Mary Kills People’s Caroline Dhavernas On Mary’s Even Riskier Season 2 Behavior

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If you thought Season 1 of Mary Kills People took risks and really went for it, well then buckle up! Season 2 of the Canadian drama series, premiering Wednesday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET on Global, promises to get even darker and go deeper into the topic of assisted suicide. However, creator Tara Armstrong and showrunner Tassie Cameron still weave plenty of moments of dark comedy throughout each episode to provide balance. About eight months have passed since the events of Season 1, and Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) has become even more entangled in her illegal work. She’s taking more risks and go further than ever before in Season 2.

Problems will start to arise for Mary when her family starts to question what she’s really up to, and the mysterious Olivia (Rachelle Lefevre) approaches Mary and Des (Richard Short) with a deadly request. To make things even more complicated, Ben (Jay Ryan) returns, knee-deep in a complicated undercover case. What will happen when his investigation collides with Mary’s criminal descent? The TV Junkies recently spoke with Dhavernas about Mary’s risk taking in Season 2, how she’ll butt heads with Olivia and the show’s darker tone in Season 2.


The TV Junkies: Mary really takes a lot of risks to do this job, maybe even more so in Season 2. Why is she so driven to help people die? It can’t be just for the money.

Caroline Dhavernas: I think it’s because of what happened in her past with her mother. She experienced something that not many teenagers go through, and that’s driving her to help people. But possibly even on a more complicated level, it makes her relive what happened with her mom to understand what happened, or confirm that it was the right thing to do. Also, she really gets, more than anyone, why it’s such a desperate choice that these people are making and that they are very alone in this decision, and that quite often she’s the only one that can help them.

TTVJ: What’s the tone in Season 2? The show discusses a topic that has been taboo for a long time on TV, so do you continue to push the envelope there in Season 2?

CD: Yes, there were morally grey zones we hit last year that we dive even deeper into this year. Mary was open minded about people who wanted to end it even though they were not terminally ill, and in Season 2 she goes even further down that alley. Other people around her will really have a hard time with her choices, whether that be her friends, sister or family. Her family doesn’t quite understand what she’s up to, and her older daughter is still feeling like things are off and that she’s lying. She’s putting her family’s life at risk again because of this criminal spiral that she’s going through. A lot happens in Season 2 and the tone is a bit darker than Season 1.

Corus Entertainment
Corus Entertainment

TTVJ: The partnership between Mary and Des was challenged at the end of Season 1, but it sounds like they may be reteaming. How are they moving on from what happened last year to be able to work together this year?

CD: Well, he went to jail so Mary wouldn’t have to and when he comes out, she owes him somehow for the sacrifice he made. He wants to be back in and back at work with her. She’s taken pleasure in being alone in this and making the decisions for herself, knowing she’s ready to go deeper than most people, deeper than Des. He’s becoming more of the moral compass, even though he was the heroin addict in Season 1, he now has had time to think and is really worried for Mary because she’s becoming a little more unstable at times.

TTVJ: Mary, it may be time to reassess your life choices when the heroin addict is looking better than you.

CD: I know, right? [laughs]

TTVJ: Someone else who seemed like they wanted in on the business last year was Mary’s sister Nicole. Can we expect to see her get involved at all and what’s it like building that relationship with Charlotte Sullivan?

CD: Yes, you’re going to see more of that relationship in Season 2. Nicole really wanted in, to help Mary and for Mary to not be alone in this anymore. She will, as you can imagine, really push for that to happen even though Mary knows it’s a very emotional thing for Nicole and that she was younger when their mother passed away. You’ll get to see more of that relationship for sure. Charlotte is an amazing human being and she is a wonderful actress. She really amazes me with her natural way of taking a scene, trying things and I really admire her.

Corus Entertainment
Corus Entertainment

TTVJ: You’re reunited this season with Rachelle Lefevre, who has joined the cast in Season 2. Can you preview what Mary’s relationship with Olivia will be like, and what was it like getting to work with her again this year?

CD: Well, I think Rachelle is a great actress and she has that beautiful look, but can go dark. That’s exactly what we needed for Olivia. Olivia is a very dark force, Mary is as well, but she works out of compassion. Olivia is a very complicated and weird human being. They will have to work together and against each other to get through. Olivia is a cool character and bringing a lot to Season 2.

TTVJ: Ben is back this season and he and Mary obviously have a complicated relationship. Can you preview at all how their relationship looks this season when they cross paths?

CD: He’s doing undercover work again, and in the last episode of Season 1 she didn’t know anything about where he was going and what he was going to do. All the sudden they meet in very surprising circumstances. As you can imagine, the attraction is still there, and it’s still so complicated between them because they are kind of meant for each other, but in opposite worlds that can’t be brought together in a happy place. It’s that relationship where we love seeing on TV of people who are insanely attracted to each other but can’t be together.


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Mary Kills People returns Wednesday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET on Global in Canada. A premiere for Lifetime in the U.S. is still TBD.