Legends of Tomorrow: Caity Lotz and Jes Macallan Talk Avalance at ClexaCon 2019


Who doesn’t fight with their partner every now and then, right? While their characters, Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe, may currently be on a break from their relationship on screen, Legends of Tomorrow’s Caity Lotz and Jes Macallan displayed a united front over the weekend at ClexaCon 2019. ClexaCon is a multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women and allies that celebrates LGBTQ women and characters and was held April 11-14, 2019 at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV. With its diverse cast and positive queer representation, Legends of Tomorrow had a strong presence throughout the weekend at the convention.

A highlight of the weekend was when Lotz and Macallan took to the main stage for a panel to discuss their characters’ fan-favorite relationship, aka Avalance. The actresses shared why they love being a part of such a diverse show and the responsibilities that come along with that. They also shared some of their favorite Avalance moments and where they’d love to see the couple go in future seasons, since the CW has already renewed the series for Season 5. If you couldn’t attend the convention or panel, don’t worry! We’ve selected some of the main highlights below!


The power of the Legends fandom

While Lotz has been with the crew on the Waverider from Season 1, Macallan only joined last year in Season 3. Given that it’s on the CW and part of the Arrowverse, Legends has quite the following and fandom. For Macallan, that meant that “overnight you feel like you have this family that you’re supposed to take care of and want to interact with. You’re so inspired by so many stories.” While she acknowledged that Legends “changed my life,” she added that she definitely “wasn’t expecting what it was going to be.”

Better than ever

“I’ve been really impressed with our writers,” Lotz enthused before saying that she thinks “this season has been our best yet. It’s so much fun.” From killer unicorns, to evil puppets and even a Bollywood musical number, viewers are inclined to agree with her.


Favorite Avalance moment

Throughout all of those crazy moments, Avalance has gotten to have some pretty great relationship moments and milestones as well. So are there any in particular that stood out? “Definitely the tango,” said Lotz. She recalled that the pair were “fighting a lot because who gets to lead?” She went on to explain, jokingly and lovingly, that “Jes is kind of a control freak. At some point in the rehearsal I was like ‘bitch needs to step back!’ She’d be like ‘you have the timing wrong. It’s supposed to be left foot back.’” For her part, Macallan said “oh my god, my birthday,” referring to the striptease dance that Sara did at Ava’s office. One of the main reasons Macallan loved it so much was that for her, that scene “read like something from I Love Lucy or cookie-cutter comedies.” However, unlike those old shows, she explained that Legends’ take “was two women and I was like ‘awesome!’ It wasn’t traditional and we pushed the boundaries on it.”

Avalance grounds the show

While the missions every week on Legends of Tomorrow get crazier and crazier, both Lotz and Macallan love the way that Avalance and their relationship really seem to ground the show in reality. “We love it when we get to have the drama stuff in there and the more character moments,” said Lotz. She explained that those scenes are necessary because without them, “all the other stuff doesn’t matter. No one cares about the characters unless you have that emotional connection to them through their struggles.”

The importance of getting on the same page

One of the most important Avalance scenes happened just a few weeks back when Ava and Sara had a pretty awful fight. “There was a lot of talk about how to handle that scene because we weren’t sure and were like ‘is this a breakup or is this a fight?’ I think we actually shot a version where you said ‘I’m done’ and it was very clear it was a breakup,” said Lotz. However, she said it became more of a pause in the couple’s relationship because “what we also didn’t want to do was we broke up. We didn’t break up. Now we broke up.” Macallan added that “Caity is so wonderful about relationship scenes and we really talk it out about the specifics,” in so much as “even if we are not on the same page as characters in the scene, we know what we want the audience to come away with.”


It’s all about control

One of the things that’s great about the Avalance relationship is that you have “two powerhouse women getting together,” said Macallan. However, as seen with the couple’s recent fight, that power can cause some issues as well. “It’s the control thing,” said Macallan who joked that her character needs to “stop being such a freaking control freak!” She added that Ava needs to keep learning “to loosen up” as both Ava and Sara find “that balance of letting the other have control when they have it.” For Lotz though, the answer may be a lot more simpler as she said Sara just needs to learn to not “date a clone.” This warranted a huge reaction from Macallan that led Lotz to relent and joke that “she hates it when I use the ‘c’ word.”

Visions for an Avalance future

Now that the series has been renewed for a Season 5, Lotz and Macallan were asked about what kind of relationship milestones they’d love to see Avalance reach. Despite couples on Arrow and The Flash getting married, Lotz said “I personally don’t want us to get married.” For her, it just seems that “everyone gets married and that has to be the progression,” but she questioned why that is. “I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be together. I want them to be together, but life partners. I think on TV there’s not a lot of examples of people being together that are partners and aren’t married.” She argued that is actually “a more interesting choice for them.” Macallan stood by her co-star saying “I agree with her that we don’t need to get married and do the same thing” as Arrow and The Flash.


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on the CW in the U.S. and on Space Channel in Canada.

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