Madam Secretary gets closer to the truth


As we all know, Marsh died in a plane crash over the Atlantic, and Elizabeth suspected that POTUS and the President’s Chief of Staff had something to do with it. On Sunday night, we dug even deeper into that mystery when Isabelle, Elizabeth and Henry spent the episode looking for clues as to why the plane crashed and who took part in the tragedy.

Remember, Elizabeth is ex-CIA, so her interrogation skills, combined with Isabelle’s, led to them finding a disgruntled Interpol finance agent, who dealt with some smuggling and money laundering, who also admitted he had sabotaged the plane. Of course there was still no word on WHO ordered this. I have this nagging feeling that it was Russell and POTUS though. “You don’t backstab the President of your own party without consequences.” Yikes! I feel like Elizabeth, along with Isabelle and Henry, are in way over their heads. But, I’m rooting for them to find out the truth.

Also, we can add another title to Matt’s (other than speechwriter): double agent. Last night, we learned that Matt had “kind of”’ spied on Marsh, and reported his findings to Russell. However, when he was asked to give the dirt on Secretary McCord, he refused. Why does Russell want dirt on McCord? Is he planning something? This can’t be good. The last time Russell asked for dirt on someone, the person ended up in a plane crash and died. I have a feeling history is going to somewhat repeat itself, and the thought itself is infuriating (and terrifying). I swear, if Russell does end up harming Elizabeth, or even thinks about hurting her family, I am going to petition to get him thrown out a window.

On a lighter note, Nadine finally got herself a date with a certain NASA scientist, Glen. Glen obviously had a crush on Nadine, and I feel that Nadine’s mourned long enough–she definitely deserves a partner. They’re kinda cute together too, so, I’m rooting for you girl! And, who knows? Maybe Glen will let Nadine drive the Mars Rover. Here’s hoping they don’t pull a Wolowitz and crash it though (that was for you, Big Bang Theory fans).

Looking forward, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Russell and POTUS will react to the info the Elizabeth knows (and she knows quite a lot), and to how the staff (mainly Nadine, Daisy and Blake) will react if they find out that Matt is a spy for Russell. I’m anticipating that some punches may be thrown.

Last, but not least, congratulations to the cast and crew of Madam Secretary for their full season pick-up!

Other thoughts:

  • Does anyone else ever suspect that Blake is a robot?
  • Matt is significantly taller than Russell. Like, significantly.
  • Also, Matt is horrible at lying.
  • Alison’s a pretty awesome soccer player (Teach me! PLEASE!)

What did you think of “So It Goes?” Let us know below, and check out the promo for next week’s episode “Collateral Damage.”