Lost Girl: Season 5 first look


Fans of Lost Girl have had plenty of time to grieve ever since the news broke that the series’ fifth season would also be its last. And with enough space between now and Anna Silk’s tearful announcement earlier this fall it’s time to start getting pumped for what should be an explosive final season.

Showcase has released a first look at the new 16-episode season, which is set to begin airing the first half on December 7th. Judging by what’s on display, it looks like we can expect plenty of action from Bo and her friends as they try to pick up the pieces from Season 4’s devastating losses. And while we lost count of the number of sexy Bo moments, might we also draw your attention to whatever is going on with that lizard-like tongue? It looks like the series has big plans to deliver on what fans love watching most.

Which is obviously the magical baddies. Sheesh, what were you thinking?

Check it out below!

Lost Girl returns to Showcase Dec. 7.