Killjoys: 9 Things to Know about Season 5

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SYFY / Bell Media

Wait! What now? Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) are married? Can you repeat that? If those were your thoughts following last season’s Killjoys finale then you’re not alone. The SYFY and Space drama left viewers on a huge cliffhanger, in partial parts because the show’s creators knew they were coming back to wrap up everything in a fifth and final season. That last season premieres this Friday, July 19 at 10 p.m. ET.

“At the end of Season 4, The Lady has won basically. She’s gotten out of the green, the green has been destroyed and there’s absolutely no way for her to be put back in. She has, through her many thousands of years of study, learned enough about human memory to know how to manipulate it. So she has taken away from our team the very thing that they rely on, which is their knowledge of each other and what their relationships are,” showrunner Adam Barken shared when we visited set last year during filming of Season 5.

He and his team expanded on that idea of lost memory, what it means for the team and how it affects who people truly are during our visit. We have gathered up all their thoughts and highlighted a few “need to know” points for viewers heading into Friday’s Season 5 premiere. Take a look and then let us know what has you most excited about the show’s final season.


What they’re fighting for in Season 5

The world of Killjoys has greatly expanded since we first met this team back in Season 1. Slowly but surely, Dutch and her team have built a really nice and very special little found family unit. “One of the main themes of the show is family, and one of the main ways you interact with and deal with family is through your shared memories,” said Barken. So when The Lady robs them of their memories, she’s also taken away that family. “We’ve chosen our family and we know who we are. So when The Lady comes and takes that away from them, strips them all of four seasons of them working towards each other, and takes that and makes them different people, that’s the ultimate betrayal,” producer Julian Doucet explained. Getting back to that family is exactly what they will be fighting for in Season 5.

This is the lowest point

Thanks to The Lady, “we begin the season at the worst, lowest point they’ve ever been,” explained Barken. However, he said that “over the course of time, what begins to happen, of course, is the idea that even though you don’t remember things, who you are as a core person still comes through. Our team, through a series of fun, exciting adventures, find their way back to each other and then it becomes ‘how do we convince everybody else that we are who we say we are and they aren’t who they think they are?’ Over the course of the season we get to bring everybody back to who they are and to our final and thrilling conclusion fighting The Lady, who of course still has her own plans.”

SYFY / Bell Media
SYFY / Bell Media

It’s affecting everyone

The memory wipe doesn’t just affect Killjoys’ main trio, in fact, all of Westerley is under The Lady’s spell. “This season is really about saving Westerley,” said Barken. Of course that’s partially because “for Dutch and her team, Westerley, and Old Town in particular, are really the places they consider home, and so that’s where the final fight is and where The Lady has focused much of her attention.” Having everyone in Westerley under the mind wipe also provided some great entertainment for Barken and his staff. He explained that they got to ask questions such as “‘what if people were completely different? What if Pree wasn’t a bartender? What if Turin wasn’t head of the RAC?’”

Some things always remain

“There’s a difference between memory and character,” Barken replied when asked how different the Killjoys’ team may act under the memory wipe. He went on to point out that “you can take Pree out of the bar, but he’s still Pree the bartender in a lot of ways. This is our theory of people — they are still the people they are, even if they aren’t sure who they were or where they came from.” Patrick Garrow echoed those sentiments saying “I think you never really lose your character. Yea sure his mind has been wiped, and he’s not talking about the RAC all the time, but he’s still identifiably Turin.”

But some things change

While core characteristics make up a person, the memory wipe will provide a chance to “see our characters interacting in ways that we haven’t seen before,” said Ashmore. That was something he particularly loved about the Season 5 story. “For us as actors, that was really really fun to get to interact and play the characters in a slightly different way, and I think it will be fun for people to watch as well.” John-Kamen was quick to agree with him saying that “the fun thing to play was to have a complete shift in roles, and in costumes as well.”

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Dutch and Johnny are really married

One of the biggest shocks of the Season 4 finale was that Dutch and Johnny seemed to be married. That part wasn’t a joke and the pair are married at the beginning of Season 5, which Ashmore joking said means “a lot more kissing.” He said what he found so interesting was that this storyline allows you to “see sides of these characters — maybe there’s an element of a connection between these two characters that just didn’t go there because of circumstance.” He did say this Dutch and John “don’t have to have the same dynamics. It’s almost like being in a different show, in a sense.” John-Kamen said this new dynamic was “really fun to explore that and really fun to play opposite Aaron. Usually we are family and besties, so it was fun to open up that world and that possibility.” Ashmore insisted it was still “mostly the kissing” that John-Kamen liked before she joked back “maybe the kissing, and the hugging and snuggling and spooning. You’re a great spooner.”

What about other couples?

While Dutch and John seem to be opening Season 5 in wedded bliss, what’s it mean for other couples on the show? For instance, are Pree (Thom Allison) and Gared (Gavin Fox) still together?We start off surprisingly connected,” said Allison. He went further to share that Pree and his Gare-bear are “actually are still involved. You can’t keep them apart, which is actually kind of amazing. It seems like it wasn’t the plan of The Lady, but we found each other in this world, which is actually kind of great.”

SYFY / Bell Media
SYFY / Bell Media

A Pree like you’ve never seen before

While Pree is known for his many fabulous looks over the years, the Pree at the start of Season 5 may be the best one yet. “I was shocked and delighted when we did the look of him,” said Allison. He recalled that the networks had messaged once they saw and director Peter Stebbings told him that “‘you have to know, they have lost their minds for the memory-washed Pree.’” Allison joked that while fans may be used to “a whole lot of ass-kicking with great style” from Pree, here he’s “swinging a bigger dick than even I thought Pree had.”

Zeph still loves Dutch

When we visited set, Kelly McCormack kept referring to Season 5 Zeph as “stinky raincoat Zeph,” and that’s because her character can be found hiding out in a secret lair, totally fine until “in walks this beautiful woman who thinks she’s so smart, and that’s Dutch.” While Season 5 Zeph may only be thinking “‘who is my hot new friend?’ Dutch keeps coming in and has the stakes of the world,” explained McCormack. Zeph’s crush/friend-love for Dutch is still completely there confirmed McCormack and it’s one of her favorite parts to play. “That was really fun, re-falling in girl crush, friend zone love with Dutch. It’s Dutch who really makes her realize she’s not crazy and really is smart. It’s a tiny moment for stinky raincoat Zeph but it’s almost a metaphor for what we saw in Season 3 for Zeph. My relationship with Dutch is amazing!”


What are you most excited to see in Killjoys Season 5? Add your thoughts below!

Killjoys Season 5 premieres Friday, July 19 at 10 p.m. ET on SYFY and Space.