Killjoys’ Michelle Lovretta on new enemies and changing team dynamics in Season 2

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The wait is almost over for Killjoys fans as the trio of space bounty hunters return viewers to the Quad on Friday, July 1 at 9 p.m. on Syfy and Space Channel. The premiere wastes no time in thrusting us right back into the action and adventure as Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) are staying true to her promise to try and rescue D’avin (Luke Macfarlane). D’avin is seemingly being held against his will on the mysterious moon Arkyn by Dutch’s childhood mentor Khlyen (Rob Stewart) who may or may not want to turn him into a Level 6 Killjoy — whatever that is!

Is Khlyen actually the bad guy though? We still don’t know what Level 6 means or Red 17? How is Old Town faring after that bombing by the Company at the end of Season 1? We’ve got all these questions and more as we prepare to enter Season 2. Thankfully, The TV Junkies recently got some answers about what fans can expect out of Killjoys in Year 2 from creator/showrunner Michelle Lovretta. She talks about the team dynamics in Season 2, Khlyen’s motives, a possible dark turn for one member of the trio and why she’s excited to explore more characters’ backstories this year.


The TV Junkies: What approach do you take coming into a Season 2 on a show like Killjoys which was so successful in its first season?

Michelle Lovretta: Well, first things first: we had a story debt to pay to our audience, given the cliffhanger we left them with in Season 1. Fans forge relationships with shows and we’re all in the early dating stage on Killjoys — viewers are still trying to figure out whether they can trust us as writers to pick up all the cliffhanger pieces, and twist them in surprising ways. Season 2 says: yes, you can trust us on that. Old Town, the true power and purpose of the RAC, Red 17, Arkyn, Khlyen… by the Season 2 finale you will have definitive answers to a ton of these mysteries, and the start of a few massive new ones.

Beyond that? Don’t mess with what’s working. Keep all your favorite faces; intro some fabulous new ones (allies and enemies) to keep your team off balance; embrace the tone and pace… and then, given that you have laid your world-and-relationship building foundation in Season 1, begin to deepen your mythology and emotions. That part is so fun for all of us, as Killjoys writers. We give our actors a lot to work with this year, and there are a ton of performances that really blow me away. They’ll make you laugh and tear open your heart.

TTVJ: Where do things stand with the trio when Season 2 opens? Are they solely focused on finding D’avin as Dutch pledged to do?

ML: Well, there were a lot of bumps for the team last year as Dutch and D’av got to know one another, and as the estranged Jaqobis bros dealt with their shit. As a result of all that bridge-water, they’re not just a kickass team this year — they’re a true family. And when a family member is missing, you shake heaven and raze earth to find them and nothing else matters until you do. THAT’s the attitude where we pick up 201. That is their mission: find D’avin. Of course once they do, the real adventure begins…

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TTVJ: Near the end of Season 1 our three killjoys seemed to be a good place given Dutch and D’avin worked through their issues and the Jaqobis brothers came to an understand. Does that mean we’ll see them more united in Season 2 and more at ease working as a trio?

ML: I don’t think Dutch and D’av have fully worked through their issues, but they’ve sidestepped them for now. They have a complicated history and that stays just under the surface, poking through a few times, because that’s real life — but they have bigger shit to deal with this year, and John, Dutch and D’av all have to face it together.

TTVJ: A lot of what Khlyen does for and to Dutch comes from a place of love. Will that idea continue to be explored in Season 2?

ML: I think it would be dangerous for Dutch to assume Khlyen’s actions come from a place of love — it could be the possessiveness of a twisted mentor, or the protectiveness of a calculating man who needs her for a deeper plan. Whatever the root, it becomes increasingly clear to Dutch and team that Khlyen will always put her physical welfare first, even over his own. It’s all so complicated and confusing for her to process, especially as their relationship and backstory really deepens this year. Khlyen is the keeper of secrets on Killjoys, and there are some whoppers hidden inside him. But once Dutch’s view of the larger puzzle grows in Season 2, she begins to question whether Khlyen is the simple Bad Guy she once needed to frame him as, or if she’s misjudged him her entire life. Yes, this is a scifi show and yes Khlyen is a Classic Nemesis, but I’m more interested in exploring the messy, real emotions between them as people.

TTVJ: You have (so wickedly) teased a darker path for Johnny in Season 2. What can you share about his journey?

ML: Oh, Johnny Johnny. How I love your do-gooder ways. I’ll say this about John, he’s still his joyful, smartass self. This isn’t his Season Of Unfettered Brooding… But slowly he begins to have a crisis of faith, a test of loyalties on a very deep level. I’m protective of John the way I was protective of Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) in Lost Girl – yes, they are in the classic “wingman to a superhero” role, but they’re also so much more than that: amazing characters with their own journey to walk. This year, he walks like whoa.

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TTVJ: In Season 1 you introduced us to so many fun side characters. Will we see more of the likes of Pree, Bellus, Delle Seyah Kendry and will we be meeting any fun new ones that you can share?

ML: Ooooh. In 201 you’ll meet one of my favorite characters I’ve ever created. She’s called Clara, and she’s SHINY. She’s played by the always bloody amazing Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa from Defiance, sans alien makeup). I’m a bit in love with her backstory to be honest, and the mythology and social commentary it allows for but mostly… well, tune into Killjoys 201 and you’ll quickly see why my inner nerd is so pumped. We have other great guest stars I’ll tease for you later, but for now I can say all our old friends are back, most with a vengeance. Pree, Pawter, Alvis, Khlyen, Fancy, Delle Seyah… I feel like that .gif of Oprah doling out cars: and YOU get a backstory, and YOU get a backstory–!

TTVJ: One of the things I enjoyed a lot in Season 1 was how you used science fiction and this world of the Quad to explore social and religious issues. Are you going to continue to do that in Season 2?

ML: Thank you! That’s actually a big part of why our favorite secondary characters are all getting a juicy return in Season 2, I want to build on those layers and issues. It was really important to me when creating the show that we peopled it from the start with engaging, vivid characters who embody the various factions of the Quad – politics, privilege, religion, revolution, etc. What’s the point of world building without people inside of those systems about whom you give many shits? I really care about all of our characters, the evil and the good, and they take us in some surprising directions this year as we knock them against one another and see what happens.


Are you looking forward to Season 2? Got any predictions? Share those in the comments below!

Killjoys Season 2 premieres on Friday, July 1 at 9 p.m. on Space Channel and Syfy.