An Open Letter To Chyler Leigh

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Dear Chyler Leigh,

For over a decade you have graced my television screen and I have cried, laughed, squealed with joy, and cried some more while watching you skillfully portray some of my favorite television characters. You have inspired us greatly with your performances and even though the Season 8 finale of Grey’s Anatomy ruined me, I felt that it was time for you to know how truly super we all think you are.

On Grey’s Anatomy we had the chance to see you play the sweet and brilliant surgeon Lexie Grey. Every flaw that Lexie had somehow made her a better surgeon, and a better person because of it. She had a charming, relatable quality that you crafted so perfectly to form this awkward, funny and exceptionally kind person who became one of the most beloved TV characters of the last decade.

Lexie’s relationship with Mark Sloan was beautiful, complicated and heart-wrenching. To watch that unfold was confusing and wonderful all at the same time. Being with Mark helped Lexie grow and mature, but Lexie did so much more for Mark than anyone had ever done for him. You brought such likeability to that role. You made us all feel like we knew Lexie, like we were her friend.

I’m going to now try to do this without getting super mushy or super weird. I’m going to try and describe how imperative it is for millions of people to see your face on their screen week after week. So please just bear with me.

In a world where sibling rivalry runs rampant, words cannot explain how refreshing it is to see Alex and Kara’s relationship on Supergirl unfold. Alex’s unwavering love for her sister, and Kara’s overprotective ways, make them the ultimate #SisterGoals. You and Melissa Benoist have an energy on screen together that is mesmerizing and the beating heart of the show. To try and use a few words to describe the effortlessness that comes with that relationship would be an injustice to it. It is a privilege to watch.

I am immensely grateful that Supergirl exists. This show premiered at a time when I think all of us, especially young girls, needed it most. Kara offered us a hero. One that we weren’t used to seeing on television but Alex, Alex gave us something much different than that. Alex gave millions of people a voice. She gave millions of people courage, and she did it in a brave, relatable and spectacular way without ever having to put on a cape. I’ve heard many people of many different sexual orientations explain why they love and appreciate Alex so much, but hearing the stories of people coming out because of her, or feeling empowered because of her, have been some of the most beautiful things to be able to witness. Chyler, you did this. You brought her to life and I, as well as millions of people, are forever thankful. For the last two seasons, you have served as people’s escape from reality, their comfort blanket, their source of happiness.


Alex and Maggie’s relationship is one of the most necessary, beautiful, and downright adorable ones currently on television. The work you, Floriana Lima and the writers are doing is crucial and stunning. Her story is essential. It diversifies the common narrative of a kid figuring themselves out when they’re in high school, and being bullied, and suffering through that. A lot of people come into themselves and their identities later on in life. It’s after they already have a pretty solid idea about who they are, and it can really shake up the foundation they have based their identity on.


Anyway, I hope I didn’t get too sappy with this. You’re the best and I thought that was a fact you needed to know. Thank you Chyler for playing wonderful and badass women. You truly are a superhero, Chyler.

P.S. Please tell the Supergirl writers to have Kara fly Alex everywhere. I don’t trust your character on planes anymore.  All I’m saying is, prepare yourself for this ~conspiracy theory~ Kara saved Alex from a plane that was about to go down.  IS IT SHONDA RHIMES CONSPIRING WITH THE CW???


Victoria Nelli (A fan that can’t imagine the thought of not seeing you on her screen every week)


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Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW and Showcase.