Killjoys: Adam Barken Talks “Three Mutineers”

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Bell Media / SYFY

Poof! Just like that our 3 Killjoys have disappeared! Well, at least that’s what they’ve made The Lady (Alanna Bale) think. Now that they’ve got themselves a new ship and are off The Lady’s radar, it seems like Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), John (Aaron Ashmore) and D’av (Luke Macfarlane) are in a prime spot to make their move. But the ability to cloak their ship and hide from The Lady wasn’t the only big development in this week’s “Three Mutineers,” written by Adam Barken and directed by James Genn.

Thankfully, the tension that had been building between John and Dutch ever since they thought they were married finally was confronted and worked through, as John realized he wants a simpler life one day. Aneela (John-Kamen) was also back with some news of her own for Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen). Turns out, she’s somehow still Hullen and the duo secured Jaq (Jaeden Noel) before heading off together to take on The Lady.

As is usually the case with every Killjoys episode, we were left with a lot of feelings about what went down and what’s to come. Thankfully, showrunner Barken joined us this week to go in depth about the course of Dutch and Johnny’s relationship, Killjoys’ unique take on romance and what Khylen’s (Rob Stewart) next move may be.


The TV Junkies: The relationship between John and Dutch has always been the heart of Killjoys and you all have tested that again this year with the whole “being married thing.” Thankfully, they really talked through things this week and worked through it. Can we expect them to be a united front moving forward?

Adam Barken: Yes, now that Johnny and Dutch have finally had it out and dealt with the emotional fallout from being stuck in The Lady’s “memory matrix” I think it’s safe to say the twosome is back, healthy, and better than ever. It was really important to us (as always) to make sure we didn’t just glide past the toll of going through such a monumental experience – especially for Johnny. But we also wanted to make sure it was the kind of thing that helped us understand our characters better, especially as they (and we) begin to imagine life beyond Killjoys…

SYFY/Bell Media
SYFY/Bell Media

TTVJ: I loved hearing John and Dutch once again confirm their platonic love for one another. We simply do not see enough M/F friendships like this on TV and I feel like Killjoys needs to be commended for always being clear about that. Have you and Michelle [Lovretta] ever felt any pressure to go somewhere else with that relationship — either from fans, producers or the network — and why was it important to keep things platonic?

AB: I can’t speak for Michelle in terms of “pressure” (although I also can’t help but chuckle at the thought of anyone trying to pressure her into doing anything she didn’t believe in 100%. Just gimme a second. I’m imagining the bloodbath. Heh heh heh. OKAY, back to the question). As for me — never. I think it was pretty clear to everyone from Day One that what makes the Dutch/Johnny pairing so powerful and moving is their friendship. We never wanted to do a “Will They/Won’t They” storyline. And when we thought about the idea of “They’re Married in the Memory Matrix,” it was for the utter HORROR of it. Hopefully by the time we got to this final season, people would understand that whatever was bothering Johnny, it wasn’t him pining for Dutch. 506 just allowed us to clarify what he was pining for.

TTVJ: Aneela was back this week and Delle Seyah initially didn’t get the lovey-dovey reunion she was hoping for, but eventually they worked it out as only the Green Queens can. The whole “Aneela, I may be human, but I’m still a really terrible person” exchange was hilarious in a way that just felt so Killjoys. What makes that relationship so fun for you all to write and any hints as to what the Queens’ next move is against The Lady?

AB: What’s more fun than writing Homicidal Lover Queens on the Road? This season allowed us to do something we’ve been dying to do since the intro of Aneela – Kendry and Kin Rit as Natural Born Killerjoys… hm. Lemme work on that one…

And yeah, what’s better (and more in character) than that Kendry line? Which I can say because I didn’t write it. Not to pull the Great Oz curtain back too much, but that beauty came right from Lovretta’s dark heart, and I think it pulls the whole storyline into focus, perfectly (pro tip: find a showrunner who always makes you look like a better writer than you are). Kendry isn’t ever going to be someone she isn’t. Neither is Aneela. They just need to make sure what they love about each other isn’t whether or not they’re immortal. It goes MUCH deeper than that.

Bell Media / SYFY
Bell Media / SYFY

TTVJ: Seeing some of our characters thrown into parenthood unexpectedly has provided some really great and hilarious moments. That continued this week as Aneela and Delle Seyah both protected Jaq as they saw fit, but it was also really heartwarming to see how much Jaq’s moms care about him as they sent him back into the cube. I’d never have thought at first, but is there hope for a happy family among all of them after all is said and done?

AB: There’s ALWAYS hope. And once we committed to the idea of a baby coming into the Killjoys Fam, we knew we wanted to explore just what it did to two women (and a baby daddy) who would have never considered the possibility, not even for a second. It’s tricky, because we were also very aware of the pitfalls in bringing a child in and basically turning a female character into an adjunct of the baby. That was NEVER going to happen, not in a Lovretta universe, and certainly not when it came to Kendry or Aneela. But we were still very mindful to explore what motherhood meant to these characters, yet never took over who they already were.

TTVJ: I know you’re not going to spoil anything, but is there anything you can tease about how Aneela still being Hullen will change the fight against The Lady?

AB: Obviously Aneela still being Hullen gives her an edge when it comes to dealing with humans (they are so bleedy after all). But The Lady basically created The Hullen to do her bidding. Now that they’re all gone, she’s moved on and consolidated her power in other ways. And that power is now much more based in our real, physical world (with the added bonus of being a freaky body-stealing tentacle-y thing, of course). So Aneela (and everyone else) will have to find new ways to stop her. They don’t have much time. The clock never stops ticking…

TTVJ: The Lady and Khlyen now think Dutch is dead. How does this change his view and will he now make some serious moves against The Lady?

AB: Well first off, it’s devastating. He failed. If Khlyen’s mission from day one was to make sure Dutch survived – be it for his own purposes or out of some residual love for Aneela, or both) that sure didn’t work out, as far as he knows. We wanted to really explore that loss, and what it does to a Khlyen who’s dealing with raw human emotions again. But after that… what does it do to his relationship with The Lady? She wasn’t the one who killed Dutch. In fact, it was his idea to put them on the Herks. And he’s still living with a young woman clearly in need of guidance, which is kind of his Kryptonite. “Who’s playing who” has been the question and conflict guiding their entire storyline – and will continue to do so.

SYFY/Bell Media
SYFY/Bell Media

TTVJ: Our 3 Killjoys have successfully hidden themselves from The Lady for now and got the prison warden on their side. What can you tell us about what their next move is and next week’s episode?

AB: The game is afoot. They have a new base. They have an army – kind of. What they need now is a target. Stay tuned for another Lovretta-penned classic: some creepy crawlies in a box, the return of a new fave, and maybe my favorite dirty joke/line of the entire series…


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