Lake Placid: Legacy’s Tim Rozon on An Adventure Unlike Any Other

SYFY / Blue Ice Pictures
SYFY / Blue Ice Pictures

Are you ready for an adventure? That’s exactly the question Wynonna Earp actor Tim Rozon found himself faced with when he was offered the chance to go to South Africa to shoot SYFY’s latest film Lake Placid: Legacy. Rozon travelled to the other end of the globe with Wynonna Earp co-star Katherine Barrell for the film, which premieres Memorial Day, Monday May 28 at 9 p.m. and follows in the same horror-filled footsteps as the original Lake Placid film.

This time around Rozon plays Sam, who along with Barrell’s Jade, leads a group of urban explorers who head to upstate Maine to investigate a deadly and forgotten secret. Unfortunately, they soon discover a deadly threat that could kill them all. Rozon recently spoke exclusively with The TV Junkies about his Lake Placid adventure in South Africa and working with Barrell on a non-Wynonna Earp project. He also shared some insights into his character and why there will be plenty of scares abound in Lake Placid: Legacy.


The TV Junkies: What can you share with us about Sam and why this group of explorers find themselves at Lake Placid?

Tim Rozon: The bottom line is that these people are eco-warriors. Imagine if Start the Wave met an innocent version of Fight Club. These people believe in saving the environment and they are really passionate, but they sometimes get into a little mischief. It’s not Fight Club level, but they would go graffiti some stuff and cause a bit of trouble. They find out that there’s a place that’s been doing experiments and disrupting the habitat at Lake Placid and that’s when the adventure begins.

Sam is the elder of the group and has been doing this the longest. He’s recruited some of the younger gang.

TTVJ: And he has a wonderful beard! [laughs]

TR: He has a big, wonderful beard that SYFY was wonderful enough to let me keep because let’s be honest, it’s just hiding Doc Holliday’s mustache. [laughs]

TTVJ: Do you prefer the beard or the mustache then?

TR: Normally I would go beard, but I’m clean shaven right now because I know it’s the only two weeks I can probably be like that. Honestly, I probably won’t shave or cut my hair again now until Season 4. It’s very tough for me to book gigs in between Wynonna Earp because it takes me three months to grow the mustache and not too many productions want someone with a mustache that needs to continuously grow. The beard was great because it hid that and looked rugged. They also loved the long hair and it made sense for the character so it worked out great!


TTVJ: This film was shot in South Africa. Was that one of the appeals of doing the project and what was it like to be there for this?

TR: 100 per cent. Last year I had a lot of opportunity and I literally travelled the globe. I got to go to a con in Australia directly from England and I stopped in Dubai. Then flying home I went to Los Angeles and back to Canada so I literally did a complete circle of the globe and it was amazing, but I remember saying I’ll never take another 18 hour flight in my life. Of course, then as soon as I got home the call came in for Africa and I didn’t really think about it, but they really mislead you on the globe about the size of Africa. It’s huge! It’s 18 hours of flying just across Africa and ended up being 27 hours in total! It was worth it though when I got there.

It was a humbling experience being in South Africa. There’s a lot of people who have stuff and a lot of people who don’t. It’s one of those places in the world where there’s just no middle class. You just see people who have and people who have not and it affects you. If I said it didn’t affect me I’d be lying. Cape Town is beautiful, it’s literally surrounded by mountains and built in a little bay. You can go from seeing penguins on the beach to out in the woods.

When you’re with a film crew you get to go places you don’t get to go as tourists. We got to see pretty crazy stuff, and I can honestly say this is the first production I’ve ever been on where there was a cobra wrangler on set every day. She made sure wherever we were filming that there were no cobras, but she did find a couple. She was so awesome though and I would never mess with her! She just walked around picking up cobras with a stick.

TTVJ: You got to experience all this too with a friend and co-star, Kat Barrell. What was it like working with her on this and getting to share this experience?

TR: She called me, said she got offered and asked what I thought. I had read the script and thought it was great, but now I had just won the co-star lottery. I said ‘let’s do it! The story is great!’ So both of us were excited and we went out there.

I’m really lucky because the Wynonna Earp cast is really special, to get a group of people that are that nice and humble, but it was kind of that same type of crew in South Africa. We really lucked out. They were all from the U.K. and everyone was great. They were all happy, humble and excited to be there. It was just so great.


TTVJ: With you two being from Canada and everyone else from the U.K. I guess you’re all away from home together then for this adventure, which has to bring you closer.

TR: Of course! When Kat and I found out that everyone was cast from the U.K. we had a panic attack because we’re just Canadian actors and can’t sing, dance and do theater! [laughs] They were all singers, dancers and for instance, Luke Newton was in a boy band and is a big deal over there. They are the real deal, but I think we held our own.

TTVJ: This looks like a very physical role and a lot more intense than the stunts you do on Wynonna Earp. What was that aspect like for you?

TR: For me it was really fun and I knew all that going into it. We were repelling down walls, swimming through tunnels and I really just loved it. I wanted to do everything I could, but sometimes I’m limited. I got to conquer some fears as well.

TTVJ: This film seems like much more of a real horror movie that is going for scares as well.

TR: That’s how I felt too and the way we filmed it I knew that it could be a really scary, but also a really fun movie. I think there’s some of that Jaws mentality too of not actually showing the crocodile that’s more scary. We filmed in some pretty scary places and went through some scary stuff too so feeling scared was pretty easy.


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Lake Placid: Legacy airs Monday, May 28 at 9 p.m. ET on SYFY.

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