Killjoys’ Thom Allison Previews A Pree Episode that Will Make Fans Lose Their Minds

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

This week’s Killjoys is the type of episode that fans have been eagerly awaiting for awhile now. Ever since he was introduced as owner of The Royale, Pree (Thom Allison) has been a fan favorite character. Much to the surprise, and utter enjoyment, of fans, it was revealed in Season 2 that Pree had been a warlord prior to arriving in Westerley. Friday’s episode, “The Lion, The Witch & The Warlord,” will deliver an even deeper look at Pree’s warlord days as an ambush sends Dutch (Hannah John-Kame) and John (Aaron Ashmore) running for help.

“I read the script and laughed my ass off. I couldn’t wait to film it,” Allison recently told The TV Junkies as we discussed the Pree-centric episode. He was able to preview for us what viewers may see from Friday’s episode, and why he thinks they will love it as much as he did. Pree is also one of television’s best dressed characters, so Allison provided some insight into the team responsible for his look.


The TV Junkies: We finally get a Pree focused episode this week! How excited were you when you heard about this episode?

Thom Allison: Oh my god, listen, I’m a media whore, so anything that is going to be all about Pree I’m always excited about that. I hadn’t read it, but started imagining what it would be about. I had no idea and then when I read it, oh my god. I had to read it in sections because I had to walk away and walk around the apartment because I was so excited about what was happening. To see it unfold and be so much more than I imagined, with surprises and entrees into parts of his life you’ve not thought about, was just so exciting.

TTVJ: The title of the episode is “The Lion, The Witch & The Warlord,” so I’m guessing we’ll learn more about Pree’s backstory. Is that right?

TA: Absolutely! We get a nice little walk through his past that I thought might go a different way, but is fantastic. It brings his past forward into the present and we get to see him from his past, but in the moment. It’s just great and so exciting! It has some shocking bits too and shocks the team, which is fun to see them surprised at what they find out. I hope the fans lose their minds the way I did when I read it. There were things I didn’t even imagine happening that were so much fun to film.

TTVJ: One thing I love is that we’ve really gotten to see Pree outside of the Royale this season. Will we keep seeing him out on missions with the team?

TA: I don’t want to give too much away, but yes and no. We see him in the bar in some ways, but we also see the warlord be used in some ways. He does get out of the bar for the war itself for sure.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: The fashion on Killjoys is outstanding and some of the best on TV. Other than Dutch, no one can beat Pree’s fashion sense. How fun does that make your job and do you get to work together with Trysha Bakker [costume designer] to come up with his look?

TA: I love transformation, anything fully transforming from one thing to another, either emotionally or physically. At our fittings we laugh and laugh and laugh, but even for one costume it takes no less than an hour and half to two hours for one fitting. We literally build it on my body and Trysha always has ideas of what she wants it to look like. She’s always like ‘do you like this or that?’ I am always welcome to go ‘what about this and that and that?’ Of course, being Trysha Bakker, she’ll add her gorgeousness on top. Her eye for detail is so amazing and every little detail on Pree’s costume she has picked out or created it to look a certain way. She’s also so great about realizing emotionally where a character is in an episode.

Makeup-wise, Craig-Ryan French, who was on the show in the first season, is back this year as our head of makeup and became a specialist for Pree. He always has a perfect sense of how Pree would do his makeup. There’s some makeup this year that is so outrageous and fantastic. He really wanted to get Pree to this place where he uses his makeup for power, to tell his story and express his mood, and that’s how I always feel about Pree.

It’s so collaborative, but at the same time I trust Trysha and Craig so much. You will see in Episode 304 that his follicular situation was their idea and they created something fantastic for Pree. It’ll make people lose their minds. I know we all lost our shit! So very collaborative, but at the same time they are genius and I’m their space Ken doll.

TTVJ: I’m guessing this maybe is your favorite episode of the season, but is there anything else coming up this year you’d like to preview?

TA: Certainly this is my favorite, but it’s also because it’s so interesting. I get to do everything — there’s fighting, there’s, let’s say, physicality of all kind and sides of Pree we get to see. What’s cool is that later on I get to do some physical stuff, like fighting and action hero stuff with Pree. I’ve never got to do that before and I loved it. It’s stuff exploding and fired up and it’s pretty fun. I love it.

TTVJ: I know you were just in Taipei with Kelly [McCormack] performing an opera. Is there anything else you’re working on we should be aware of?

TA: I’m working on a new TV show called Your All-Time Hit Parade. It’s a throwback to the great old time songs sung from a different era, but reinterpreted and done for a live audience. I’m one of the lead singers on this new show. We did a pilot for it a couple months ago, but we’re filming the next four episodes next week.

TTVJ: One day I want the Killjoys musical!

TA: I know! All of us sing, Hannah’s an amazing singer and Luke sings beautifully! Come on! There might be more singing this season, I can’t be sure, but maybe Pree sings again.


Are you as excited as we are for this Pree-centric episode of Killjoys? Sound off below!

Killjoys airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.

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