Orphan Black: Alison Takes Centre Stage

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“Beneath Her Heart” wasn’t just one of the best episodes featuring Alison Hendrix, it ranks among the best in the Orphan Black series. The episode was a deep dive into Alison’s emotional state, both in the early days of Clone Club and in the present day after returning home. Much as I enjoy when the Alison and Donnie characters are played for comedic effect, I love when we get an episode with Hendrixes where they and their bond are tested. The whole thing had such a triumphant feel good vibe — it was delightful! Below are my five favourite Hendrix moments in “Beneath Her Heart.”

The Flashback

Orphan Black is a show that knows how to do a good flashback. This one reminded me of a similar scene in Mad Men where Roger Sterling and his wife take LSD at a party. It was definitely a comedic scene — especially the part where Cosima drops by to deliver a reality check to a very high Allison — but it was also a very revealing one. The Alison in the flashback isn’t the same Allison who has taken her place among her clone sisters.

The Memorial

I loved the memorial scene for MK, short as it was. I wasn’t too happy about how she met her untimely death, but I did think Sarah and the others gave her a beautiful send off. PS: Where do I find the Pinterest instructions for those ribbon flowers Alison made?

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The Reckoning

I think when Alison first covered up Aynsley Norris’s death and her part in it, I was just happy she had gotten away with it. But the return of her widower Chad was jarring, even more so because Alison had to look into the faces of his kids knowing she had basically murdered their mother. I think this was the first time Alison came to terms with the reality of what she did (or failed to do), especially in light of the context the flashback provided. Despite her faults, Alison and Aynsley had a real friendship and in the end Alison’s misplaced paranoia cost her friend her life.

The Negotiation

As the flashback at the beginning of the episode so amply demonstrated, Alison is not the woman she was when it all started. This character has really grown into her own and that’s a beautiful thing to witness. I also rather enjoyed seeing Rachel’s calm veneer crack when she saw what was in Alison’s handbag. She’ll think twice before she underestimates the soccer mom again, that’s for sure.

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The Duet

My favourite scene by far was the heartwarming Donnie and Alison duet at the end of the episode! Is there a couple on TV right now that is more adorable? It’s been lovely to see the bond between Donnie and Alison grow stronger and stronger over the last few seasons. Also, I knew Tatiana Maslany could sing, but who knew Kristian Bruun had such a lovely voice?

Next time…
  • When Alison says she needs to go away for a while, does she mean she’s taking a break, or did Rachel give her secret mission? Fingers crossed it’s the latter!
  • Det. Art Bell has gone beyond a conflict of interest when it comes to Sarah and her sisters. That he was ready to murder his partner to cover up the Hendrixes’ secret is very telling. Where will he end up at the end of all this?
  • I’m really invested in Kira’s personal journey right now. She seems to be struggling with a pretty big existential crisis right now.
  • Speaking of Helena, where is she and what is she writing in that journal?


What was your favourite scene from this week’s episode of Orphan Black? Let us know in the comments!

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