Orphan Black: Evelyne Brochu Tips Her Hat to Cophine Shippers

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Mysteries will be revealed! Enemies will be vanquished! Epic ships will finally come into port! Watching the fifth and final season of Orphan Black is going to be bittersweet, but we have a lot to look forward to according to Evelyne Brochu, who plays Delphine. She spoke exclusively with The TV Junkies about what it was like coming back to life, where the good ship Cophine might be heading, and what she’ll miss most about the show and her character once it’s all over.


The TV Junkies: What are you most excited for viewers to see this season?

Evelyne Brochu: What I was most excited about was getting some answers, and I think the viewers will be super happy because there will be answers. But in terms of my character, I obviously wanted to know how Cosima and Delphine would end up and there’s going to be answers regarding that as well.

TTVJ: We’ve never really gotten a lot of back story on Delphine — how she joined Neolution, her relationship with Leekie. Are we going to get that now?

EB: I think we’re going to know finally where she stands. I think we got a glimpse in Season 3. You know when she says “Give your sisters all my love”? There was something there for me that was pivotal and meaningful for her. We’ll see how that unfolds in Season 5, if she keeps her promise or not. She promised to protect Cosima and all of her sisters, and I think we’re going to see if she does.

TTVJ: I’m curious to know what it was like for you dying in Season 3 and then coming back to life?

EB: The great thing about playing a mysterious character is actually playing a mysterious character on a science fiction show, because the co-creators kind of keep you in the dark, thinking that it’s better for the show that you don’t know anything. [laughs] So for myself I didn’t where it was going so I didn’t have to lie too much, until I figured out she was alive and I had a couple months of just pretending I didn’t know anything although I knew she was back. [laughs]

TTVJ: Had you made peace with the fact that Delphine was dead?

EB: I finished my last scene at 5 a.m. and I was, as you can imagine, kind of… a lot of emotions were rising, and [showrunner] Graeme [Manson] kind of came up to me and, as Graeme does, mysteriously said “This isn’t the end,” and then winked. So I had that wink in the back of my mind. I wasn’t sure it would happen but I was hoping it would.

TTVJ: So you had a hint as far back as Season 3 then!

EB: A little hint, yeah. [laughs]

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BBC America

TTVJ: Now that we know Delphine is alive, we want to know what she’s been up to! The Neolutionists she’s been hanging out with on the island seem very cultish. Has she drunk the Kool-Aid?

EB: I think she’s definitely always been really close to the eye of the storm, but that’s her asset in terms of helping the clones, that’s how she’s useful. In my opinion, I don’t think she drank the Kool-Aid. Is she playing the Kool-Aid game? Maybe a little bit, but I think she’s smart enough to make the sacrifices that are going to get her to her goal. She’s a very goal-oriented person, even if it means that her lover is going to think that she’s doing something bad, she’s going to do it if it means that she’s going to save Cosima. I think [Delphine] has always been an endgame type of personality, like, what do I need to do to achieve this? And do everything even if it means stepping on your values or dancing the devil’s dance a bit.

TTVJ: Delphine and Cosima have only just been reunited and it seems like the Neolutionists want to split them up again? What did they mean when they told Delphine “You know you won’t be allowed to stay with her”?

EB: I think it’s the nature of their relationship. It’s not like [Delphine and Cosima] live together in an apartment and do the groceries and hang out. They have a difficult context in which they have to evolve. Delphine has a plan and she won’t have enough time to explain her plan, I think.

TTVJ: We still have the rest of the season to look forward to, but you’ve already finished filming and everything, except for the press tours.

EB: The press tours was pretty much, for me, this last one in New York, and it was quite emotional, I have to say. Especially the first panel after [they showed] the first episode. We got such amazing testimonies from the fans that were there and we were all crying in each others’ arms. I think that’s when it sort of hit us even more. I think it will hit us again when the show is over over, when all ten episodes have aired, because it still hasn’t been seen and we’re going to get all the reactions from each episode, we’re going to watch them. So I think it’s a multiphase grieving period. [laughs]

TTVJ: What are you going to miss most about being on Orphan Black and playing Delphine?

EB: As an actor, you don’t a chance to play a character that is that meaningful in people’s life. I’m going to cherish that forever, I’m going to miss that character. I’m going to miss the fans and how engaged they were with our show, even with stuff that wasn’t our show — you know, fans would go and watch other shows we were on, other movies — that kind of commitment to that world and who we are is so amazing and I’m so grateful for that. But on a personal level, [I’m going to miss] just the fun. The fun of making something that you believe in, that you think is smart, that you think matters, the fun of being with my amazing colleagues that basically are like, I know it’s a cliche, but they’re like family. The learning experience too — so many kind, talented humans — I’m going to miss them and how much they elevated me and how much joy I got from being able to play with them.

TTVJ: Looking to the future, what is next for you? Where will we next see you on our screens after Orphan Black is over?

EB: Oh boy! I have two movies coming out here in Quebec — I hope they come out in the rest of Canada and maybe hopefully in the U.S. — one called Miséricorde  and one called Le passé devant nous. One is a Swiss-Canadian co-production and the other one is a Belgian movie. I shot a movie in Vancouver called Rememory by Mark Palansky, opposite Peter Dinklage, so that was an amazing experience that I shot last January. It went to Sundance and hopeful it will get screen time across Canada. I’m doing a second season of Trop, my Quebec comedy and I’m doing some theatre in Montreal next year, and maybe more international projects, but I can’t really say because it hasn’t been absolutely confirmed yet. But lot’s of exciting stuff!

TTVJ: Any special plans for watching the last season of Orphan Black?

EB: Oh, I don’t know! I definitely would love to go to Toronto to watch the finale with everyone, that would be a way to make it less hard. But I watch the first episode I think in the best context. I was in New York sitting in that room with the fans, so I got all of their reactions. I got to see the episode for the first time with them, so that was the best way to take it in.


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Orphan Black Season 5 premieres Saturday, June 10 at 10 p.m. on Space Channel and BBC America.