stride–although that bit of foreshadowing with the promise to come back to him kind of breaks our hearts.


In fact, any time Claire kicked butt, did some healing or generally lived up to her heroine status

It kind of feels like one thing after another with this lady, we won’t lie. She seemed pretty bored sitting in an office listening to Frank talk up his ancestry, but once she went through the rocks and ended up in the middle of a raiding skirmish, well, she was in her element. Between cussing out Jamie and popping his shoulder back in, diagnosing a curse as habitual accidental poisoning and learning how to effectively drop a man with a dagger, Claire just never stops impressing us.


Also all of Claire’s outfits

She’s impeccably dressed, to boot. All the time. Even when her dress is muddy and torn from accidentally going back through time. It is absolutely not fair. We will plunge ourselves headfirst through the next set of standing stones if it means we’d finally look like this in a blazer.


And the knitwear

If the clothes were blowing us away when Claire was still dressing for the 20th century, it had nothing on making all the layers of the 18th look well worth it once she whipped out this fluffy bad boy. The pattern sales were instant, and for Canadians and our northern American siblings, an absolute necessity.


When the show turned Frank from a bit character into a guy we actually, sort of wanted to root for

Book Frank doesn’t have much to do except drone on about his far more exciting (and slightly sociopathic) great, great grand-ancestor, which is why Claire opting against modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and penicillin to stay in the past with Jamie seems like sound reasoning. Thanks to the show, we totally understand why she was trying so hard to get back to the stones, and it’s not because she was missing her Charmin. Good work, Tobias Menzies–even if you are terrifying as Black Jack sometimes.


(Especially with this scene)

If Outlander was trying to make a statement about handling TV sex differently (and putting our heroine first) we doubt they could have come up with a more talked about moment than this. It’s gonna take Jamie awhile to get to this level, and he’ll never have such a dashing chapeau to cue the moment with.


Except there was no way to resist the smouldering tension between Claire and Jamie

Of course, the reason why Frank doesn’t quite manage to steal our hearts is because it’s obvious from the second Jamie and Claire meet that something major will have to go down. And for the next six episodes it’s all the audience can do to keep from swooning over each and every look Sam Heughan shoots Claire.


Speaking of Jamie, all of this

Outlander doesn’t mind catering to the female gaze too, which isn’t something even the most progressive of shows can say. We’d say by the time Jamie and Claire hook up you’ve gotten about 50/50 in the way of lingering body appreciation shots–way better stats than TV (or film) usually gets. And when someone is naked, well, they’ve usually got a good reason to be.


That it’s not just a love triangle

Diana Gabaldon, the author of the series that inspired the show, has always been adamant her books aren’t just about the romance between Claire and Jamie. And while that pairing has launched a thousand Tumblrs and some pretty heated gifs, the show has made a point of sticking to Gabaldon’s big idea. There are entire episodes where Claire and Jamie barely interact, but we learn plenty about the Scottish uprising in the works–and how it will all unfortunately end.


And Claire bonds with the whole clan, not just her man-friend

Stranded in the past with some obvious chemistry with a red-headed Highlander sounds like enough of a plot for most shows (wasn’t that all that Jon Snow did for half of a season of Game of Thrones?) but not Outlander. Rather than just build up the relationship with a couple of throwaway plot moments, the series makes sure to give us plenty of scenes of Claire getting to know the rest of the castle, passing the Bechdel test along the way and getting Angus, of all people, to become our favourite. By the time she was on the road with Dougal & Co. she had buddies all over the place, not just a boyfriend.


But especially because that cliff hanger ending left us wanting more

(Of this.)