Most Enjoyable Characters of 2015

CW/BBC America/USA
CW/BBC America/USA

The end of the year is the perfect time to pause, take stock of things and look back on the year that was. In this time of Peak TV there’s a little bit of something for everyone out there and too many shows to count, often leaving many of us television fans feeling as if we’re in a constant state of trying to keep up with the ever growing queue on our DVRs. However, with the large number of shows that Peak TV has put on the air, that also means there’s been that many more characters for viewers to meet this year, and some of them stand out above the rest.

I’m not only talking about the best or most complex and strongly written characters, but instead about the ones that make television just plain enjoyable to watch. These are the characters that automatically move their shows to the top of my viewing queue and are who I want to spend time with and relax with after a long day of work. Yes, they have some flaws, but when all is said and done, they are the ones that keep me coming back week after week.

So without further adieu, and listed in no particular order, here are my Most Enjoyable Characters of 2015.

Stef and Lena Foster – The Fosters

While no couple can ever compare to Coach and Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights as far as realistic portrayals of marriage on TV go, Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum) Foster come pretty damn close. Their marriage is the foundation of a show that is never afraid to tackle controversial issues head on, and never backs down from showing the truth about marriage, which is that it can be quite hard at times. Stef and Lena have been through their share of troubles along the way, but there’s never any doubt about their true feelings for one another. Saum and Polo have a natural chemistry together that always comes through as Stef and Lena prove over and over again that love is love. Plain and simple.

Gail Peck – Rookie Blue

There are a whole bunch of reasons why I’m going to miss Rookie Blue but Gail Peck is at the very top of that list. From day one I was drawn to her bitchy, snarky ways and fabulous one-liners that shielded a big heart underneath all that armour. While I enjoyed watching Gail’s relationship with Holly, it was watching her quest to adopt little Sophie this season that really got to me. I’m convinced that magic happens whenever Charlotte Sullivan is on screen with a child, and it broke my heart when Gail reluctantly stepped aside for Sophie’s best interests. While we all know that broke Gail’s heart more than she’d ever let on, long time viewers were rewarded with some serious character growth in one of our favorite sarcastic officers.

Grandma Emma – Chasing Life

I’m partially still in denial over the fact that Chasing Life won’t be coming back for a third season and one of the reasons I’m refusing to believe the truth is Grandma Emma. Played with a perfect combination of sass, snark and wit by Rebecca Schull, Grandma Emma was always my favorite part of any Chasing Life episode. She was the coolest grandma on TV–probably one of the coolest characters plain and simple–who always knew just what to say or had the perfect comeback to anything her daughter or granddaughters may throw her way. It’s official, Grandma Emma I’ll miss you most of all!

Donnie Hendrix – Orphan Black

If you would’ve told me back in Season 1 of Orphan Black that by the end of Season 3 Donnie would’ve been one of my favorite characters on TV I would’ve laughed in your face. Yet here we are, and I now firmly stand on Team Hendrix with this big, lovable schlub of a man. He’s shown time and again that he’d do anything to stand by Alison’s side, whether that’s selling drugs or burying bodies in his garage. Yes, he’s horrible at his job as a monitor but he’s proved that he can twerk it with the best of them. And sure, Donnie may be a bitch, but he’s Alison’s bitch!

Maggie and Emma – Playing House

The friendship between two women can be a wonderfully strong and powerful thing, and Playing House’s Maggie and Emma have one of the best examples of that on television. I can never seem to get enough of Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair on my TV screen, and while USA has not yet announced a third season, I can’t imagine my life without these BFFs who are raising a baby together. While there’s plenty of laughs to go around, Maggie and Emma’s relationship has a real heart and soul to it that makes me constantly wish I could be best friends with them as well. Here’s hoping USA realizes what magic they have in these two ladies and finally pulls the trigger and renews Playing House for Season 3 already!

Donna Paulsen – Suits

While the name on the door may say Pearson, Specter and Litt, we all know that Donna is really the one that runs things on Suits. She’s always confident–and with damn good reason–but if you can get her on your team then you’re set, as she’s fiercely loyal and will always be there for her friends. Donna loves big and she loves hard. That’s why it was so difficult to watch the separation between her and Harvey this season. It brought a whole new level to their relationship and proved once and again just how much Harvey needs her. But when you’re talking about someone as smart, feisty and in control as Donna it sure is easy to see why.

Rogelio de la Vega – Jane the Virgin

I dare anyone to watch Jane the Virgin and not find Rogelio completely adorable and fall in love with him. Sure, he may be exactly what you imagine a telenovela star to be like, with self indulgent qualities and a flare for the dramatic, but he’s also compassionate, honest and funny as hell–oh and super savvy on social media. But what matters most is the way he wholeheartedly loves his daughter Jane, her new son and her family, because once Rogelio is on your side, he’s all in.

David Rose – Schitt’s Creek

With the names of comedy legends Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara attached to it, I never expected my favorite character on Schitt’s Creek to come from Levy’s son Dan. David is your typical prissy, self centered, trendy rich kid at the start, but as the first season went on Levy added layers to David that gave the character some real heart and he routinely stole every scene he was in. The younger Levy has great chemistry with all of the cast members, from the general disgust David often throws his parents’ way, or the bickering and endless fights he has with sister Alexis. However, it was David’s relationship with hotel clerk Stevie that really hooked me good and all of this has me thrilled to return to Schitt’s Creek for Season 2–oh and of course I also can’t wait to see the crazy outfits David will wear this season!

Black Cindy – Orange is the New Black

With so many great characters, it’s hard to pick just one favorite on Orange is the New Black, but if we’re looking at enjoyable characters in this list it was hard to find one that put a smile on my face more than Adrienne C. Moore’s Black Cindy did in Season 3. We knew small bits and pieces of her past, but the character really got fleshed out this year as we saw Cindy undergo a spiritual awakening that ended with somewhat surprising results. But before you go and think that means she’s getting serious on us all, have no fear, Cindy was still responsible for some of the biggest laughs Season 3 had to offer and there’s no worry that she’ll stop spouting some of the show’s best one-liners.

Edgar Quintero – You’re the Worst

As PTSD-addled war veteran Edgar, Desmin Borges’ character could’ve easily been reduced to a one-note character, but thankfully You’re the Worst has done the exact opposite. Along with Kether Donohue’s Lindsay, Edgar is so much more than just a sidekick. Whether he’s cooking up a batch of breakfast lasagna or just as deeply invested in Jimmy and Gretchen’s relationship as the rest of us, I know Edgar will be making smile week after week. It was great watching Edgar move past his feelings for Lindsay this season and find a real relationship with Dorothy. Now I’m just holding my breath that she won’t break his heart because I’m not sure I could handle Edgar feeling sad. With so many other YTW characters down on life we need him to be the one shining spot trying to bring the rest of them up.


John Jaqobis – Killjoys

Although I am grateful to Killjoys for giving me one of the most kickass characters to cross my screen in 2015 in Dutch, it’s Aaron Ashmore’s loyal and sarcastic Johnny Jaqobis that really makes me smile. Don’t believe me, just ask the ship Lucy and she’ll tell you. That’s right this guy even has non-human and supposedly emotionless technology falling in love with him. Oh and before you think he’s just another snarky science guy, Johnny is pretty badass in his own right, proving time and again he can fight and stand his ground alongside Dutch and brother D’avin. Add to all this the fact that he and Dutch have one of the best friendships to grace our screens in a long while, and there’s no wonder why Johnny is at the top of the list of reasons why I’m eagerly anticipating Season 2 of Killjoys.

Cisco Ramon – The Flash

Whether it’s coming up with awesome nicknames or quoting some of our favorite movie and TV shows, I can always count on Cisco to bring a smile to my face. This is a man that never lets threats like Zoom or Harrison Wells keep him from firing off a quip or being impressed by his own skills at making toys to help Barry Allen fight new metahuman villains. Cisco always says exactly what the audience is thinking and that’s just one of the many reasons I love him. His geek outs are simply the best and have me gravitating to him week after week.

Jessica Huang – Fresh Off the Boat

Jessica Huang always speaks her mind and always get what she wants. She’s a woman with strong opinions who knows exactly what she wants for herself and her family, and I can’t help but love and respect that. What really sets her apart from other characters on television though is Constance Wu’s amazing performance. If you don’t believe me on how great Jessica is, just ask her because she’ll tell you as the woman exudes a self confidence I could only dream of possessing. She’s honest and has sass for days, not to mention that nothing her sons or husband try is getting past this woman, no matter how hard they try. Plain and simple, Jessica Huang is the best.


Captain Raymond Holt – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Captain Holt is a boss…and I don’t just mean in the literal sense. Andre Braugher’s police captain takes command of every scene he’s in and while the man himself may never smile, I routinely find myself with a perma-grin whenever he’s on screen. Holt lays the sarcasm on thick, real thick, and Braugher’s perfect deadpan delivery of every line is the icing on the cake.

Clarke Griffin – The 100

There is no bigger hero for this generation of television fans than The 100’s Clarke Griffin. While she may be young, she’s been through plenty of trials and tribulations over the first two seasons, often having to make a choice between two terrible options and deal with the consequences. Dealing with those consequences is part of what makes her so enjoyable to watch. She feels the true weight of her decisions and what they mean for those around her and has to find a way to deal with them in order to keep moving forward. So while she may not be perfect, Clarke Griffin in exactly the type of strong, complex, multi-faceted, complicated and messy heroine we’ve all been waiting for since Buffy Summers left our screens.

Vincent Adultman – Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is full of great characters but the funniest has got to be Vincent Adultman, Princess Carolyn’s boyfriend who is clearly just three children stacked on top of each other under a trench coat. Sounds absurd right? But in true Bojack fashion, things here are so much more than they appear as he turns out to actually be a really great boyfriend. Add that to the fact that he steals every scene as he rambles on about the “Business Factory” where he works, along with spouting off other adult-sounding buzz words and I’m guaranteed to laugh every time he’s on screen. I only hope Princess Carolyn finds some way to forgive him so he’s still is around come Season 3.

Romy Lawson – This Life

I can’t tell you how times have I’ve been annoyed and audibly groaned at my television set when the teenage character on my favorite drama series came on screen. It’s happened more times than I care to count, but somehow This Life has done what many other shows cannot and given me a complex, interesting 13 year old girl that I truly care about and can’t wait to see each week. Romy has her problems and she can be brutally honest, completely aware that the adults around her are trying to hide things from her, but yet she keeps on plugging away and in her own way, never stops trying. She’s still got a ways to go so I just hope that CBC renews the family drama for a second season so I can see what Romy does next. If they don’t, well I just don’t know what I’ll do without Romy’s signature brand of sass in my life, like this recent mic drop from her as she swiftly ended her sister’s party: “Dear everybody, this party is over. Please leave. Love, your irritated hostess.”


Kenzi – Lost Girl

It took Ksenia Solo’s absence from much of Season 5 of Lost Girl for me to fully realize how much I enjoyed Kenzi. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved the character and the fact that she and Bo had one of the most enviable examples of female friendship on television, but it wasn’t until she popped back up near the end of Season 5 that I realized just how much I truly had missed her presence. Thankfully she ended up sticking around for the final few episodes because it just wouldn’t have done Lost Girl’s ending justice if Bo’s true heart wasn’t around for that finale.


Who is your most enjoyable TV character to watch? Did I leave out your favourite? Add them and your thoughts to the comments below!