Lost Girl’s Rick Howland Writes an Epitaph for the Blood King

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This week the gang at Lost Girl will say goodbye to Fitzpatrick McCorrigan (Rick Howland) in “Follow the Yellow Trick Road.” Poor Bo (Anna Silk) is so grief-stricken that she’ll find herself in a strange Oz-like dream world. In order to wake up, Bo will have to come to terms with the loss of her grandfather and figure out a way to move on with her life and her quest without his guidance.

So before we worry about Tamsin’s (Rachel Skarsten) surprising pregnancy, what Jack/Hades (Eric Roberts) is up to, and what the heck Bo is supposed to do to take him down, we all need to process our grief over Trick’s passing. Who better to help us do it than the Blood King himself?

The TV Junkies: I know it’s been a while since you wrapped up filming of Lost Girl, but if you can cast your mind back to the filming of your death scene, what was that like for you?

Rick Howland: Filming my death scene was both exhilarating and draining. The opportunity as an actor to play something so emotional is very rewarding, and the desire to make it authentic is the real challenge​. Anna and I worked hard together to make it as real to ourselves as possible. It helps to carry that emotion through with such a well written scene and the horrific, but beautiful visuals the director and art department created. In fact, the whole episode was an opportunity to finally drop the veiled feelings, the guarded motives I had to often portray as Trick, and let his real feelings show.


TTVJ: What did you enjoy most about playing the character of Trick? And what was most challenging about it?

​RH: The mystery, secrecy and deeper knowledge that he had. His loyalty and integrity. The “playing his cards close to his chest” allowed for me to keep the deeper subtext of the characters truth under the surface without fully revealing it. Also, the opportunity to play the advisor, mentor and father figure – the endearing love you can have for someone you truly care about while you watch them go out into the world and live their life. Guiding them with out controlling them, allowing them to make mistakes and learn how they want to live on their own terms.

TTVJ: What was your favourite scene to shoot–from any of the five seasons–and why?

​RH: I get asked this a lot. There are so many great scenes. I so enjoyed playing the characters’ relationships with each of the other actors. Every connection Trick had with the other characters was rich and different from the next. The King to his knight with Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried), the father figure to Bo and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), the political mentor to Hale (K.C. Collins), the sparring with the Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier), etc.  Favourite scenes: the drive-in movie theatre in [Season 2, Episode 13], the flashback scene with Tamsin in Season 4, all my one-on-one scenes with Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo, the drinking scene at the end of Season 1 with Dyson in the lair.  The Season 3 story arc with Stella.

TTVJ: It seems like Trick had come down in the Fae world when we met him in Season 1, going from all-powerful Blood King to humble barkeep. How do you think he perceived that change in his circumstances?

RH: ​It was a choice Trick made because of the cost of being the leader. He was burnt out and had been burned by his Fae abilities. Like with most Fae and physics, there is an opposite, or negative, reaction to the action taken by that Fae. He wrote the laws to the world only to have Aife (Inga Cadranel) defy them, leaving him little choice but to uphold those laws or be seen as a hypocrite and have those laws lose their strength. Also knowing, feeling it in his blood, that Bo would eventually show up looking for answers, he had to become less in the Fae public eye to try and keep her safe. He blamed himself for his wife’s death, as shown to him by the Garuda at the end of Season 2. He carried a lot of guilt from the choices he made as a leader and most of that from his own family.

TTVJ: Trick was clearly more than just a wise advisor to Bo and her friends. What role do you think your character played in the group?

RH: ​As Rachel Skarsten ​said on Twitter after the airing of [Season 5] Episode 13, [Trick was] the Papa Fae to our Faemily. And like I mentioned previously, he played a different role to each of the characters in the group. He was empathetic to everyone’s circumstances, how could he not be having lived 2,000 years? He had seen it all, done it all.

TTVJ: If you had to write an epitaph for your character what would it say?

RH: A keeper of many things.

TTVJ: What do you miss most about being a part of Lost Girl?

RH: The entire production of Lost Girl, aka The Faemily. The producers who made it all happen, working with the cast who became close friends. True friendships and the fun that came through each episode, the world’s greatest crew, who almost all returned year after year. The magic that surrounded the show from the first day on set of the pilot. And of course, all the fans that supported Lost Girl with all their hearts.    ​

TTVJ: Suppose your character had just one more scene before he had to exit stage left. Is there anything you didn’t get to do or say as that character that you would like to, and why?

RH: I actually got to do a lot with Trick–I would have happily continued as him. I can’t think of anything he didn’t eventually say or do. It would have been nice to have the scene where he is reunited with Isabeau in some heavenly place.  Although I am not sure what happens to Fae, do they ever really die?

Lost Girl airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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