Lost Without Lost Girl


I’m looking forward to the Lost Girl Season 5 premiere with bittersweet longing. The season, which kicks off Sunday, Dec. 7, will be its last. Only sixteen episodes and then it will be gone forever (read the cast’s reaction to the show ending here). No more Bo and her kiss of death, no more Kenzi with her gothic adjacent fashion sense and her snappy one liners, no more Dyson and his six pack. Has it really been four seasons? They seemed to come and go so quickly (probably because I binge-watched the first three). Oh the humanity!

My relationship with this show has been a whirlwind affair. I used to watch it over my sister’s shoulder and think, what the heck is this? But when I finally started to follow it in earnest, suddenly I couldn’t get enough. Who knew Canadian TV could be so … sexy?

I have to be honest though, last season left me scratching my head. I still don’t really know what happened. For the first part of Season 4 I thought Rainer (played by the delicious Kyle Schmid) was really Bo’s father, wrongfully trapped in an alternate universe by Trick. I was totally thrown when he turned out to be…what? Some ancient manservant of the Blood King? Bo’s destined lover? To make matters worse, I felt like the love story between him and Bo felt forced and rushed. After seasons of trying to decide whether to root for Lauren or Dyson–or Tamsin for that matter–to get together with Bo, I didn’t have the energy to care about her relationship with some random hot guy.

So after teasing us with the possibility that Bo’s father would finally be revealed and then delivering Kyle Schmid instead, the season became a mess of prophecies and amnesia confusion and horse god lady knights. What was that about by the way? I think I need to rewatch Season 4 because I still don’t fully understand that part.

And finally, there was the death of Hale, which brought his budding romance with Kenzi to a heartbreaking and premature conclusion. I’m still holding out hope that Kenzi can bring him back from the afterlife, but I hear actor K.C. Collins has a fairly regular role on CTV’s Saving Hope

Still, there were some great episodes in Season 4 (I loved seeing Lauren go over to the Dark Fae–so interesting!) and I’m not prepared to write Lost Girl off just yet. One weird season does not cancel out the sexy badassery that was the previous three, so I’m sticking it out guys! I want Kenzi back! I want to see Bo kick some butt! I want to see Aife return to drive her daughter crazy!

I admit, I’ll be lost without Lost Girl, but until the curtains come down, I’m going to watch the heck out of it. Meet me here on Monday mornings for my reviews!

Lost Girl premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.