Mary Kills People Stars on Mary and Ben’s Biggest Complication Yet

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After spending the hiatus speculating over his fate, Mary Kills People revealed that Ben (Jay Ryan) was indeed still alive. The mystery was solved in the Season 3 premiere episode’s final minutes as Detective Hall (Scott Cavalheiro) approached Ben about an apparent suicide call he had just been on that seemed a bit fishy given the “angel of death” herself, Dr. Mary Harris (Caroline Dhavernas), also happened to be on the scene. While Ben wasn’t so easily swayed into helping by Detective Hall, he was clearly shocked to learn that Mary was five months pregnant.

Those five months have been pretty hard on Ben as well. “He’s kind of down and out,” Ryan told The TV Junkies on a set visit earlier this year. “He’s not only given up Mary, but he’s also given up his career. He’s become a bit of a recluse.” Luckily, Ryan did add that while “he is in a bad state,” when viewers see more of him in this week’s “Girl Problems,” written by Jane Maggs and directed by Norma Bailey, he “progresses and moves forward pretty quickly.”

Will that progression involve working more closely with Detective Hall? Ryan explains that Hall, who viewers met in Season 1, is “a cop that is young, gung-ho and a new detective,” who actually “used to work under Ben and kind of respects Ben, looked up to him and what he can do.” After everything Ben has been through, and getting kicked off the force, Hall is “probably the only cop on the force that would go near Ben at this point. But he thinks he’s onto something and needs Ben’s help,” Ryan explained.

Of course, any investigation into Mary’s activities by Ben would directly jeopardize his relationship with her. “It’s been such a complicated relationship between the two of them,” Dhavernas laughed about during the same set visit. “Now there’s a baby involved in that complicated thing,” meaning that “it won’t be easy.” However, Ben “does come back in her life” said Dhavernas “because he always does.” She said “that’s their thing, they can’t be together but they are very attracted and there’s this pull.”

Corus Entertainment
Corus Entertainment

The complications will only grow in the final season now that a baby is involved. “It’s not like a regular couple having their baby and being stoked and happy. It’s very gray again and complicated, but also probably the best thing that could ever happen,” Dhavernas previewed. Ryan agreed saying that this baby allows viewers to “see some development in Mary and Ben’s story that you’d think you’d not get to see, but there are things the fans will appreciate.”

Ryan said that Ben “was always black and white” but having Mary in his life changed all that. While Nicole (Charlotte Sullivan) may have been giving her sister some grief in the premiere about having this baby on her own, things may change this week. Dhavernas said Ben will “figure some things out on his own and she’ll have to include him a little bit more than she would love to.”

In the end, the pregnancy may be just the thing both Mary and Ben need to move forward and become better people. Ryan said Ben “feels like he’s got another chance and it just so happens to be with Mary.” It will really put everything into perspective for Ben. “This season really is about him growing and changing for the better and having some stability in his life.” With a baby on the way and Detective Hall already suspicious, it sure seems as though Ben and Mary will need each other more than ever before.


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