Killjoys: Michelle Lovretta talks “Meet the Parents”

Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited
Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited

*** Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Killjoys episode “Meet the Parents” ***

They say you can’t go home again but Pawter (Sarah Power) proved otherwise on this week’s episode of Killjoys. The Qreshi born “pretty pretty princess” will now look to bring some of her “Old Town fighting spirit” to the Nine after taking over as head of her family due to her mother’s unfortunate demise. It looks like she won’t be alone either, as John (Aaron Ashmore) has pushed aside his Killjoy vow to “take no sides” and is poised to fight right alongside of her. From what we know so far this isn’t something that will likely sit well with Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), so does that signal trouble ahead for her and John’s relationship?

Elsewhere, while John and Pawter were busy on Qresh, Dutch and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) were dealing with a “Freaky Friday” situation of their own with Khlyen (Rob Stewart). Dutch’s former mentor traveled to the Jaqobis brothers’ home to talk with their father and try to figure out why D’avin seems immune to the Level 6 effects. Khlyen ended up telling Dutch she wasn’t really on Arkyn in that memory D’avin saw, but can he be trusted?

Killjoys showrunner Michelle Lovretta joins us once again this week to give us a few answers to some of the many questions we have about the ongoing Season 2 mystery. She also talks about some of her favorite scenes in “Meet the Parents,” written by Adam Barken and directed by Jeff Renfroe, as well as previews an exciting episode for next week.


The TV Junkies: “You’re my gravity Johnny Jaqobis.” So just stab us in the heart why don’t you? If that’s not a gigantic red flag signalling a ton of heartache coming our way between Dutch and John then I don’t know what is. Can you preview how their relationship will be strained from here out?

Michelle Lovretta: That was actually a callback line, originally. When Dutch was talking to “Khlyen” and telling him how she’s changed, her full line used to be, “I miss hating you. Hating you was like gravity.” That’s a perfect description of her toxic, codependent relationship with Khlyen, but ultimately what we meant by her reclaiming the word for Johnny is her admission that there’s been a sort of transference, that John’s “goodness” is the one thing she’s been holding onto ever since she left Khlyen. It can make her overprotective of John, which causes them both some problems this year–even though she’s kind of right to worry about him.

Don’t you worry, though: their friendship definitely gets bruised, but nothing truly breaks. Some of the absolute best scenes this year are of the two of them getting real with one another. We’re really proud of those moments, and I think fans will love them too. This season is full of tears and hugs, pain and beauty…

TTVJ: Seeing the contrast of “Old Town Pawter” vs. “Qreshi Pawter” was really insightful. Now that she’s staying behind on Qresh will she be able to maintain some of that “Old Town spirit” and what’s ahead for her in her new position of power?

ML: Oh Pawter has balls to spare this year, no worries there. I love that impulsive nutter. She gets tougher and more daring as the season progresses, because the gravity of the situation demands that of her, and because she now has a Killjoy partner to help her fight the (secret) good fight. Both Johnny and Pawter are facing down some very devious and determined adversaries for the freedom of Old Town, and it will take Pawter down a dark path. She eventually makes a pretty shocking decision that will have huge knock on effects for everyone, long into Season 3.

Syfy/Bell Media
Syfy/Bell Media

TTVJ: The Simms family dinner and Johnny trying to figure out their customs was one of my absolute favorite scenes and Aaron Ashmore was hysterical. What was it like in the writers’ room coming up with those rituals and is there now a gong that rings every time you enter the room?

ML: Well shit, woman, there will be NOW! BRB, putting “massive ass gong” in my Season 3 contract. But nope, I doff my hat to Adam Barken on this puppy, that scene is all beautiful alchemy between his hilarious writing, Aaron’s spot on acting, and our director Jeff Renfroe’s comic timing. The thing I love most about that scene, though, is when it turns serious. God do Sarah’s expressions ever break my heart, when she finally gets up the gumption to ask for her mom’s forgiveness and just gets one more rejection.

And I’ll say this: as a showrunner I have a reflexive mental block against finding any of my characters what can only be described as “shmexy”, but Johnny Jaqobis damn tested me with his I-don’t-give-a-shit response to Hank. I loved Barken putting a Killjoy in the middle of all that Qreshi classist bullshit and watching how calmly John cut through it all, and how he alone sees the full, new Pawter.

TTVJ: Outside of the fun on Qresh, we were treated to a really fun “Freaky Friday” moment between D’avin and Khlyen that both Luke and Rob killed in. Were those scenes as much fun for you guys as they were for us to watch?

ML: I wasn’t on set for that one, sadly but that was a favorite beat in the editing room. The actors worked closely with one another to prep, and looking through their various reaction footage as both guys morphed into one another was hilarious. Rob starts to strut, Luke gets a bit more Obi Wan, and I get super happy. Also shout out to Fancy Lee (Sean Baek) for his evident disdain. I’d now like a whole episode of him calmly rolling his eyes and sipping tea before a last ten minute asskicking scene. Season 3?

Bell Media / Syfy
Bell Media / Syfy

TTVJ: While he was in D’avin’s body, Khlyen did drop a pretty big bombshell on Dutch, that she wasn’t in fact on Arkyn. Can we believe him and what’s that mean about the memory D’avin saw back in the premiere?

ML: Ummmmmmmmmm. Okay, I will say yes, he speaks the truth. Feel free to believe him. … Of course, potentially, statements like his can be interpreted in a variety of ways, especially in scifi shows. (Insert winky face) Yes, I’m a jerk.

TTVJ: What should we expect from Episode 206?

ML: Oh man. Hold on to your butts. It’s super retro crazy funtown. Asteroids! A surprise guest! Hannah SINGS! Our best kiss yet (fight me). Sabine, Alvis, and Pawter all get to play, we get another wee window into Pree’s warlord days, and pissed off Dutch gets to shout “I am not your manic pixie assassin!” which I now use daily. When wonderful Jon Cooksey pitched the episode I kept hollering “leave some for later eps, Cooksey!” because he has so many goodies in it for the fans. I will say this though: while the episode is a clear loveletter from Killjoys to retro scif conventions, it is an ADULT homage. Along with some of the cheekiest, funniest moments of the season there will ALSO be some fairly graphic sex, and violence. So… um… “sorry”, or “you’re welcome”, as the case may be. I don’t know your life.


What did you think of this episode? Are you nervous about Johnny keeping secrets? Sound off with your thoughts and predictions in the comments below!

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