Lost Girl: The King’s Reign is Over

Steve Wilkie/Shaw Media
Steve Wilkie/Shaw Media

***Warning: This article contains spoilers about Lost Girl’s episode “Family Portrait.” ***

Lost Girl has just seen the demise of the beloved proprietor of the Dál Riata. From the moment Fitzpatrick McCorrigan crossed my screen, I was never quite sure where he stood. Was he just a friendly barkeep or a scheming minor fae who wanted to neutralize the threat Bo presented?

Later when I learned that Trick was more than just a humble seller of alcoholic spirits, I still wasn’t sure about him. On the one hand he was everything Bo needed at the time–a stable loving grandfather, really the only member of her family who was present and stable. On the other hand, Trick was a thousand-year-old dictatorial monarch in exile. To his credit, Trick never tried to hide the fact that, while he reigned the Fae as Blood King, he was not a nice guy. Just how not nice he was kept unfolding more and more every season, culminating in the appearance of the Una Mens and the tragic story of Rainer.

Trick and Isabeau

And of course, Bo was never sure what Trick’s part was in her own origin story. It wasn’t entirely clear whether her grandfather’s rocky relationship with his daughter Aife was his fault or hers. As recently as this Sunday’s episode, I was still having doubts about the former Blood King. Had he turned on Aife all those years ago and did he inadvertently cause her to run straight into the arms of the King of Hell himself?

An argument could be made that it was Trick who set Bo’s whole dark and twisty trajectory in motion. But that’s kind of why I loved the Dál’s barkeep so much: he wasn’t a plot device. Trick wasn’t just a wise and friendly source of exposition, he was a fully formed character. He was complicated and he could be ruthless, loyal, conniving, protective, generous, cowardly, brave and a whole range of other emotions.

Bo and Trick 2

The Lost Girl writers were so masterful in their crafting of the Trick character, that when Hades told Bo that her grandfather was the real bad guy, I thought to myself “Huh, maybe he’s right.”

That’s what made Trick’s death so heart-wrenching. Like Bo, I realized–too late–that Trick was who he said he was after all. For all his flaws and failings as a father, grandfather and leader, in the end Trick proved himself to be a good man.

So raise a glass to the Blood King! He may not have been “Grandfather of the Year,” but he will surely be missed.

And of course I’m going to miss Aife as well! Like Trick, she was a very complex character who wasn’t wholly bad or good. Poor Bo is down to two family members!

How are you feeling after this week’s episode? Let us all grieve together in the comments!

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