Maybe Alec Did Flirt on ‘Survivor’

survivor_alecchristy_1200_article_story_largeIt may have been curtains for Alec Christy on Survivor: San Juan del Sur last week, but it’s finals week at Florida Gulf Coast University. He’s been spending the semester watching the show he shot last summer in Nicaragua every week with his pals.

But trying to keep from spilling what was going to happen?

“Oh my gosh, it was the hardest thing ever,” he said over the phone from Ft. Meyers on Tuesday.

So we presume it was a surprise to his buddies that he became the 11th person voted out and the fifth member of the jury.

It was a tough week for him, since he was sent to Exile Island and missed all the buzz around camp that Natalie Anderson was about to lower the boom on Jon Misch, whom she had just invited to join her in her reward challenge win. It was a blindside that might have actually worked, except that Jon also won individual immunity.

“I did know how badly Natalie wanted to get Jon out,” Christy says. “I was trying to get Jon out too.”

He was doing his part in causing strife between the unexpected power couple of Jon and Jaclyn Schultz by flirting with her while Jon was out on Exile island in the first part of last week’s back to back episodes (in which Reed Kelly was voted out).

“I guess I did flirt with Jaclyn a little bit,” Christy says. “But it was more being friendly while trying to play the game at the same time.”

Jon and Jaclyn got into a big fight when he returned from Exile, so maybe it was working for a while.

The last time Jon had gone to Exile, leaving Jaclyn, she complained that the men left behind, including Alec, had snubbed her.

“I can’t win,” Christy says. “Either I’m flirting too hard or I’m rude to her or whatever.”

Things were getting tough in the game, too, Christy says, because there were so many pairs of loved ones in the game, keeping an eye out for one another. Besides Jon and Jaclyn, the other pair still remaining are Missy Payne and her daughter Baylor. Just Natalie and Keith Nale are playing as singles.

Alec’s “loved one,” 25-year-old Drew Christy, was the fourth to be voted out, way back on Day 10. Alec, at least, lasted to three times as long, before his ouster on Day 32.

“My brother and I are so competitive,” Alec Christy says. “And being the younger brother, everytime I get a win in there, that’s always good. It’s definitely good to beat Drew.”

For Wednesday’s episode, titled “Let’s Make a Move,” all the talk (in the previews) is about blindsiding Jon. But they’ve been talking about doing that and failing for weeks.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and Global.