Madam Secretary: Passage review



Hold your horses because Sunday night’s hour-long episode of Madam Secretary was jam-packed with an earthquake, a proposal and a potential affair.

The biggest bombshell of the night was the fact that Elizabeth’s arm-candy hubby, Henry, could potentially be cheating on her. In the beginning of “Passage,” we saw Henry at a restaurant with a young woman, whom he claimed was a former grad student of his. Stevie, being the awesome daughter that she is, does some snooping around and finds out that her father has been absent from the archives, where he was supposed to be researching his book. (The whole reason that Henry missed the India trip was because he was supposed to be researching 24/7.) Stevie, angry that her own father would betray her mother, decided to cope by getting drunk and wound up blabbing to Daisy, a cheater in her own right.

Personally, I was in denial that Henry would actually cheat on Elizabeth. They’re definitely the cutest married TV couple, and the fact that Henry would even think of cheating on her left me heartbroken. But thankfully, thanks to some probing by Daisy, Elizabeth confronted her husband on the issue, and, to my relief, he admitted he’s working with the NSA again, and that the young woman was his handler. Elizabeth was a former C.I.A analyst, so she brought up a good point: if Henry was really cheating on her, would he still be breathing?

On the business side of things McCord had her hands just as full. The Indian earthquake caused a chemical factory leak, causing any deaths and injuries and widespread damage. The troubling thing was that, earlier that day, McCord had been at that plant, so she was inadvertently tied to the leak. McCord, working with Russell and POTUS, came up with a genius plan (with a bit of help from Matt and some magic charm from Daisy), and (as always) crisis was adverted. The spill was cleaned up, fire was under control and the crack was almost plugged up.

Remember when I said a few weeks ago that I shipped Daisy and Matt? Well, someone sank my battleship. Daisy’s boyfriend, Winthrop, proposed to her and she accepted. But, will Daisy go through with the wedding? I seriously hope not! Matt and Daisy are still such an adorable couple. It breaks my little shipper heart to see Daisy marry some other guy, and leave Matt heartbroken.

Well, all’s well that end’s well, right? Henry and Elizabeth are happy, the McCord kids are back together, Daisy’s getting married and Matt is … Well, Matt is heartbroken, I guess. I’m looking forward to seeing what the writers have in store for those two now. As far as I’m concerned, Matt is probably getting drunk at a bar, trying to suppress his feelings (c’mere and let me hug you!) Also, how will Henry working with the NSA affect his relationship with Elizabeth? Hopefully it won’t cause too much tension between the married couple.

Other thoughts:

  • smile + smirk = smirkle (my new favourite word!)
  • Stevie calls her dad “Pop” in her texts.
  • I’ve never been drunk, but apparently black coffee and grilled cheese helps sober you up. Who knew?
  • #BringTheCowboysToTheIndians (nice hashtag, Daisy!)


Madam Secretary airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and Global.


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