Mistresses Star Jes Macallan Tries To Prepare Us For Season 3 Finale

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Buckle up. That’s how Jes Macallan sums up the Season 3 finale of Mistresses. Because if past seasons are any indication, it’s clear series showrunners Rina Mimoun and K.J. Steinberg love a good cliffhanger and this year is no different.

The drama surrounding Joss last year (torn between two perfect guys; betraying sister Savi with her choice) is child’s play compared to this summer as Macallan’s character has been put through the wringer. Prostituting herself for the seemingly greater good, a dead body, being framed for murder and prison time — and it was all thanks to her short-term BFF-turned-traitorous enemy, Calista (Jennifer Esposito).

Mistresses doesn’t have an official renewal but with yet another ending that’ll leave us hanging, here’s hoping ABC does fans a solid and we get more of this perfect summer show.

Macallan spoke with The TV Junkies about her character’s transformation, Joss’ future with Harry (Brett Tucker), and how just when we thought everything was hunky dory — bam! Another cliffhanger.

The TV Junkies: So this season has been kind of amazing. I’ve told you this before but Joss has always been my favourite character and that hasn’t changed. Where she was when the show first started to now… What’s that journey been like for you to play?
Jes Macallan: It’s been so, so exciting and I’m so, so grateful. It’s not often that you get to go from fancy dresses and playing a really fun, grounded but comedic hot mess to the really dark stuff that happened this season. There were times where I would leave the set and just be like, ‘What the hell show am I on?’ To play a real vulnerable person in those scenarios, I mean, to see a dead body, can you imagine? Even getting arrested. How would this character react to this stuff? It’s heavy. It’s like a real, honest, brutal reaction. She wouldn’t have any idea how to deal with that, so that was really great to play, so much fun.

TTVJ: I love that Savi’s (Alyssa Milano) absence still impacted the story in such an organic way. The writers are so great, like even when they mentioned Alex (Shannyn Sossamon) at one point I was like, ‘Aw!’ Bringing stuff like that back up so naturally, I love it.
JM: I totally agree with you. I read it and thought, ‘Good on you, guys, way to bring it back.’ That was when Calista was saying I was single-white-femaling, obsessed with her, and they brought up how quickly Alex and I were in love. I was like, that’s a really thought-out storyline. Sometimes you see seasons reinvented and it’s like the seasons before never happened but they really carried it through and told a full story.

TTVJ: I’m sure viewers missed Alyssa but I’ve loved the addition of Jennifer. She adds something so different — but it still totally works. How has that dynamic been for you to explore, having another strong female acting partner to play with other than Rochelle (Aytes, April) and Yunjin (Kim, Karen)?
JM: It was great, she came in and brought in all this spice. She just dove in. It’s always fun, so interesting, even the differences between Yunjin and Rochelle, even Brett (Tucker, Harry) and Justin Hartley (Scott), that’s the joy of what we do.

TTVJ: I also love how it wasn’t a typical prison storyline where Joss was going to get her ass kicked by her cellmate and, instead, she and Roz became great pals and confidantes.
JM: Oh my God, I love Katie Messina, I love her. When I met her I gave her a big old hug, she’s Italian, she reminds me of all my cousins. She’s just a good person. By the end, we developed this chemistry. This is what’s so great about our writers, when someone gets cast I think they really start to feel out what the dynamic is on-screen. There was a point where Roz really turned on me at the beginning but then they softened it up and we bonded.

And in the end, when we thought we were saying goodbye, we both got emotional. We were saying they were like Laurel and Hardy. Roz and Joss should get a spinoff. The Roz and Joss Show. I would watch it. That’s something I’d watch.

TTVJ: Me too! I also loved the “What could have been?” episode but, sorry Justin, Joss and Harry are meant to be. We haven’t gotten a lot of payoff for that romantic pairing since the beginning of the season.
JM: They promised me in Season 4 that we would. So let’s all pray for that.

TTVJ: Yeah, they can’t fight all the time.
JM: I mean, honestly. For two seconds, can they just be still, for two seconds? Yes, obviously that’s all going to be wrapped up. At the end, there’s going to be a dramatic crescendo of all that stuff, in more ways than one. Love be hard.

TTVJ: OK, so let’s talk finale. So, maybe I’m totally naive here, or Jennifer is just that convincing, but I still don’t think Calista killed Luca. There’s something sketchy going on with Wilson and Eva (like, that could totally be her arm in the Range Rover), even David the lawyer has my radar going off. Am I onto something, with any of those theories?
JM: I think you’re totally onto something. I think all those things are exactly what the writers were dancing around. I think also, just what you said, is interesting. Maybe Calista is just that convincing. We’re definitely going to find out. That’s a big, big, big part of the finale, you’re gonna hit the floor. Jaws are gonna drop.

TTVJ: So we will definitively find out who the killer is?
JM: Things are gonna be… yeah. They’re gonna be wrapped. Not wrapped up but you’re going to be pretty darn aware of who the heck it was. Yeah. Buckle up. I don’t think they’d leave that hanging. That would just be…

TTVJ: No. NO. They can’t. Nope, not having it. Will Joss find out that Calista actually did something selfless — or seemingly selfless — when she confessed to Luca’s murder?
JM: I think that at this point, Joss is so over her. She feels so betrayed and so stupid for trusting someone else so quickly. Joss is completely like any normal person in that she knows she made a huge mistake. Calista is completely psychotic on a level of psychosis that she’s never known and Joss wants to get as far away from her as possible. She’s in fight or flight mode, at this point. She just wants to get the hell out of there and never speak to her again. I don’t think she’s even caring what Calista’s done. She really messed up her life and wants to be away from her.

TTVJ: Was Joss and Calista’s friendship real, or was it calculated the whole time?
JM: I certainly think the friendship was real. Jennifer brought a lot to the table. I think it’s hard to play someone who’s famous or a celebrity. She’s supposed to be this fashion queen where everyone knows who she is. That’s hard to play that relatable and real and have people care. The great thing that she found were the flaws in all of that. Their lives look like it’s all glitz and glamour but there’s so much darkness. So when she found Joss, it was very real. There’s a loneliness to [that life] where you’re kind of out there on their own. She had that and Joss had just lost her sister, they were these two characters and they had a gap to fill and they just threw them into each other’s lives and suddenly they were besties.

TTVJ: Has Joss seen the worst of times this season, or is the worst yet to come?
JM: I want to say she’s seen the worst of times and I think we think that… until we don’t. [laughs] That’s all I can say. These writers totally love a cliffhanger. You’re going to get another one, that’s just what we’re good at. This show, they don’t just let you sit still. You think it’s all home-free — and then the finale happens. Then we fade to black. Just get ready.

The Mistresses finale airs Thursday, Sept. 3 at 9 p.m. ET on CTV and ABC.