NBC Crossover peek: Lindsay and her men


Three shows. Two nights. One case. And so begins the NBC crossover event between all three popular dramas in the Dick Wolf universe: Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Law & Order: SVU. The case involved–a child pornography ring stretching from New York City to Chicago–quickly turns personal for Sophia Bush’s Det. Erin Lindsay, when it’s discovered someone from her past is involved.

The multi-episode crossover promises to be an intense three hours of television as characters from each show move in and out of one another’s universe. Unlike other crossovers, at times done as a cheap gimmick to hook viewers, Chicago Fire/PD showrunner Matt Olmstead said in a conference call, “the characters are really ingrained in the storytelling throughout the whole hour.” This, plus the personal nature of the case, naturally led us here at The TV Junkies to wonder how it will all affect Lindsay’s situations with the men in her life.

Lately Lindsay and her partner, Det. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer), have been slowly getting closer as Season 2 of Chicago PD has progressed. There are many hard core “Linstead” shippers who are enjoying the “slow burn” that’s happening as of late, but hoping the crossover may provide an opportunity for more. While they may be disappointed to hear Olmstead tell fans to expect, “further slow burning,” it’s not without good reason. As he explains, “It’s been made clear to them by Voight, he doesn’t tolerate in-house romances, so they are holding true to that.”

While Olmstead does admit that resolve is “tested a little bit, as you might imagine, because they are out of town,” expect Linstead to stay strictly partners for now. However, lest fans lose hope for the future, Olmstead was quick to add, “there’s no crossing the line yet for those two,” and the addition of that “yet” should give Linstead fans something to hold onto for the rest of Season 2.

The crossover will also provide Lindsay with the opportunity to reconnect with someone she has crossed that line with, ex-boyfriend Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) of Chicago Fire. However, according to Olmstead, don’t expect any drama from these two. “They cross at the end of the Chicago Fire hour, the first hour on Tuesday, and it’s an amicable cross,” he said. That’s something that was always intended for these two characters who Olmstead explains are, “cut from the same cloth.”


In fact, while one may usually suspect exes do not want to see each other, it can actually be quite the opposite with these two. As Olmstead explains, “It’s not like when Severide crosses with her he’s rolling his eyes like oh crap I have to deal with my ex-girlfriend.” At the same time, Lindsay feels very similar and “she’s perfectly agreeable,” and “she’s got her own thing going on,” says Olmstead.

These are all good things for “Linseride” shippers hoping to one day see these two back together again. “It’s an interesting cross, but it’s not one that’s fraught with disappointment and betrayal, because who knows down the line if they are going to pick it back up again,” said Olmstead.

In the end, it doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re Team Linstead or Team Linseride; the crossover will have something to keep you interested. While there will be moments with each of the guys throughout the three hours, something tells us that above anything else, the case at hand will be Lindsay’s primary focus.

Are you Team Linstead or Linseride? What are you most excited to see during the crossover event? Add your thoughts in the comments below and take a quick look what’s in store:

The crossover begins on Chicago Fire at 10 p.m. E.T. on NBC/Global. Law & Order: SVU and Chicago Fire air Wednesdays at 9 and 10 p.m. E.T. on NBC.