Letterkenny Stars Discuss Getting Into Character For Season 9

Pitter patter. A brand-new season of the original comedy series Letterkenny dropped over the Christmas holiday on both Hulu in the U.S. and Crave in Canada. If the holiday season kept you too busy then you have no excuse to not get at ‘er in the new year. Season 9 of the series consists of seven all-new episodes and kicks off with the Hicks, Skids, and Hockey Players following their fight with Dierks (Tyler Hynes). Katy (Michelle Mylett) reacts to the end of her relationship by taking on a scorched earth dating strategy. Elsewhere in Letterkenny, the Hockey Players learn about Judaism and a “breastraunt” opens up.

To get a closer look and peak behind what all goes into making one of televisions most original series, The TV Junkies recently spoke with Mylett and co-star Nathan Dales, who plays Daryl. Mylett and Dales shared with how how they get into character when they return to the Letterkenny set, as well as what their characters romantic futures may hold. 

The TV Junkies: Where do things pick up with this season of Letterkenny? Last we saw everyone was ready to rush to defend Katy’s honor from Dierks. 

Michelle Mylett: We pick up after that fight happened; everyone is together just having brunch and talking about it. It’s a really nice scene of all the different crews together, but then Dierks’ boys come and violence ensues.

TTVJ: The characters on Letterkenny are so unique. When you get back on set to shoot a new season is there anything in particular you do to help get back into this world and your character?

Nathan Dales: I have a thing that I do and it’s gross for everyone around me. I know I do a disservice to Michelle every time I do it too. Daryl hocks these big loogies, and I don’t do that in my regular life anymore. It’s obviously gross and you need to be more polite than that, but to get into his mindset where he has his head in the clouds, it’s like well, ‘I have snot in my nose. I’m going to have a hock I don’t care who’s around. What are you talking about? This is functional for me.’ But it’s like ‘No, pay attention to what you’re doing!’

So that’s one thing I do is big horking loogies. Unfortunately, Michelle is usually right beside me and I just think ‘it’s been six years of hocking loogies beside you. I feel so bad!’ That definitely is the thing that gets me into Daryl.

MM: For me, as soon as I put on the Katy wardrobe, my own brain realizes that in order to rock that I have to get to a very confident headspace. Katy is the most confident gal. As soon as I put those on and start strutting then I can trick myself into feeling that confidence, and Katy just comes out.

TTVJ: Letterkenny never tries to hide the fact that it’s a Canadian show, filmed in Canada, and about a Canadian town. What’s it like knowing that fact and still seeing the show embraced so fully outside of Canada?

MM: It’s great. Sometimes there are Canadian programs that try to neutralize that fact so it can be more palatable for people around the world, and I feel like that’s a mistake. There’s so much, especially comedy and humour, in Canada, and it’s starting to be recognized around the world. I’m very proud of how firm the Letterkenny squad is at just representing. That wasn’t our choice as actors necessarily, that’s Jared [Keeso], Jacob [Tierney], Bell Media, Hulu, Crave, and all the people who support us and don’t want us to water that stuff down. It’s quite a gift. 

TTVJ: Daryl and Katy have both had some pretty serious relationships go bad. Will we ever see them find a successful relationship with someone?

ND: Would it be nice to have a relationship that worked? Of course it would be! Character or no character, you want things to work out and people to be happy. Unfortunately, in my opinion, you limit yourself there. If things are going well then why the hell am I watching? What’s the point? I want to see Daryl get kicked in the mud, down and out, and have to go to his friends for help. Without that conflict, and everything working out, it could get a little bit boring. Would it be nice for a relationship to work out? Of course, but I think it makes for more interesting television if it doesn’t. Daryl shoots himself in the foot all the time anyways so why the hell would it work, right?

MM: I think Katy could go either way. She might be the type of gal who decides a relationship isn’t really for her — and that’s great — or she could find the right partner for her. Time will tell. 

TTVJ: Katy seems to have run out of Letterkenny guys that are worthy of dating, do you think we’ll ever see her try to date some Letterkenny gals?

MM: Oh yea! Sure! She’s already dipped her toe in. Katy doesn’t care about labels and she’s open to people.

Letterkenny Season 9 is available to stream on Hulu in the U.S. and on Crave in Canada.