Limitless: CBS cancelled its most original show, here’s how we feel


So, it’s official. CBS has officially pulled the plug on Limitless. It’s easy to be mad, not only because of how brilliant the series was but, well, isn’t that enough? No? What about how consistently entertaining it was, whether we were following the action or laughing at the hijinx of Brian Finch, played by the wonderful Jake McDorman, who was truly a revelation here. Combine him with Jennifer Carpenter and Brian and Rebecca had arguably the best partnership on television (sorry, Castle and Beckett).

So, no more of Boyle’s cynicism, Nas’s exaggerated patience, Mike and Ike’s antics and eyerolls, no more Tech, no more Stavros and no more B-Coop. No more movie send-ups, Bollywood numbers or kitten videos. We’ll never know if Sands is indeed dead, or where Morra is, if Ike and Brian’s sister are still dating. There was so much potential for the upcoming season (Brian and the CJC dealing with a city full of drug-enhanced villains) and now we’ll never, ever know what happens.

Not sure what’s more maddening: that CBS opted out of more Limitless — hands down, one of the most innovative procedurals on television ever — in favour of its more been-there-done-that shows and spinoffs, or that Netflix and Amazon weren’t interested in picking up where CBS dropped the ball.

Either way, it’s enough to make a loyal Limitless fan want to scream. Or find the closest pillow and begin punching. Because this is just wrong. WRONG. But instead of venting our frustrations, we’ll let someone else rant for us: Debra Morgan. Honestly, it’s been weird not hearing F-bombs fly out of Jennifer Carpenter’s mouth but we’re sure that somewhere, Rebecca Harris is losing it too. Since this is the best way we can cope, we figured Carpenter’s Dexter alter ego might be better equipped to tackle the rage we’re feeling in the stages all Limitless fans are going through ever since learning the tragic news.

First, there’s the shock phase. So we just nervously laughed it off.

Then, reality sets in.

Then, boom! It finally sinks in.

You’ll remember all of Brian’s awesome sweaters, look back at your favourite scenes and wonder, is it something you did? Like maybe if you had watched it live and not on PVR a day later, it might’ve helped. And that’s when you hit rock bottom.

But soon you realize, it’s not our fault. It’s CBS’s fault — for not recognizing perfection when it had it. So now you’re pissed. Hell, we’re all pissed. But what do you do, plot revenge, or enact it?

But suddenly it hits you, that your Tuesday nights won’t be the same. And then another wave of sadness rolls in.

Eventually, though, enough time will pass and CBS will try and win you over with another creative drama. You won’t like it, be it out of spite or because it’s uninspired, but you’ll learn to accept its decision. You’re not happy but you’re dealing.

But if they think we’re going to resort to a second season of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, CBS is dreaming.

We’ll miss you Limitless, oh so much. Thanks to showrunner Craig Sweeny, the cast and crew for opening our minds. Too bad CBS can’t say the same.

Were you as heartbroken as we are over the loss of Limitless? Let hear your thoughts in the comments below!