Once Upon a Time: Heart of Gold

ABC/Jack Rowand
ABC/Jack Rowand

Sunday night’s Once Upon a Time took a step back from the Author, instead focusing on Robin Hood and his whereabouts since leaving Storybrooke. To refresh your memory, Robin was forced to leave Storybrooke with his family in order to save Marian’s life – leaving his true love, Regina, behind. While Robin and Regina’s romantic relationship has become incredibly complicated due to Marian’s return, this week’s Heart of Gold promised a hopeful future for the star-crossed duo.

Following his exit from Storybrooke, we learned that Regina had given Robin the keys to Neal’s old apartment in New York, providing Robin and his family with somewhere to stay. However, Rumpelstiltskin’s banishment from Storybrooke sent him to the same place and the two conveniently crossed paths. Before a turf-war could begin, Gold had a heart attack that sent him to the hospital and he asked for Robin’s help in attaining a healing potion.

It was Gold’s hospital stay that ultimately led to a giant reveal that I personally didn’t see coming. Following Zelena’s “death,” she had used magic to transport herself back in time with Emma and Hook, eventually killing Marian and taking over her body. The real Marian never made it back to Storybrooke – it had been Zelena all along! (Don’t we have enough villains on the show right now? Was it really necessary to bring back another one?)

Well if Zelena was looking for a way to get back at her sister, I’d say she’s certainly found it. At this point, the familial and romantic relationships on Once Upon a Time have become incredibly intertwined – and I can barely keep track of who’s involved with or related to whom anymore. Not only are Robin and Roland’s lives now in a villain’s hands, but Zelena is now also sort-of (technically?) married to her half-sister’s true love. Awkward! I’m sure Regina won’t love that idea.

Aside from the complicated mess that Zelena is causing among Robin and Regina’s relationship, we’ve discovered that she’s also interested in finding the Author to obtain her own happy ending. The happy ending she desires is truly winning Robin’s heart and stealing Regina’s true love once and for all, and she’s teamed up with Rumpelstiltskin in order to achieve that goal.

While I waited for Rumpelstiltskin to tell Robin the truth about Marian, that moment sadly never arrived. Rumple did urge Robin to follow his heart, but his heart tragically led him right back to Marian’s arms without knowing the truth of her identity.

On the bright side, Marian actually being Zelena is eventually bound to uncomplicate matters for everyone involved. At this point, the only reason that Robin chose to be with Marian is because he believes her to be his wife – the woman that he made a commitment to all those years ago. Once he discovers her true identity, the path for Robin and Regina is bound to be clear again.

However, the revelation of Marian’s true identity put Regina in quite a difficult predicament. In order to save her true love from her half-sister’s clutches, she’ll have to help them turn Emma dark. Who will Regina choose? Robin or Emma?

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8PM on ABC and CTV.