LETTERKENNY Preview: The Holidays Come to Letterkenny

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Settle on in and pour yourself a cup of jingle juice because Crave is delivering a LETTERKENNY present for us all this holiday season. A new special, A LETTERKENNY Christmas: The Three Wise Men, will be available to stream on Friday, November 23 on Crave prior to a new six-pack of episodes dropping on Christmas Day. In the new special, the Hicks are big into the festive spirit and Wayne (Jared Keeso), Katy (Michelle Mylett) and the boys get ready to throw what may be the best Christmas party ever.

Here at The TV Junkies, we got an early look at the LETTERKENNY holiday special and have a few hints that we can drop in preparation of its Friday arrival on Crave. So without further ado, “pitter patter, let’s get Advent’er!”


It’s tradition!

As it turns out, Wayne has some very strong feelings about the upcoming holiday and the traditions that go with it. The main one being that you don’t mess with tradition! In true LETTERKENNY fashion, Wayne has some very specific ones that he expects everyone to adhere to.

Best Christmas party ever?

We here at The TV Junkies have been hearing the rumors and a little of what the people are saying. Yep, this could just be the best Christmas party ever. Wayne sure is going to do his part to make that so and with a lot of the LETTERKENNY gang present at the party, it just may be the case.

Bell Media
Bell Media

Keep it classy

While there may be jingle juice and other holiday themed drinks, everyone needs to make sure they are alright when the clock strikes midnight. Why you may ask? Well, we wouldn’t want to give that way now would we?

Just call him St. Nick

When you think of Santa, well you think of … Wayne? OK, maybe not, but that’s indeed the role he sees for himself. He may not be the guy that gives you what you want, but instead he’ll give you what you need. Be sure to tune in to see what everyone is gifted with.

Pick a side

What were the real merits of Home Alone and how problematic has the portrayal of Santa in various holiday specials been? Well, the LETTERKENNY gang may be debating just those things during this special. Oh yea, and what if Santa was a serial killer? What would happen then? These are all the hot topics being broached at the Christmas party and everyone will be forced to pick a side and say where they land.


Are you looking forward to spending the holidays with the LETTERKENNY  gang?

A LETTERKENNY Christmas: The Three Wise Men will stream on Friday, November 23 on Crave. The first two seasons of LETTERKENNY are now streaming exclusively on Hulu in the U.S.