HTGAWM Star Recalls Best Gilmore Girls Memories

Laura Logan Photography
Laura Logan Photography

The strong relationships that developed between characters was always at the core of Gilmore Girls. One of the most charming relationships the show had was the friendship that developed between Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) and her school rival, and eventual best friend and college roommate, Paris Geller (Liza Weil). The TV Junkies caught up with Weil before the Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX Television Festival where she was “just excited to have us all in one room.” Weil discussed the Paris/Rory relationship, where she thinks Paris would be now, and what it’s like to work for two of the best show runners in the business in Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and Shonda Rhimes.

The high-strung and quick-witted Paris was Weil’s first major role on a series, but she has went on to star on ABC Family’s Bunheads and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. She currently stars as Bonnie Winterbottom on Rhimes’ How to Get Away With Murder opposite Viola Davis.

The TV Junkies: Have you been able to keep up with anyone from the show over the years?

Liza Weil: A little bit. Everybody immediately dispersed and moved to different parts of the country, was working on different stuff, got married and started having kids. We’ve all been doing different things, been immersed in different things, so I’m really excited to catch up in this way. It feels lucky to be able to do that. 

TTVJ: Did you guys have any idea when they said they wanted to get everyone back together that the response would be this huge?

LW: No. No I don’t think you can anticipate that. I think we’ve been able to have a little bit of a hint from the response of when it came out on Netflix. That was pretty crazy. No, it just feels lucky to be a part of something that has been in the world as long as it has, and that people are still responding to it is such a treat.

TTVJ: What was so fun about playing Paris and do you have a favourite moment?

LW: The best thing about playing Paris for me was that she could really do anything and that it was plausible. It never felt like there was anything that would be out of character or off-limits. The krav maga stuff with Doyle, it’s so great that they came up with a few things like that where we would be able to go and train and learn the thing and then come on the show and do it. I think the Yale stuff maybe because that’s the more recent stuff in my mind so it stands out a bit. It was always such a treat for me because I didn’t go to college personally so I got to have the best version of college and I didn’t really have to go.

TTVJ: Paris and Rory were at first enemies and then ended up best friends. How fun was it portraying that friendship and working with Alexis?

LW: It was great to span the whole course of a relationship, to start out as enemies and then I felt like they really developed that friendship in a realistic way. The thing that I felt was so smart about it was that they were able to work through things. They developed their skill set for conflict resolution and were able to talk through things and still remain friends. The fact that those two people, from where they started, were able to end up where they were–embracing and you feel certain that they’ll probably know each other for the rest of their lives was a remarkable feat. Working with Alexis was always really lovely.

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@ Dannystrong

TTVJ: If we checked in with Paris now, where would she be? Would she be a doctor and married to Doyle with some high strung kids?

LW: I hope so. Maybe the sweet revenge is that she’d have super artistic kids. I like to think that Paris and Doyle are still together. I thought they were really well matched and brought out the best versions of each other. I think Paris is somebody that really needs to be working and needs to be in the world and has the capacity for so many different things that I hope she’s been doing a little bit of everything.

TTVJ: Everyone seems to say if Amy [Sherman-Palladino] signs on for a reunion movie or limited series then they are in. Is that true with you as well?

LW: Yes. Whatever Amy does, if she wants me to be a part of it I will always be a part of it.

TTVJ: You worked with Amy and now work for Shonda Rhimes. What do those two have in common and sets them apart as showrunners?

LW: I think they are extremely smart, thoughtful, creative people that really know how to tell a good story. I think that they have so many things to offer and that their voices are voices that should always be heard. It’s a pretty good situation to be able to work with two women like that.


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