Killjoys: Michelle Lovretta Talks “Necropolis Now”

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*** Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Killjoys Season 3 episode “Necropolis Now” ***

There is a war coming straight at her, but Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) may not be prepared for it. After killing Banyon last week, our Killjoys leader wasn’t faring so well. Luckily, D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) was there for her, but he wasn’t going to go along when she made advances his way. When it finally came time to deal with the consequences of that though, Dutch took off with Zeph (Kelly McCormack), who learned some valuable information about the Remnant.

The trio also spent time this week trying to get the Nine on their side, including Pawter’s sister, who wasn’t so happy to see John (Aaron Ashmore). Unfortunately, Louella also turned out to be a murderer, but Dutch was able to get the Nine on her side in the end. Elsewhere, Gander (Ted Atherton) revealed to Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) that Aneela is in fact a prisoner, that he controls through devices such as visions of Khlyen (Rob Stewart). Gander then kidnapped Delle Seyah, and at the end of the episode it was revealed that she has been impregnated, partially written in due to Nguyen’s real life pregnancy.

What is she carrying? Will Aneela be able to find her? What about Dutch; she’s not in a very good spot, so what will she do as a next step in this war? For the answers to all these questions and more, Killjoys creator Michelle Lovretta joined us for her weekly discussion about “Necropolis Now,” written by Andrew De Angelis and directed by Samir Rehem.


The TV Junkies: Delle Seyah is pregnant? I audibly gasped when I saw that. What is happening there and what did Gander do to her?

Michelle Lovretta: Well, see, Bridget, when an evil man loves an evil woman… OK no. What he did was a gross invasion, and you will learn more about how and why he did it in 308. The repercussions of those answers will rock not just Aneela but our core trio: it redefines the true and terrifying stakes of this war.

But in between? Vengeance will be had. Boy howdy. Aneela, come and get your girl…

TTVJ: Obviously, there’s another show called Wynonna Earp that is also on Friday nights on your network, and it has a pregnancy story happening at the moment. I suspect this Killjoys angle will be different, but were you also prompted to go this route because of off screen happenings?

ML: Oh was Wynonna pregnant? I had no idea. Seriously, one of the amazing bonuses of having a BFF [Emily Andras] who is ALSO a showrunner (of a show on your same network and night no less, how crazy) is that you can call one another at odd hours with your panic du jour and know that they will “get it”. But just how much Em and I would empathize with one another’s specific story predicament was a bit bonkers this time, even for us. I think that’s why we didn’t actually talk about it much? We needed space to take our own approach and figure this shit out.

No, I wasn’t planning a pregnancy. But holy shit do I love where it took us. Without spoilers or spin, I will just say this: So  many of my favorite Killjoys scenes in our last three eps involve DSK. I gotta praise Mayko up and down for how badass and game she was for us during this season.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: Zeph told Dutch that the Remnant contained brain cells that matched some DNA to her. I know you won’t tell us who the memories belonged to yet, but Dutch and Aneela obviously share looks, so can we assume they may share DNA too, whether that’s because they are clones or through some other means?

ML: OK I love you and you asked nicely, so how about this, I’m going to tell you everything… next week! 307 is bonkers with the mythology. Bring your smelling salts and favorite fainting couch, because all will be revealed. Except for how the shit Dutch will handle what she learns.

TTVJ: It was nice to see Rob Stewart back as Khlyen. That memory seemed like part of the tactics used to control Aneela by Gander. Is that what was happening there and could we see Khlyen again?

ML: Love me some Rob!! When we “killed” Khlyen last year I chatted with Rob and told him we weren’t done with him yet, because I had the beginnings of this story in mind. Episode 307 gives you some more context on what was happening in those 306 Aneela-Khlyen scenes. For now I’ll just say, no, that was not Gander at the wheel. And it also wasn’t Khlyen.

Want a hint? Think back to 201. When Khlyen sacrificed himself so D’av could escape Red 17, and the Black Root came and took him away… who did they say they were taking Khlyen to?

TTVJ: When Dutch left with Zeph she left D’avin stranded and never discussed his turning down her advances. He was trying to be adult about it, and clearly she doesn’t want to deal with it. How will that affect their relationship moving forward?

ML: Listen, they’re beautiful, grown-assed people so I promise neither of them is losing sleep over this, and the awkward convo she’s trying to avoid isn’t a “relationship talk” – we don’t really do those – it’s the “you’re acting out of character, are you okay?” talk.

Because, increasingly, she’s NOT OK, and she knows he’s the only one ready to see it. That’s what she’s running from. Sweet John always wants to think of Dutch as perfectly capable and safe, but the soldier in D’av doesn’t have that luxury – he knows she’s not, and it troubles him. He sees something percolating in her since 305, something dangerously reckless under the surface as Aneela approaches. I love all flavors of Dutch and D’av together, but whether platonic or romantic their core arc above all this year is one soldier looking at another and saying, “if you can’t handle this, you gotta let me know. Because we need you. And we’re out of time.”

TTVJ: I was glad we got to see Johnny work though more of his feelings surrounding Pawter’s death. Why was that important for you guys to give him that closure?

ML: Because it’s real and it’s human. Loss is not an easy thing, it’s spiky and messy and returns to you when least expected or wanted. It would feel a bit obscene to spend so much time with Delle Seyah this year, yet have complete character amnesia regarding the woman she killed. We don’t dwell on it, but you better believe Pawter’s murder will be subtext of John’s future confrontations with Delle Seyah. Her reactions to his loss may surprise him. John isn’t the only person who has changed since that night.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: I’ve heard from a lot of the actors that Episode 307 is their favorite of the season. What can you share about it?

ML: I think lucky number seven is always an in-house favorite because beneath the sexy action and sparkle they tend to be performance-driven character pieces, with a big emotional gut-punch and at least one twist that impacts our core family in a massive way. This season’s seven is no exception, written by the fab Niko Troubetzkoy (another favorite new writer! OK fine, they’re all my favorites) and chock fully of nougatty backstory goodness. And man oh man, is it ever gorgeously shot by our co-EP/producing director, Stefan Pleszczynski. Pure, space gothic goodness. It’s Killjoys‘ take on a tragic fairytale, and gives you a look at the three most transformative moments in Dutch’s life: the moment she met Aneela, the moment she met Khlyen, and the day she met John Jaqobis. Yes, THAT day.

Get ready. Whatever you think you know about Aneela, about Dutch – throw it away. Like Khlyen, I’m offering you a pretty box with this episode, and inside is something new, and twisted, and sad, and beautiful. I really think you’re gonna love it.

TTVJ: Is there anything I missed and you’d like to touch on?

ML: Yes! I’ve tweeted it a few times but I want to send out my love and thanks to our fans. We’re somehow doing the near impossible together and potentially growing our numbers in third season on this ratings trajectory. Let’s keep that up! And if we dip, let’s get back on that horse. Yes, I hope like hell we get renewed because I have a fuckton more story to tell, but come what may–? Thank you regardless. This tangible support every week means a lot to all of us on Killjoys just on a personal level and I’m really, really proud to see our show build almost entirely on word of mouth. Y’all are the best. If you keep giving us your eyeballs Friday nights, I’ll keep doing everything I can to give you more Killjoys. Tap my heart.

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