Orphan Black: A Labour of Love

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Last night’s Orphan Black episode tho! “One Fettered Slave” was an emotional roller coaster, especially since Helena was at the centre of it. Orphan Black served up some more delicious flashbacks, P.T. Westmorland (or whoever the hell he is) really started to lose his grip, and Helena’s due date was moved way WAY up. We mourned Mrs. S, lost the last Castor and almost lost a Leda as well (stop kidnapping our sweet baby angel!).

The cinematography in this episode was so beautiful and effective at conveying tension and heartbreak and all the feels that  I wanted to pay homage to it with a photo recap (shoutout to my inspo Price Peterson of TV.com!):

The episode opened with an adorable flashback of Baby Helena, but what happened to her was anything but adorable.

3. How Helena got her blonde hair

Unfortunately, my desperate hope that Mrs. S would survive her gunshot wound was quickly dashed in the first few minutes of the episode. What are the girls going to do without Siobhan’s restorative cups of tea and unparalleled intelligence gathering skills? Their galaxy of women is missing a star now.

But no sooner had Clone Club buried Mrs. S that they learned Helena had been taken from the convent where she had been hiding out.

8. Sister Irina delivers Helena's Journal. First clue somethings wrong

Meanwhile, Virginia Coady and her lackeys (including Mark, who still didn’t know that his fiancee was dead) had Helena drugged in the back of a van and were discussing how best to induce labour. This girl cannot catch a break! How many times has she been kidnapped now?

9. But I'm not due for another five weeks!

P.T. Westmorland, creepy bastard that he is, was determined to harvest Helena’s twins for their cord blood stem cells as a treatment for himself. I still don’t understand how this guy motivates his underlings. Quick, go kidnap this random pregnant girl so I can live another five years? What’s the point P.T.?!

16. Ah, that's better!

P.T. was all about the Ledas at the moment but he told Coady that Project Castor was so last season – “The future is female!” and all that – and ordered her to kill her last remaining son. Because that’s essentially what the Castor clones were to Coady, right? It sure didn’t seem that way from the speed at which Coady raced to do P.T.’s bidding. I don’t give her any credit for the half a tear she shed once Mark was dead either. The woman is seriously cold.

35. Hush now mummy's here

Locating Helena was proving difficult for Clone Club since the neolutionists were either dead (suspicious suicides) or gone to ground. Fortunately they had the reluctant assistance of Rachel, who they caught trying to leave the country, and a rich Dyad board member named Hashem Al-Khatib, who they saved from getting ganked by neolutionist hitman Mr. Frontenac.

31. Maybe he's ok-

32. Yeah no he's definitely dead


So you’ll never guess what Coady had the nerve to tell Helena after murdering her own son! That Helena’s twins would be better off without her! The gall of the woman. It made me so sad to see Helena genuinely shaken by this statement, because it’s totally and utterly false. Helena would make a great mother! She would let her children eat all the sugar they wanted and she would fight to the death to protect them. What more could a kid want?

It was heart-wrenching to see Helena try to commit suicide rather than face parenthood, but then, she’s had some pretty crappy role models, as the flashbacks in this episode reminded us. Her only “parents” were the nun who gave her the 80’s peroxide dye job and the creepy prolethean Tomas whose idea of raising a child involved intense brainwashing and stabbing lessons.

36. Thanks for the birthday present!

I almost thought Sarah was going to sit this one out and stay home with Kira, but of course she didn’t hesitate to ride to her sestra’s rescue.

43. It's me Daddy! It's Ra-!

44. TIme for Plan B

OMG Sarah is so awesome! I just wish she’d stabbed P.T. instead of slashed. I have a feeling the worm is going to recover from that scratch she gave him. Ah well, you win some you lose some! P.T. will get his comeuppance soon, I wager. In the meantime, Sarah had more important things to do, like giving her twin a blood transfusion and breaking her out of her crappy DIY Dyad birthing suite. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Helena eventually came to and brutally took out Coady, nature was taking it’s inevitable course.

54. Helena's water breaks

55. Sooo... pregnancy now, escape later, yes-

I don’t know about you, but the suspense is killing me right now! Can you even believe that the last episode of Orphan Black EVER airs next weekend?! Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

Orphan Black airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET on Space Channel and BBC America.