Once Upon a Time: Season 5 Finale Predictions

Eike Schroter/ABC
Eike Schroter/ABC
Finally, after an emotional journey through Hell, the Charming-Mills gang is back in Storybrooke. Once Upon a Time’s two-episode finale has us on the edge of our seats just thinking about it. With the recent and tragic death of Robin Hood and the excitement of Hook’s return (as a thank you from Zeus for helping destroy his brother Hades), we can’t wait to see how the heroes react to their life in a small town again. Here’s what we predict will unfold in “Only You” and “An Untold Story.”

Regina Won’t Go Evil

Now that Regina has lost her (second) true love, there’s no doubt she’ll question her transition to being a hero. I feel as if everyone expects her to revert to her Evil Queen ways, as we’ve seen her do in the past. I predict the Regina we have come to know and who Robin fell in love with will stay the same. If anything, she’ll make a point to continue to team up with her former enemies. While emotionally unstable she may be, she won’t use her magic for evil anymore. This has already been hinted at in a sneak peek, in which Regina says, “As much as I want to give into evil, I don’t. So I’ll do good. I’m gonna hate every moment of it.”

Jack Rowand/ABC

Emma and Hook will be Love Birds

You can’t really expect any less from a couple who just experienced the trauma of death for the second time. Through each experience Emma has opened her heart even more, despite her armor. With Hook back, she won’t be able to contain her love for him. In the last episodes of the season, Emma and Hook are bound to be holding hands, kissing, and gushing at one another from across rooms in every scene. Will it get a little annoying? Maybe. Will they be adorable? Hell yeah.

Henry Being a Teenager

Throughout the second half of season 5, Henry’s teenage qualities have shined. Often pointed out by his grandparents, the Author has spent a lot of time in his room, struggled with emotional decisions alone, and found romance with Violet, who is set to make an appearance in the finale. I have no doubt these two will be portrayed as Storybrooke’s Bonnie and Clyde, following the example of Robin Hood as they try to do what they believe is best for the town through evil or unheroic actions. Mothers Emma and Regina will be forced to parent together and bring some sense to their teenager’s ideas. For Henry, this act of power is the closest I believe he will get to teenage rebellion. His character has been a pinnacle of hope and persistent belief. To have this very belief and desire for peace and security among his beloved town bring tension and secrecy between his family members will be incredibly interesting. After many episodes which have lacked Henry, it is great to see him get his moment.

Jack Rowand/ABC

Gold is Done Playing Nice

Clearly Gold has never been fully good, but lately he’s been on his best behavior. However, with Belle under a sleeping curse and a baby on the way, Gold is going to risk his heroic appearance to save the love of his life in the finale. What that means for Belle’s father, I don’t know. Something dangerous. Already in promotional photos Gold is seen talking with Regina. My prediction is Gold is trying to persuade Regina to help him save Belle in order to get revenge on Hades for killing Robin, seeing as Hades wanted the child so badly. If Belle and her child are alive and well, that’d be the exact opposite of what Hades desired. That would be revenge. Like I said earlier, Regina won’t take this offer. Though tempting, she’ll team up with Emma and worry about Henry instead.

Jack Rowand/ABC
Jack Rowand/ABC

New Arrivals

Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have announced two new characters who will bring mystery to Storybrooke like Season 1’s Graham. They said in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, “We were guessing what character they are,” just as we all did with Graham who turned out to be the Huntsman. It will be fun to do this again with the new arrivals who will present themselves in the finale.

Nostalgic Feeling

It’s been a while since Once Upon a Time has been set in Storybrooke. We’ve seen glimpses of it and its hellish counterpart in the Underworld, but being back in the original Maine town will bring a sense of nostalgia to the finale. As the show heads into season six, we will be reminded of the small town feel of the area. Characters will relate to one another like old days, meeting in familiar places. It won’t feel so foreign anymore. We may not know what is going on with the new arrivals or Gold’s plans, but we’ll feel like we’re home.

What are your predictions for Once Upon a Time‘s two hour finale? Let us know in the comments below.

The Once Upon a Time Finale airs at 7 p.m. ET Sunday on CTV and ABC.