An Open Letter To MTV to Renew Sweet/Vicious


Dear MTV,

On November 15, 2016 you premiered Sweet/Vicious, a show that in its first season tackled some of today’s most pertinent topics, all while remaining hilarious, real, relevant, and entertaining. Congratulations! You are off to a great start since you picked up this show in the first place and gave Jennifer Kaytin Robinson a platform to showcase her brilliant and thoughtful story of two college students, Jules (Eliza Bennett) and Ophelia (Taylor Dearden), who serve as campus vigilantes. The two take down perpetrators of sexual assault and have one of the most sincere and powerful friendships on TV right now. But you already knew that! You aired the damn show!

Here’s the thing though, while I (and thousands of others) am SUPER thankful that you put this story on the air in the first place, it just isn’t enough. We need more! We need more stories like Jules’, we need more LGBT stories, we need more badass women on our screens every week! Please understand how essential this kind of visibility is.

Not only is this show a wonderful gift, but the cast and crew are fantastic. I mean I shouldn’t have to tell you this, YOU hired all of them! They’re the BEST! Not only do they all crush it at their roles (and behind the scenes) they are all such great humans off camera too! They are all so supportive of each other on Twitter and it’s so refreshing to see a cast believe in what they are doing and in the people they are doing it with. Please keep this show going!


Robinson and team have already expressed what their hopes are for a Season 2 and their ideas sound STELLAR! Renewing Sweet/Vicious for a second season is definitely in your best interests. Jersey Shore ran for six seasons. Literally nothing worse could happen to your network, so please don’t pass up an opportunity to do something ground-breaking.

Lena Dunham’s character Hannah on Girls proclaimed she was the voice of her generation five years ago when the HBO series premiered. While sure, she may have served as a powerful voice for our generation, I think it’s time we acknowledge that through Robinson’s smart, considerate, and biting dialogue Ophelia and Jules have become voices of our generation as well. They are more than voices contributing to a bigger dialogue for this generation. Instead, they are leading one of the most important conversations happening in our nation at the moment.

Do you realize how important these characters’ voices are right now? Do you understand how necessary it is that we tell these stories? Do you realize how imperative it is that we keep this dialogue alive, especially with two strong and persistent women at the forefront? These women give us hope, they give us strength and they give us the courage to speak up. YOU have the power to give them a loud speaker. Don’t mess that up.


Victoria Nelli (A girl who was completely and utterly moved by an MTV show)

P.S. What do I have to do to get you to renew S/V? Stand outside of the MTV offices Say Anything style with an old-school boom box blasting “Love Like We Used To” by Captain Cuts? Cause I’ll do it MTV. I’ll totally do it!



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Season 1 of Sweet/Vicious is available to stream on MTV’s website.

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