Lost Girl: Are You My Daddy?

vex and dyson

The first few episodes of Lost Girl‘s 5th season have been pretty Bo-centric, but Sunday night’s “When God Opens a Window…” shifted to check in on other members of the team, namely the Wolfman. There was reconciliation, there were uneasy partnerships and then there was Dyson’s hot young love child!

“If you don’t mind me saying, Mr. Bates, the lady’s looking much better!” – Lauren

Finally Vex and Evony are back! I was glad to see that Vex was still as sassy as ever, although he has acquired something that vaguely resembles a moral centre, maybe? Vex may be dark fae but he’s been inching towards Team Bo for some time now. He’s even stuck his neck out for Bo and her friends every now and then — mostly when he didn’t have a choice, but still… When he saved Trick from a pair of goons, the bartender (and current acting head of the light fae) suggested he and Dyson work on a case together. Dyson was less willing to forgive and forget however. He was understandably still  angry about the time Vex’s foster son Massimo killed Hale.

I’m glad the show is exploring how other members of the team are dealing with the loss of their friends. Between manning the exit while Bo traipsed into Hell and digging Kenzi up when she returned from Valhalla, Dyson hasn’t had much of a chance to grieve his best friend and partner. He was also dealing with a lot of guilt about letting Massimo go in the first place. If he hadn’t had mercy on the druid, Hale may still be alive. Dyson was rethinking his role as the good guy and wondering whether taking the high road was always a good thing.

As for Evony Fleurette Marquise (love that name!), I was glad to see that becoming human has not slowed the former supreme leader of the dark fae down at all. She was convalescing in grand style at a huge mansion with servants and horses, thanks to a rich old human hubby. Finally we got the story on the clinic Lauren is working in. It seems the two of them have a deal: Evony funded the clinic and employed Lauren, on the condition that the human doctor develop a serum to reverse the effects of Evony’s humanity.

Speaking of deals with the devil, Bo and Tamsin’s buddy cop gig was off to a rocky start when Mark stumbled through their door. I like that the dynamic between these two is completely different than the one that existed between Bo and Kenzi. Although Kenzi was badass and could hold her own with a combination of quick wit and weapons skills, she always tended to defer to Bo about who they accepted as clients and how they went about solving cases. Tamsin, who is much older and rougher around the edges than Kenzi, is not so willing to let Bo take the lead. The rogue Valkyrie is a lone wolf who isn’t used to playing well with others, but you can see she’s trying to make it work and you have to give her points for effort! I think she and Bo will be fine. Also, is it just me, or was she really eager to let Bo feed off of her?

Even Dyson and Vex seemed to come to an uneasy truce by the end of the episode and were busy sussing out the fae (plural) behind the ritual human killings. Not surprisingly, the deaths were linked to the elevator massacre and led them right to the door of Fatal Attraction (Fae-tal Attraction, anyone?). More on that next week, I’m sure.

But can we talk about Dyson’s son?! Wolfman made one cute kid and I’m so glad there’s now a possibility we’ll be seeing him again. That father-son relationship is a little strained right now, but I’m rooting for love prevailing between these two. I just hope Dyson doesn’t find out about Mark and Bo getting it on…just yet.

Here’s to more family dysfunction next week!

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