Mary Kills People’s Rachelle Lefevre On Playing Mary’s Adversary Olivia

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Be wary of strangers. Isn’t that what we’re always taught? Apparently Des (Richard Short) didn’t follow those rules when he met the mysterious Olivia (Rachelle Lefevre) in the Season 2 premiere of Mary Kills People. As things turned out, Olivia was actually Grady’s (Greg Bryk) sister, and she wants Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) and Des to kill her husband. Mary isn’t one to be told what to do, so at the end of the premiere she confronted Olivia, revealed that she let Grady die and refused her request.

Since Olivia is Grady’s sister, viewers are probably already guessing that she won’t take Mary’s refusal and threats lightly. In this week’s episode, “The Connection,” written by Lara Azzopardi and directed by Kelly Makin, Olivia starts blackmailing Mary to get her to agree to kill her husband Travis. To get a better idea of just who Olivia is, The TV Junkies went straight to the source and caught up with Lefevre about her new role. The Montreal native, who has had roles on Under the Dome and A Gifted Man, previews what we will learn about Olivia, why she was excited about reuniting with her Off the Map costar Dhavernas, and working on a Canadian production again.


The TV Junkies: Had you watched the first season of Mary Kills People at all prior to joining?

Rachelle Lefevre: I did. Caroline is a friend and I watched it to support her at first, and then got hooked.

TTVJ: What did you think about joining a show that discusses assisted suicide?

RF: I was really excited to be a part of the conversation. I’m attracted to challenging subjects in general and I’m not sure anything challenges us more than death.

TTVJ: Olivia has requested that Des and Mary kill her husband, even though he’s not terminally ill. Will we learn more about their marriage and what is driving her to this course of action?

RF: We learn about the marriage, yes, but what I love is what we don’t learn about Olivia and her motivations. I’ll be interested to hear from fans after the series airs and see what their theories are about why Olivia is the way she is. Social media is great for that.

TTVJ: Coincidentally, since we’ve not yet met him, can you share a little about Ian Lake’s character, Travis Bloom?

RF: As Rachelle, “He’s not necessarily the guy you root for, but with Olivia he finds himself in a very bad situation. So he might get some audience compassion.” As Olivia, “He’s an idiot.”

TTVJ: In the premiere, it’s also revealed that Olivia is actually Grady’s sister. We got to meet Grady and see the type of person he was in Season 1 and it wasn’t good. Is it safe to assume evil runs in the family?

RF I think it’s safe to assume bad choices run in the family.

Corus Entertainment
Corus Entertainment

TTVJ: Is that dark side of Olivia something that drew you to the character?

RF: Absolutely. I’ve never read a character and thought “this is the villain.” What interests me is how much the “good” guy and the “bad” guy have in common most of the time. They are often separated by events and circumstances. I would challenge the audience to ask, “After all is said and done, are Mary and Olivia so different?”

TTVJ: Can you share a little bit about bringing her to life?

RF: As with any role I always start by asking, “What would it take for me to make this choice?” and go from there.

TTVJ: Can you preview at all how Olivia may go about getting Mary and Des to comply with her request?

A: I’ll only say she doesn’t seem to have an uncrossable line.

TTVJ: Mary Kills People marks a reunion for you with Caroline Dhavernas. What was it like getting to work with her again and play off each other as new characters?

RF: It was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Caroline knows who Mary is with such conviction, that she creates an environment where you can play with the scene in any way it wants to go. She’s wonderful.

TTVJ: You were born in Canada, but have done a lot of different shows in the U.S. What was it like getting to come back and work on a Canadian production again?

RF: I love working on Canadian productions. I’m such a proud Canadian. I moved to Los Angeles almost 14 years ago, but if you look at my resume you will still find Canadian projects throughout. I’m always looking.


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Mary Kills People airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Global in Canada. A premiere for Lifetime in the U.S. is still TBD.