Killjoys: Derek Robertson and Vivian Lin Talk “Three Killjoys and a Lady”

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*** This article contains major spoilers for the Killjoys Season 5 episode “Three Killjoys and a Lady” ***

If you have some tears in your eyes as you come here to read our weekly Killjoys postmortem chat we can’t really blame you. We’re not over the loss of Lucy either. We suspect it’s going to take awhile to get over the loss of not only Johnny’s girl, but truly the fourth member of Team Awesome Force. We’re here to say if you’re crying over a ship,know you’re not alone and we’re right there with you.

The Lady (Alanna Bale) continued her reign of terror over Westerley and continued her fight against the Killjoys trio in “Three Killjoys and a Lady,” written by Vivian Lin and Derek Robertson and directed by Paolo Barzman. Once Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) realized that The Lady could jump into different human bodies, she, John (Aaron Ashmore) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) quickly started suspecting each other of being her. After putting each other through several different “tests”, it unfortunately soon became clear that Lucy had been compromised. With a tearful goodbye, John had to make the hard decision to shut Lucy down and destroy her once and for all.

Unfortunately, the loss of Lucy is in the background at the moment as Team Awesome Force ended the episode realizing they were now in a super max prison. Writers Robertson and Lin chatted with us to preview what that means for our trio, but more importantly to discuss the decision making process behind the loss of Lucy. They also touch on why it was important to bring back Tamsen McDonough, who voices Lucy, to play out her final moments on screen.


The TV Junkies: There’s a lot to discuss about this episode, but first and foremost, LUCY! How could you? I’m still a bit in denial that really happened, but can you discuss the decision behind Lucy’s fate and how hard that was for you all to go about writing the “death” of a ship?

Vivian Lin: The Lady is the biggest threat that the Killjoys have ever faced and we wanted to show how she could really get to our team and make them feel vulnerable.

Derek Robertson: We talked about what The Lady could do that would hit closest to home and throughout the seasons Lucy was our safe haven, so as painful as it was, we decided it was the end of Lucy.

VL: It was really hard to say goodbye, she is the fourth member of Team Awesome Force, her and Johnny’s relationship is something that the fans love and we are really invested in as well. It was heartbreaking for us.

DR: Julian [Doucet] told us that when he had to kill Pip last season, he was surprisingly distraught and he warned us that we would feel the same. Turns out, he was right. I cried.

VL: Like a baby.

TTVJ: How does Johnny go about getting over this? How are we supposed to go about getting over this? How does the team move forward without their fourth member?

DR: There’s no getting over the loss of Lucy. Not even just emotionally, but the team will soon be in situations where they could really use her backup and she’s not there.

VL: There’s no getting over it, we’re still recovering.

Bell Media / SYFY
Bell Media / SYFY

TTVJ: We also got to see Tamsen back as Lucy’s human form. Why did you want to be sure to have her back during this moment for Lucy?

VL: Tamsen has such a unique and captivating presence, she really is Lucy not just in voice but in person, and ever since she was on in Season 2, we’ve been looking for a way to bring her back.

DR: Finding a way to bring the physical manifestation of Lucy back is something we’ve kicked around in the writers room for a few seasons. It seemed right for Johnny and her to share one last moment face-to-face and for her to say goodbye to her character.

TTVJ: There won’t be too much time, at least in the near future, to mourn though because it seems as though our trio has found themselves in a maximum security prison! What can you tell us about this new predicament?

DR: We talked about what’s the worst place to throw a bunch of bounty hunter who have spent years rounding up criminals and putting them in jail.

VL: It’s an incredibly hostile environment and they’re really alone in there, they don’t have the RAC, they don’t have their friends, they don’t have Lucy, all they have is each other.

TTVJ: Vivian, this is your first episode writing credit and Derek, it’s your second. What’s it like to get to see your name up there on the screen and can you talk a little bit about the process of how you wrote this together?

VL: It really is a dream come true. I always wanted to be a writer but never even knew that it could be a possibility for me. I’m an East Asian-Canadian and Killjoys was one of the first television shows that I’d ever watched with two East Asian leads (Delle Seyah and Fancy). It’s such an honour to be able to write for the show. And to have such a wonderful co-writer, it couldn’t have been a better first experience.

DR: We’d been working together for three seasons and had been collaborating a lot, so when the opportunity to write an episode together came up, I was excited because Vivian was someone who I worked well with and whose work I admired.

VL: But if we want to talk nuts and bolts, Derek has a very loud keyboard.

DR: It’s my prized possession, it’s like a child to me. And MUCH quieter than Vivian’s chip-eating.

VL: Ketchup chips are a constitutional right in Canada. He’s bitter because I got crumbs in his keyboard.

DR: Oh yeah! We’re not friends anymore. But in all seriousness, we not only wrote together but shared an office and I can imagine that could be disastrous, but for us it really brought us together as even better friends.

Bell Media / SYFY
Bell Media / SYFY

TTVJ: On top of everything, this was a bottle episode! I absolutely love when shows do a bottle episode and this Killjoys one did not disappoint. What was especially fun and challenging about that for you as writers?

DR: You realize very quickly when you’re writing a chase scene set in Lucy that Lucy’s not a big ship.

VL: One of the fun things is getting to focus on our wonderful actors and watching them play off each other and explore their relationships.

DR: So much of the episode is just the three of them and it felt so special to really savour the magic of the dynamic they share together, especially as we head towards the finale.

TTVJ: I know we say it all the time, but the three leads of this show are just SO GOOD and have such great chemistry together. How much of an advantage is that to you all as writers, knowing you can lean on their talents and charm for moments like when they all have to strip down naked?

VL: Those three are the BEST, they are so watchable, so much chemistry, they make everything work.

DR: The entire episode rests on Hannah, Aaron, and Luke’s ability to both make you convinced at any moment they could be The Lady and also that they might be wrongly accused. I think it is such an amazing luxury on this show that no matter what we dream up, whether someone is Hullenized, mind-wiped and given a new personality, or body-napped by The Lady, we never once stop to wonder if it’ll work. You just know with this cast they’ll always far exceed your imagination.

VL: The only challenge with them is trying to make eye contact after writing them into a nude scene.

Bell Media / SYFY
Bell Media / SYFY

TTVJ: Outside of the main three and Lucy, Paolo Barzman is always a favorite director of mine, and he really did an amazing job with this episode. Same for Alanna Bale and Rob Stewart.

VL: It has been absolutely fascinating and terrifying watching Alanna Bale’s The Lady, every episode she finds another layer. She and Rob Stewart are such a great duo. I would love to give the brilliant Paolo Barzman, our wonderful director, a shoutout on such an intense episode.

DR: Yeah, it’s so easy for a bottle episode to feel claustrophobic but Paolo and cinematographer Michael Marshall made each scene feel as dynamic as if we were jumping across a dozen moons.

TTVJ: What can you preview about what’s to come in next week’s episode, Episode 504?

DR: Julie Puckrin got nominated for a Writers Guild award for her episode in Season 4 and she returns to pen 504, so that alone should tell you the awesomeness that awaits next week.

VL: 504 has one of my favourite and funniest scenes in the series. Team Awesome Force has never been on this side of being locked and served before and needless to say, things are only going to get tougher for our trio.

DR: And don’t forget everyone they left back on Westerley last episode. With Zeph getting exposed to the rain and Pree, Gared, and Fancy still under The Lady’s control, don’t expect the cavalry to show up anytime soon.


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