Killjoys: Sarah Power on Pawter’s Bigger Role to Play in Season 2

Ian Watson/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited
Ian Watson/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited

There are times when brains are better than brawn and Pawter Simms (Sarah Power) is proving that time and again on this season of Killjoys. The Qreshy born doctor may be a “pretty pretty princess” but has shown on more than one occasion that she doesn’t need a prince to come along and rescue her. Pawter’s emergence has been one of our favorite things about this year of Killjoys here at The TV Junkies and she once again takes center stage in this week’s episode.

In “Meet the Parents,” Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) and Pawter continue to get closer as he escorts her home to Qresh for a chilly family reunion. “It was my favorite one to shoot by far,” Power tells The TV Junkies during a recent interview. Showrunner Michelle Lovretta told us “Johnny and Pawter fans will not want to miss this one,” and Power agrees with those sentiments. She spoke with us about Pawter’s important role this season, her revenge on Jelco (Pascal Langdale) and gives some more insight on how Pawter’s ideals and beliefs may clash with those of the Killjoys’ main trio.

The TV Junkies: We saw Pawter become a bigger part of the series in the latter part of Season 1 and that’s certainly continued here in Season 2. What did Michelle tell you about her journey coming into Season 2 and the role she’d be playing?

Sarah Power: To be honest not much. I had a talk with her when I started Season 1 about Pawter and her background so I had a feeling all that would start to play into the political side of the story, but I wasn’t really sure where they were going to take it in Season 2. When we came back after the bombing I wasn’t sure if it was going to be months later, if we would still be underground. Morgan Kelly [Alvis] and I used to joke about how we had started a new community in the tunnels. We had no idea where it was going. So I didn’t really know until I had read 202 when they come back and what was going on there. Each script is like a surprise.

TTVJ: Pawter being a bit of a badass is one of my favorite things so far in Season 2, but she’s a very different kind of badass from Dutch who has all these physical skills. What do you think makes her so effective and have you enjoyed bringing out those traits in her?

SP: Yes, very much! I had so much fun with Pawter this season and it’s a great season for her. The most effective thing about her is how much she cares about everyone. She’s a very nurturing and caring person and wants to help people. I think that’s why she became a doctor and strayed from her family. That world on Qresh just wasn’t in her nature. That’s her strongest quality though, how much she cares about everybody and genuinely wants to help people. She’s very impulsive and a little bit reckless though and sometimes that gets her in trouble, but I also thinks it’s one of her biggest strength. It’s very different from Dutch. Pawter doesn’t have any of the physical skills or the fighting that Dutch does. I think those two different types of female strength are really interesting to watch this season.

Syfy/Bell Media
Syfy/Bell Media

TTVJ: One time Pawter was a little reckless was when she got that sweet revenge on Jelco in Episode 203. How afraid should we be for Pawter and how he’s going to retaliate?

SP: Without giving anything away, you should be very afraid of Jelco moving forward! He’s not pleased, but I will say that people really do seem to honor the pecking order. Pawter, being from Qresh, is above him and I’ll be OK. [laughs] He’s not pleased, but he won’t retaliate directly because he can’t since I am above him in stature in that world.

TTVJ: Johnny escorts Pawter home to Qresh and based off what we know from last season, I think it’s safe to assume she’s not going to be welcomed with open arms by her mother. What can you share about her homecoming and how it’ll go?

SP: She’s received warmly by some members of her family which was surprising to me. We had a really great group of guest stars for this episode and they were so wonderful. We get to find out a lot more about Pawter’s past. Her mother is pretty horrible, but we also find out why. There’s a lot of vindication in that with this episode.

Syfy/Bell Media
Syfy/Bell Media

TTVJ: Pawter’s feelings about the revolution and fighting against the Company are in direct contrast with our Killjoys vows to take no sides. Will that cause any complications for her relationships with the trio?

SP: I think it’s more of a complication for Johnny in this episode. Pawter just doesn’t want to involve Johnny for those reasons and to complicate things. Dutch seems to have never really cared for Pawter that much. My actions throughout the rest of this season don’t really help that situation.

TTVJ: Speaking of not caring for Pawter, we just found out that she and Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) aren’t too fond of one another. Will we see more of that contentious relationship this season?

SP: Yes. It gets very complicated with the politics on Qresh. I definitely face off with Delle Seyah a couple more times this season and we for sure have that to look forward to.


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