Letterkenny: New Valentine’s Day Special Coming to Crave and Hulu

There’s something in the air this Valentine’s Day in Letterkenny. A new special episode of the Crave comedy series called Letterkenny: Valentime’s Day will be available to stream on Crave on Friday, February 1. The episode will then be available on Thursday, February 14 on Hulu in the U.S.

In the episode, Matchmaker (Emma Hunter, The Beaverton) returns to Letterkenny to host a speed dating event and the locals find themselves in all sorts of new couplings. From Hicks and Hockey Players, to Hockey Players and Skids, and even Gail (Lisa Codrington) and the temperamental Coach (Mark Forward), viewers learn a little more than they bargained for as the Letterkenny locals find themselves on some unexpected dates.

Pitter patter and check out the gallery below for some first look images on what to expect.

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Letterkenny: Valentime’s Day is available to stream on Friday, Feb. 1 on Crave in Canada and Thursday, Feb. 14 on Hulu in the U.S.