Lost Girl: Hell Hath No Fury


If you are at all claustrophobic, chances are you had a mini panic attack at the beginning of Sunday night’s epsiode of Lost Girl. Fortunately Lauren and Dyson were on hand to dig up our girl before she could become a beautifully dressed corpse – AGAIN. “Like Hell Pt. 2” had it all–victory, defeat, dramatic returns from the dead and deadbeat dads. The identity of Bo’s father was revealed, though, disappointingly, we still didn’t get to meet him. Kenzi made her entrance–only to be cruelly snatched from us yet again. The episode felt like a season finale, it was so busy tying up loose ends. But this, my friends, is just the beginning.

“You just got bitch-snacked!” – Pooka, imitating Kenzi

The thing I’ve always loved about this show is the way they initiate sex scenes on the frailest pretexts. It’s like, Oh darn! Look at that, I have a booboo. Guess I’d better do a little sexual healing! Bo is very practical about feeding–as in, she’ll bang whoever’s closest if she needs to–but things got weird even for her when she found out her latest meal just happened to be her stepmom. Ew ew ew!

Still, Bo and Persephone got past that, especially when Hades’ child-bride turned out to be a good source of info about Bo’s mysterious father. We also got to see where Bo was born and raised, at least for the early days of her life. Hint: it was supremely creepy. Bo’s nursery featured a lovely crib, but the crib-adjacent cage Hades had kept Aife in, only letting her out to feed her daughter? Yeah, not so much. And that little drawing under the wallpaper of her and her Bo? Poor Aife! I want her to come back now more than ever.

Persephone also conveniently revealed a way Bo could get out of Tartarus and avoid being trapped there for ever. Maybe too convenient? We’ll come back to that.

LG5_EP502_D15_SW_0018Back in the Earth dimension, Kenzi and Lauren were busy conjuring up Bo’s spirit, or so they thought. Lol with the phantom-feel-up though! Lauren was all, “it’s Bo, trust me on this!” Meanwhile, Dyson was doing his part too, holding open the gate to Valhalla. When Stacy waltzed by, ready to go reap one of Bo’s friends as Kenzi’s replacement, he cleverly distracted her. Dyson painted a target on Vex’s back and I thought for sure we’d finally be seeing our favourite mesmer this epsiode, but no such luck.

Interesting sidenote: it seems that the destruction of the Una Mens (remember them? Big Bad Faedroids with no souls?) and Evony’s chronic case of mortality has left quite a power vacuum among the fae, prompting something of a faevolution (see what I did there?). Faekind is exploring what it would be like to live free of the restrictions of Dark and Light. Everybody wants to be like Bo now, sassy and unaligned. And, I mean, who can blame them?

It goes without saying that Bo’s “reunion” with Daddy Dearest was a bit anticlimactic, but she did get a neat candle out of it. Bo is a no-man-left-behind kind of girl and she wanted to bring Stepmom with, but Persephone couldn’t leave before her 6,000-year sentence was up. Instead, she told Bo to use the Artemis Moon Candle to find her way home, and to light it for her when she got back. When Bo kept her promise to Persephone, it led to some strange results that had me wondering if it was all a ploy by Hades to get Bo to set off his ultimate weapon when she got topside? Was Persephone really a friend, or just her husband’s pawn? Either way, I just know this is only the beginning of the trouble Bo’s father will be causing, if for no reason than her little tour of Hades’ inner sanctum was just too easy. One does not simply walk into Tartarus!

But more importantly? Why Kenzi, WHY!!! I knew, when the team sat down to that victory feast and there was love and happiness and reconciliation happening all around, I knew in that moment something bad was going to happen. I was bracing for an attack or something, but what happened was even worse. Kenzi said goodbye for real this time!

After last week’s fake out, I thought we were safe and that Ksenia Solo would be hanging out for the rest of the season, but I guess she’s gone for good now? Sigh! It seems Hale had left her some prime real estate on the Spanish coast and she wanted a fresh start in the human world. That meant leaving Bo and her whole messy dangerous fae world behind. Although Kenzi is human and supposedly frail, that’s never stopped her from handling business and defending her friends from some scary creatures. It has cost her to be a part of Bo’s world, though, and I think she has more than earned a vacation. I just wish it wasn’t so permanent!

Shed a tear, friends, and raise a glass to Mackenzie Malikov. Take comfort in the fact that, although we may have lost Kenzi, we’ll be seeing Ksenia Solo on Orphan Black next year. In honour of her exit stage left, here’s my favourite Kenzi clip:

So badass! What’s your favourite Kenzi moment? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll see you next week!

Lost Girl airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.