Lost Girl: Succu-Burnout

Bo and Tamsin_medium

Sunday night’s episode of Lost Girl was all about Bo moving on with her life post-Kenzi. But being who she is, Bo wasn’t able to grieve in peace for long before drama and fae assassins were knocking down her door. Good thing she had some sharp pointy knives handy and a budding friendship with Valhalla’s baddest valkyrie.

“I’m warning you – I’m armed and very toned!” – Lauren

In the wake of her BFF’s departure, Bo was busy trying to keep calm and carry on. She was redecorating her apartment, shacking up with Dyson for some no-strings-attached hookups, and hanging out with Tamsin. Poor Tam-Tam was obviously trying hard to fill the Kenzi-sized hole in Bo’s heart, with debatable success. She was also obviously still holding a candle for Bo.

Problem was, Bo’s usually turbo-charged fae mojo was MIA. Not only could she not get her rocks off, she couldn’t seduce, feed or heal. She was essentially human, which was not the healthiest state to be in if you’re an unaligned succubus with a reputation for being badass. People tend to expect you to demonstrate that badassery. The legendary Japanese fae warrior who, aside from causing the battle-hardened Tamsin to fangirl, hired her as a bodyguard certainly did. Musashi was poised to ascend to the fae big leagues and he figured Bo and Tamsin were just the warriors to defend him against a recent threat to his life.

It was weird and a little heartbreaking to see Bo and Tamsin running around trying to do a job Bo and Kenzi would usually have handled. Still, Bo and Tamsin have worked together before and, when they’re not busy being at each other’s throats, they actually make a good team. I look forward to seeing them kick butt together in the future.

Speaking of unexpected pairings, two of Bo’s exes (not sure if we can really call them exes, since Bo is never really done with anyone) were teaming up to help each other out. Lauren was helping Dyson solve a case he was working on that had the smell of fae about it. Remember that weird scene from last week with the woman and the candle and the elevator? Apparently that woman–whom I shall henceforth call Fatal Attraction since she’s creepy, blonde and doesn’t have a name yet–was fae and the elevator she had been in had crashed, killing her and several others.

Fatal Attraction was now a corpse at Lauren’s lab, which belongs to neither the Light nor the Dark at the moment as far as I can tell. This was a positive life change for Lauren, who has been labouring under the thumb of one fae faction after the other since her girlfriend came down with a bad case of fae meddling. Unfortunately, that also meant she had no protection from the fae who wanted to get a hold of the serum she had created to turn the Morrigan into a human (thus destabilizing the fae political system). She had been receiving death threats ever since and Dyson warned her that she needed to be prepared for an attack. Can I just stop and say I love that Dyson didn’t say “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you” like alpha male characters on TV shows usually do? Instead, the werewolf offered to give Lauren some practical training that would help her defend herself.

Lauren has always been more cerebral than physical, but she turned out to be pretty handy with throwing stars. A good thing too, because her fast hands came in handy when an enterprising fae tried to steal her mortal-making serum. I guess whether you’re throwing ninja stars or syringes full of ketamine, it’s all in the wrist.

Bo and Tamsin’s case got a lot more complicated when it was revealed that the great and powerful Musashi had been taking credit for a battle he didn’t actually fight. His sister was the real warrior and the one who deserved to ascend. She’d actually put the hit out on her brother to save him. She knew the assassin she had hired, Big Tak’o (whose name makes me kinda hungry for some reason), wouldn’t actually go through with the hit, but that it would serve as a wake up call to Musashi, forcing him to admit the truth. If he didn’t and went through with the ceremony, her brother would be turned into a fae toilet plunger for dishonouring his ancestors. No one does family drama quite like the fae.

MusashiWhen Bo and Tamsin revealed the truth at Musashi’s ascension ceremony, he was surprisingly ungrateful that they had saved him from a life of humiliation. So ungrateful in fact, that he stabbed Bo in the gut later for embarrassing him. As Bo’s friends rushed to save her life, Tamsin was the first to figure out that the wound the succubus really needed to heal from was psychological. Bo finally admitted to her friends–and herself–that she was afraid that being The One would mean that she would end up losing all her friends, like she had lost Kenzi, and be alone forever. In a really sweet scene, the gang all reaffirmed their love and devotion to Bo and just like that, girl got her groove back!

I was so sure Bo would grab Tamsin to break her sex fast, but no. She ordered everyone but Dyson out of the exam room for a loud session of R&R succubus style. Ouch. It’s funny, after seasons of waiting for Bo to get back together with Dyson after he lost and found his love for her, I’m actually ready for her to move on with someone new. Instead of watching Bo retread old ground with Dyson, I think it would be interesting to see her develop something new with Tamsin. This being Bo, though, she’ll probably do them both eventually.

Meanwhile, the Fatal Attraction plot has thickened. Lauren’s fae corpse came back to life and killed her assistant Lisa after mysteriously asking her “Can you see me?” I guess “Yes” was the wrong answer? I’m still not sure where this is heading, but I think it’s safe to say it has something to do Bo’s father. While we wait for that little mystery to unravel, here’s a little clip to remind us (well, me) why we loved Bo and Dyson together. Get on board the good ship Boson!

Tell me in the comments if you think my shipper name for Bo and Dyson is super lame. See you next weekend!

Lost Girl airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.