Orphan Black: Of Cheek Worms and Death Heads

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“The Stigmata of Progress” was everything you guys! This week’s episode of Orphan Black we got a healthy dose of Helena and the Hendrixes, which is always a fun ride. Yes, there was a lot of anxiety about Sarah’s cheek worm going around, but this episode was a varied and delicious dish full of complex plot movement and hilarious moments as well. Join me as I take a look at some of the flavours that really stood out for me:

What’s up with Kira?!

Between her fugue states and her uncharacteristic ‘tude, I don’t know what’s going on with this girl! I mean, we’ve always known Kira was special. She’s scary smart, she seems to have a sixth sense for trouble, she can tell all the clones apart, and she has to have crazy sharp eyesight to spot the Neolutionists come literally miles away at that safe house in Iceland. But clairvoyance?! I’m not ready for this you guys. Her vision (prophecy?) of the Leda Clones setting Sarah on fire seriously freaked me out and I’m really hoping it was just a weird nightmare?

Can We Trust Adele?

I want to believe Felix’s awesome bio sis is on the up and up, but knowing this show she could very well be a Neolutionist spy trying to get close to Clone Club through Felix. I hope that’s not the case because I love that Felix is getting to explore his roots this season and isn’t just being dragged along behind Sarah when she needs back up. That said, if Adele turns out to be a fake, I hope Clone Club takes her out back for a little “chat”.

Digging Up Leekie

I gotta give props to the prop department this week, because that Leekie death head was so gnarly! I feel like this is exactly what you would look like if you were wrapped in plastic and buried under someone’s garage for a few months. Because science. He was so ripe you guys! Sorry, I’ll stop. Kristian Bruun has said in an interview that the scene in Season 2 where Donnie and Alison buried Leekie was mostly improv and I wondered if the same thing was true of this scene. Favourite Donnie quote: “It smells like hot garbage juice,” followed by violent gagging. Can you even imagine that smell?

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Rachel’s Little Family

Is it just me, or is Rachel becoming kind of a sympathetic character? I think it’s partly because she is dealing with all these medical issues and seems more vulnerable than usual, although she does a good job of hiding it. She has her pride. Also, Rachel seems to be getting her comeuppance for trying to play house with Kira in Season 2. Now she is forced to play house with Charlotte, although she and her clone seem to be developing a genuine bond. Rachel also seems to have a bit of a sibling rivalry going with the Castor clone who has been nursing her back to health. I love the way she and Ira snipe at each other, they’re such a perfect snobby match!


What did you guys think? Is Kira psychic? Is Helena (seriously, how did she know the names of Alison’s campaign workers?!)? Sound off in the comments with your favourite moments!

Orphan Black airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Space and BBC America.