New Girl’s Jake Johnson: Nick’s growing up

New Girl
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Get those turtle faces at the ready and keep lying on those couches, because we’ve got some pretty big New Girl news … big in the world of one particular bar-tending, sofa-surfing dude, at least. Are you ready for it?

On Tuesday night, Nick is about to start growing up. Hey, we told you that you were going to want to lay down for this.

“He and Schmidt are business partners, and that’s the beginning of Nick growing up a little bit,” Nick portrayer Jake Johnson told The TV Junkies and our Canadian gal-pal site Cinefilles at the Fox TCA party in Pasadena, Calif. recently. “It’s time to get a little bit more serious, trying to make some of that money.”

It all goes down in Tuesday’s “Swuit,” episode of the Fox comedy, in which Nick and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) start acting on some of their crazy business ideas from last week and even approach real life Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner for some backing.

“We can’t go on Shark Tank because it’s a different network,” Johnson joked. “But they’re wildly dumb ideas, that Nick and Schmidt pitch to the Sharks.”

So why is Nick having this sudden change of heart when it comes to making money? Could it have something to do with his rich new girlfriend, or the fact that even Winston (Lamorne Morris) has managed to find a suitable career over the past four seasons?


“I don’t think Nick wants money, I think that was a Jake thing to have to admit. I don’t know what Nick wants. He’s a super weird dude,” Johnson previewed. “I think he gets fired up to like, take himself more seriously. He’s got a ton of ideas and Schmidt wants the money.”

Looking forward, Johnson remained tight-lipped about most of the season, worried that he had a “big mouth” that would spoil the show for fans. He admitted Nick and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) wouldn’t get back together anytime soon (“It’s such an ensemble that the only way they get together is the series finale.”), and reflected that if New Girl were to end in the coming years, he’d be open to doing more TV despite his growing success on the big screen.

The one thing Johnson made clear though was that in the back half of Season 4 there’s a certain someone he would definitely love to see more of in New Girl.

“I hope there’s more Hannah Simone,” he said. “I think she is the underrated MVP of our show. She’s somebody who has never gotten the credit that a lot of the rest of us have gotten for the show, and I think she’s awesome. She kicks ass and I’d love to see Cece more and more.”


New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox and City. Thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below.

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