Killjoys: 13 Things We Learned On Set of Season 4

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By Bridget Liszewski and Kelly Townsend

We may already be in the dog days of summer, but things are about to get hotter with a brand new season of Killjoys.

Life in the Quad has gotten pretty complicated thanks to the Hullen and the real villain behind it all, the Lady. Dutch and Aneela, both played by Ant-Man and the Wasp star Hannah John-Kamen, are inside the Green now. Meanwhile D’avin (Luke Macfarlane), an injured Johnny (Aaron Ashmore), and a very pregnant Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) have their own issues to deal with floating around endlessly in space.

To get some answers about what’s coming for Team Awesome Force we spoke with cast members and executive producer Adam Barken, who took over showrunning duties from creator Michelle Lovretta. Here are just a few things we learned about what to expect when Killjoys returns to the small screen on July 20 at 10 p.m. on SYFY and Space.


We Begin with a Flashback

Don’t expect to receive immediate answers from some of those big Season 3 cliffhangers when Killjoys returns. Instead viewers will be treated to a story about Dutch and Johnny in the early days of their partnership, set a few months after they met. “It’s a very interesting way to give a little more backstory and lay the clues and foundation for what Season 4 is about,” says Ashmore.

The premiere contains a number of firsts, including their first journey to the Quad and some exciting first meetings with familiar Killjoys faces. However, the core of the episode is centered around the importance of Dutch and Johnny’s relationship at a time when the two couldn’t be more physically apart.

“That relationship is set in stone,” says John-Kamen. “It’s almost past friendship. It’s past any idea of any romance. It’s these two soulmates in life who will never let each other go. Even if their lives are changing and things are adapting, they will never lose love for each other.”

Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/Syfy
Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/Syfy

Team Awesome Force Won’t Reunite Right Away

That separation won’t be resolved so easily either. Now that Dutch and Aneela are in the Green and the Jaqobis boys are floating in space with Delle Seyah, it’ll take more than a couple of episodes to bring the team back together. “We ended Season 3 splitting everybody up and putting them with different people, so we wanted to have the time in Season 4 to play that out,” says Barken. “We don’t want to reboot it right up, get everybody back in the first five minutes.”

As a result, the first few episodes will include some different team dynamics, including the remaining members of the RAC who are dealing with the fallout of their battle with the Hullen. Not to mention there are some pressing short-term issues that need to be dealt with as well. “Don’t forget that Johnny was injured where we last left and his injuries will not go away,” warns Barken. “That’s going to lead to one of the more interesting ways that we solved something and I think it’s going to be pretty exciting for the fans.”

We Learn More about the Green

For Dutch and Aneela, their main concern is dealing with the Green, as well as what resides in it. Season 4 offers some core answers as to the origins of the Green and who is really controlling it. “We learn a lot about the way it connects us all and what it means to be inside the Green,” says Macfarlane.

The Green also provides a lot of possibilities for the characters, and for the show’s writers, to explore outside the confines of what’s physically possible. “A lot of people can be involved in the Green space that aren’t involved outside,” says Ashmore. “So a lot of characters that we really like and aren’t around anymore we may get to see inside the green space. I think people will enjoy that.”

Khlyen’s History Comes to the Forefront

One character we’ve already met in the Green, whether you love him or just love to hate him, is Khlyen (Rob Stewart), who greeted Dutch and Aneela upon their arrival in the finale. In spite of his passing away back in Season 2, there’s still a lot of Khlyen’s story left to tell. “We really dig into how this all started: with what Khlyen’s original intentions were, who was involved, including Dutch’s, or Aneela’s, mother,” teases Barken.

It’s not all about learning origins, however. According to Barken, Khlyen will always be an important part of Killjoys, whether he’s physically present or not. “The things he did, for right or for wrong, still reverberate and they still have an effect on Dutch,” says Barken. “They inform the decisions she makes and the challenges she still faces. I don’t think it would feel real if we ever said that Khlyen’s gone. He will never truly be gone.”

The Lady Steps Forward as the Lead Villain

The journey into the Green does set up the appearance of the Lady, who Barken confirms will be the series’ major villain in both Season 4 and 5, and describes her as a woman of “many faces”. “She is mysterious, and she is very, very old,” says Barken. “She is behind the Hullen, but not necessarily a part of them. She has had a very long relationship with Aneela and with Khlyen, which we will explore.”

This new villain means a major shift in the relationship dynamic between Dutch and Aneela. The two suddenly find themselves partnering to face a common enemy. “We’ve learned that there’s this force that is so much bigger than Aneela and we have to figure out how to take that down,” says John-Kamen.

Dutch and Aneela as a Family

Now that the Lady has dethroned Aneela as Killjoys‘ defacto villain, her relationship with Dutch and the rest of Team Awesome Force makes a major shift. “The family has grown and Aneela is now a part of that,” says John-Kamen.

That jolt of memory Dutch gave to Aneela has far-reaching effect on how the two relate to each. “There’s a clear sense now of memories and the relationship with Dutch and the love she has,” says John-Kamen. “She’s been clouded by the Green for so long. It’s also amazing for Dutch to know where she came from. Family is family. You don’t choose your family. They have this bond since she was created by Aneela and there’s a new respect for each other.”

This won’t mean Aneela will lose her edge, or that she’ll become an even bigger part of the Killjoys overall narrative. “This is Dutch’s story,” says Barken.

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D’avin and Delle Seyah Deal with Parenthood

Another looming concern for the team is the pending arrival of Delle Seyah and D’avin’s child, which is biologically linked to Dutch. There’s so much mystery still revolving around the little one, including what Delle Seyah’s rapid gestation period means for them. However, when it comes to who will raise the child, Barken says biology isn’t much of a factor compared to who chooses to get involved. “Ultimately the idea is you choose your family and by choosing your family, you’re showing who you are,” he says.

D’avin, for one, is definitely feeling the pressure to do right by the child. “It definitely is him trying to figure out how to be a dad and him trying to figure out how to be a dad in relationship to the way Dutch has always behaved,” says Macfarlane. “The interesting thing that happens is that he looks at the way Dutch has been raised, by an assassin in a terrible place, and he doesn’t want that. As much as he loves Dutch, and I think he does, he also thinks it’s pretty messed up. He definitely has to figure out how he wants to father and he doesn’t always do the right thing, but he’s trying to.”

Delle Seyah and the Jaqobis Brothers Get Closer

Becoming a parent is never easy, and it has an effect on Delle Seyah as much as it does for D’avin. A small part of that means making peace with the Jaqobis family, and being stuck in an elevator with them maybe helps that along. “I think in Season 3 they did a really great job of making Delle Seyah vulnerable and making you care about her even though she’s kind of wicked,” says Ashmore. “Even though John didn’t see a lot of that stuff, I think it lays the foundation for them to get along. I wouldn’t say there’s an apology per se, but there’s maybe a bit of an understanding that they come to.”

Motherhood may or may not change Delle Seyah, but the cast teases that there’s great things ahead for her. “She gets some really beautiful moments this year,” says Macfarlane. “There’s actually some great comedy surrounding our situation.”

So do Dutch and Zeph

Of course, the boys don’t get all the fun. One of the great aspects of Season 3 was seeing Dutch explore a new friendship with Zeph (Kelly McCormack), and that only grows in Season 4. “We’re exploring what is an interesting take on two women who don’t always fit stereotypical female roles,” says Barken. “What it’s like for them to relate to one another, and then at the same time what tests the bonds of that friendship.”

Much like Dutch and Johnny’s unprecedented platonic relationship, Dutch and Zeph offers a much more atypical representation of female friendships. “Zeph is the most positive female relationship in Dutch’s life,” says McCormack. “It’s very funny because they both really seem to suck at girl stuff. So them hanging out is really tense with these hilarious nods to doing girl stuff where they both don’t really get it.”

Zeph has the Chance to Step Up

Outside of her relationship with Dutch, viewers can expect an even bigger role for Zeph, who says the character has a lot of “heavy lifting to do, science-wise” in the first few episodes of the season. With Dutch, D’av, and Johnny gone, the remaining RAC members need a new leader to look to. Who better than Team Awesome Force’s newest recruit?

“Last season was all about her figuring out how to go from an individual to being a team player, and this is really about her stepping into more of a leadership position,” says McCormack. “She’s really being allowed to see the light of day instead of just being stuck in a lab.”

That also means her rivalry with Johnny takes a bit of a back seat this season. “I think Zeph really proved herself in Season 3 and how useful she is,” says Ashmore. “So I think that element is gone and Zeph takes over the bio stuff while John does mechanical stuff. I think they now get along quite well and there’s no issues.”

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Beloved Season 3 Couples Are Still Going Strong

Killjoys wouldn’t be the sexy sci-fi show it is without a little romance in the mix, which is why some of the major relationships in Season 3 are still very much at play. While the Green Queens may be apart for now, Barken says the two still have strong feelings for one another. “Once we had committed to exploring that relationship, we weren’t interested in just getting it over quick and then moving on,” says Barken. “I think for Delle Seyah it’s the most important emotional relationship she’s probably ever had. For Aneela, it’s certainly the most important one since Khlyen.”

Barken also says that the Quad’s latest married couple, Pree (Thom Allison) and Gared (Gavin Fox), still have a key role to play in the events to come. “Their story becomes very important,” says Barken. “We get a chance to see Pree being fierce and protective of his Gar-Bear. We also get to know more about Gared and what drives him.”

And a New One Might Steal Our Hearts As Well

For viewers who thought Zeph and Pip’s (Atticus Mitchell) relationship might start and end with that single kiss in the finale, Barken teases that there’s much more to come for them. “It’s our newest and, hopefully, most funny and also emotionally compelling new relationship that we’re exploring,” he says.

That doesn’t mean the relationship is puppies and rainbows from the get-go. McCormack admits the two have a lot to work out in terms of defining what exactly their relationship is. Of course, the perilous setting isn’t helping. “Pip and Zeph are still at the RAC for a long time stuck with a bunch of Hullen,” says McCormack. “It’s a little bit like that scenario of ‘if you were stuck in an elevator with someone and it broke down, would you have sex with them?’ The two of them have this very necessary physical time together where I think one of them establishes a more long-term interest in a romantic relationship and the other one is ‘no, no. We’re just fucking.'”

The Cast Are Preparing to Say Goodbye to Killjoys

Knowing the series is coming to a close in Season 5, we spoke with the main cast about how it feels to know the show is about the wrap up. In true Killjoys fashion, it was all about the positives. “I’m feeling so grateful to get to finish it up,” says McFarlane.

“We know it’s going to end the way the writers want it to end,” says Ashmore. “I think that’s really nice that this world and these characters get wrapped up. From a personal standpoint it’s nice to be able to say goodbye properly to everyone on the show. It’s nice to have that finality and say goodbye as we try to move on.”

At the end of the day it all comes down to family. “Whenever I come back here I relax and breathe,” says John-Kamen. “This is my family and I love so much being on set. The days I have here with the boys and cast and crew is just like home.”


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Killjoys premieres Friday, July 20 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.